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Luna Rollason

'Please...don't look at them...'

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mockingjaay



| Luna Rollason | 21 years | Artist/Musician | Bi Polar Disorder | W.I.P |

Name Luna Rollason
Alias/Nicknames Lulu, Lonely Luna (bullies)
Preferred Name Luna, Lu

Age Twenty-one years
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Race Human/White British

Relationship Status Single - looking
Relationship History Ex #1 - Alan Fitzworthy - Alan was Luna's first love. As per the norm, she expected Alan to be 'the one'. She had hoped that they would be together for the rest of their lives...well...they were. At least...together for the rest of his. Alan and Luna were together from when Luna turned eighteen, to two days just before her twentieth birthday. Alan was a victim of a horrific pile up on a busy road, involving six cars and two motorbikes. Alan was in one of the two motorbikes when a car at the back of the resulting pile up lost control and veered in a winding path into the traffic in front. The mayhem that ensued was over in just a few short seconds, but as Alan slowed his bike and turned to look at the commotion, it almost felt like hours. He watched as car after car crumpled and span, until the one that was closely behind him was hit. The white sedan surged forwards, knocking Alan's wheels out from under him, then continuing to charge forward, sucking Alan up underneath the wheels. Alan, and many other drivers and passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

Height Five feet nine point five inches
Weight One hundred and ten pounds
Build Very slim and fine, but a defined waistline and hips
Hair Very very long and fairly thick. A rich shade of violet with a gentle but full wave.
Eyes Luna's eyes are most interesting. They are predominantly golden, with violet and purple flecks throughout. The resulting shade varies in alternating lights.
Complexion Luna is pretty pale, with a smooth baby flesh tone.
Scars As explained further down, Luna suffers from mental health conditions that have led to self harm and anorexia issues. She has lots of scars on her wrists and forearms, as well as her lower stomach and thighs. Some of them are small, some are long. Some are old and some new, some deep and some shallow. Luna has been self harming since she was fifteen years old.
Tattoos None
Physical Health Besides her cuts and resulting stitches, Luna has a very good physical health record. She gets ill very little, and has never been hospitalised due to a bug or virus.

Attire Luna wears a variety of clothes depending on her arms and the occasion. She often favours light floaty dresses or loose, short skirts. But sometimes, to cover up, she wears a thin cardigan over her outfit. Her favourite colours being navy blue and rose pink, a lot of her wardrobe appears in these colours. One of her favourite outfits is the one seen in her picture - a 'school girl' type outfit, with a pink satin bow and navy blue trim.

Accessories Despite being a young adult female, Luna isn't big on sparkles and jewellery. She does however own a lot of brightly coloured friendship bracelets that she stacks on her 'worst' wrist.

Piercings Just a simple, single lobe piercing in each ear.

Occupation Librarian - Wing City Library
Hobbies/Interests Art and music.
Talents Painting, piano, violin, singing.
Activities/Organisations Luna belongs to the 'Future of the Arts' group that operates out of Wing City Library twice a week. They focus on all of the arts be it painting or music. They practice, perform and sell their work all over Wing City.

Mental Health


So begins...

Luna Rollason's Story