Luis Paxon

The name's Luis. When I get mad, shit goes boom.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mike53210



Luis can build up immense energy and pressure within his body, and then literally causes himself to explode. He has learned to vary the power of the explosion after some practice; from simply blowing open a door to nuclear and atomic explosions. He can also simply blow up portions of his body, like their fist or their leg, and then reassembling them afterwards. No matter the size or intensity of the explosion, Luis is always able to reform.

His bike

So begins...

Luis Paxon's Story

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Luis had just arrived at the entrance of Wing City, and was seated on his bike when he heard the distressed cries of someone in the distance. His interest had been sparked. He took two lasts hits of his Newport and dropped it on the ground, stamping out with his foot before kicking up his kickstand.

The engine growled when he cranked the accelerator, sending the bike forward. It wasn't long until he located the source of the shouting. "Oh great.." he said to himself while looking to the top of the building. The tires screeched against the asphalt as he power-slid, lowered the kickstand, and took cover behind his bike. Luis pulled out his Glock and took aim at the the two men positioned atop the roof. The gun cackled when he pulled the trigger, spitting 3 copper-coated bullets from the nozzle. One embedded itself in the left-most's shoulder, and the remaining two pierced the soft flesh of his cohort's abdomen.

Once the threat had been eliminated, Luis tucked the gun back into the holster hidden inside his leather jacket, and made his way over to Rick. "You alright?" he asked.

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Iso Porter had vanished and reappeared again, this time from Main Street...to the Main Entrance. It was a glitch in her ability. It was a fault in her own personal control. Something that young Iso needed to work on.

But, for now, she was out of danger, and the young woman could walk around without fear of-


The girl jumped, her image fluttering in and out like the frames of an old movie. She stepped back toward a building, pressing her back to the wall. Her eyes aimed upward, at a man who hopped down from the building using...bricks...that...popped out of the wall.

Wow. For her first real time outside the facility, and already strange things were happening. What more, another guy stepped out of nowhere and shot some people at the top of the building.

Iso gave her eyes to the two men, now, who she thought might have been working together. Rick and Luis. She was glued to the wall in fear, but she couldn't help herself. Plus, if anything happened...she would be alright. Even without the watch.

She didn't speak, but she did keep her eyes on them.

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#, as written by Gasmask
Rick put his hands over his head as the gunfire sounded around him. "Holy shit!" Rick shouted, running towards the biker as the two men on the roof only returned enough fire to spark the asphalt around them, before falling to the bikers glock, holding their chests and rolling out of view.

"Woah. Fuck, dude. Thanks for saving my ass." The citymage stood up, smiling gratefully and holding out a gloved hand. "Fucking' hell dude, I thought you bikers were all assholes. Fuckin'" Rick was about to continue when he stopped, the citymage was still handling all the adrenaline from being shot at.

The mage leaned against one of the nearby walls, putting his free hand on it to lean over. It hadn't been intentional but the building started to whisper things in his ears. There was somebody behind one of the walls, the building said, it woudn't tell him if it was one of the people chasing him, the citymage breathed hard and straightened up.

"Thanks man. Again. I'm Rick." Rick thanked the biker and turned his head towards Iso's hiding spot, looking for that stranger that the building had told him about.