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The Fourth Gym Leader. She focuses on water types... with a nasty surprise.

0 · 147 views · located in Wing City Plaza

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Pokemon Lineup:
Shellos, Level 25. Water-type. East Sea Form.
Female, with a Modest nature. She has a Damp Rock equipped. She knows the following moves:

Rain Dance (5/5 PP) - Changes the Weather to Rain. 8 turns.
Mud Sport (15/15 PP) - Reduces the effectiveness of Electric moves by 50%. Lasts until Shellos switches out.
Water Pulse (20/20 PP) - Deals damage and has a chance of Confusing the foe.
Mud Bomb (10/10 PP) - Deals damage and has a chance of lowering the foe's accuracy.

Seel, Level 27. Water-type.
Female, with a Bashful nature. She has nothing equipped. She knows the following moves:

Encore (5/5 PP) - Forces the target to repeat the last move used over and over.
Aurora Beam (20/20 PP) - Deals damage and has a chance of lowering the foe's Attack.
Aqua Ring (20/20 PP) - Heals Seel over time.
Rest (10/10 PP) - Causes Seel to fall asleep, restoring its HP to its maximum amount. Seel will then be asleep for two turns, and wake up on the third turn.

Starmie, Level 25. Water-type.
Genderless, with a Serious nature. She has nothing equipped. She knows the following moves:

Thunder Wave (20/20 PP) - Paralyses the target. TM move.
Recover (10/10 PP) - Regains the user's HP.
Light Screen (30/30 PP) - Halves the damage of Special attacks. 5 turns. TM move.
Grass Knot (20/20 PP) - Deals damage based on the weight of the foe. TM move.

Shedinja, Level 26. Bug-Type and Ghost-type.
Genderless, with a Docile nature. It has nothing equipped. It knows the following moves:

Bug Bite (20/20 PP) - Deals damage that is doubled if the target is holding a berry. Also, if the target is holding a Berry, the user will then eat the target's Berry and gain its effect.
Toxic (10/10 PP) - Badly poisons the target, causing increasing damage over time. TM move.
Dig (10/10 PP) - Burrows under the earth for one turn, becoming immune to most moves, then unearths under the foe, dealing damage and losing its conferred immunity. TM move.
Protect (10/10 PP) - Protects Shedinja from all damaging effects except for ailments and weather conditions for the turn that it is used.

So begins...

Madonne's Story