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[In the making, will gradually build him|it over time. Don't want to burn out on a profile in a single day.]

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Klein


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(Disclaimer: I do not own this image, all credit goes to the original artist (could not locate said Artist). I merely used this image to display how I viewed my character or of his|hers|ts physical appearance. I will remove if asked politely.)


[Insecticon Brute Warcry]

Insecticon|Insectoid Cybertronian

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[As taken from Tfwiki.]

Denizens of the under levels of Cybertron, the Insecticons live in destructive swarms. Ravenous and aggressive, Insecticons can digest 95% of known matter, reshaping their findings into enormous subterranean hives. Existing as a near hive mind, they represent a deadly and invaluable resource for those willing to find a way to tame them.

Insecticons have the unique ability to clone themselves, but each successive clone is inferior to its progenitor, leading to increasingly bestial creatures. Three members of the species stand out as being fully sentient individuals, with the ability to assume bipedal robot modes. Far more difficult to manipulate, they require coercion rather than control, and may represent the original members of their race.

There remains a variety of different Insecticon that have yet to be discovered, the coming in various shapes and sizes.. each of them based off Insectoids from other Worlds or Native to their own. Each one of them live in a manner of 'Hive' and are commanded by a 'Hive Mind' or 'Leader' much similar to a Queen Bee. A Hive Mind will be replaced by a newer upon the destruction of a former otherwise they seek another 'Powerful Figure' to Lead them. Despite their already primitive nature many come in a different varieties of basic intelligence, some living by a standard where they take everything on by the use of brute force or a show of strength while others work together in a well organized number as what they might lack in strength they make up in unity|numbers. Most Insecticons live within the bowels or lower layers of Cybertron, rarely coming out unless to build a hive and often quickly dealt with like any other manner of 'pest'. Its not often that they are taken is as pets and when they are its often the more 'smaller' of Insecticon as to serve as a manner of portable repair service while the more 'Brutish' and violence are exterminated. It wasn't until the Decepticons in cooperated such creatures into their ranks at a futile attempt to weaponize them only for their savage nature to prove more problematic.

Maelstrom comes from a group of Insecticons known as 'Brutes', they are the most savage of their species and are not only known for devouring both bots but other smaller Isecticon's. However like the rest they fall prey to the Hive Minded nature they all share and follow their Leader to whatever ends, be it a mass suicide attack on a base within their hives territory or whipping out all indigenous life in the area. These creatures have recently been enlisted by the Decepticons but as the previous Insecticon Soldiers proved more problematic and where eventually doomed to share the same fate.


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Like all Cybertronian the species is initially Genderless, being 'Techno Organic' they posses no reproductive organs and instead simply 'build' more of their species. Though it is shown they are able to have Gender assigned personalities which will often affect the desired appearance when it comes to 'personal' changed or customizations.

{:Sexual Preference::}
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Cybertronians can have a manner of 'feeling' or attraction to other lifeforms or their own species, however Insecticon's on the other hand not only have no requirement for such a thing but aren't program with the ability to feel such attachments to another lifeform. These creatures produce through a technique similar to cloning so such trivial emotions are pointless.


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Its unknown if a Cybetronian has an initial life span or if they are immortal until felled in battle, done in by some manner of disease in killed in some manner of 'accident'. Its possibly if such beings have an intended lifespan that it would range well within the thousands to many more... prolonged by simply replace worn parts. Maelstrom himself is not very certain to how long he's remaining functioning, he doesn't remember when he had been cloned into the World or when he even gained the smallest levels of sentience.

Fifty Two Feet Tall

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This seems to vary as no one is ENTIRELY certain to HOW tall a Cybertronian is, not only this but it seems to vary greatly. Some can be the size of an average humanoid while others can come in the size of small planets. Maelstrom stands at a towering fifty two feet tall, standing taller then even the Leader of the Decepticon's Himself and seeming to be larger then any other Brute in his Hive. Though its quite possible the height was added changes upon becoming the 'latest' Hive Mind as a means to differentiate and assume the role as 'Leader'.


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Do to the alloy these beings are presently constructed of (Living Alloy|Cybermater) if only available on Cybertron (or the remains of fallen Cybertronian Soldiers|Ships|Technology on other planets) and firmly believed to be stronger then most known craftable metal it is uncertain to how 'heavy' each Cybertronian is... the range could vary between fifty tones to well within the hundreds, a proper assumption would be the lotter do to their size, mass and amount of machinery within their mass and to the fact each piece is rather weighted on its own.

{:Optic Color:}
A Limish Yellow

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Well its more of a Lemony Lime coloration. There isn't much else to describe on this topic, I mean its just his eye|optic color.

Maelstrom's Personality


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Maelstrom is practically represents his very own given name down to the very meaning of the word. He and his 'Hive' often come in a massive swarm, devouring if not destroying everything in their path.. vicious.. relentless and hungry. Anything pulled in often never comes back out in one piece or in any pieces for that matter. Like all Brutes he is extremely violent and often confronts 'problems' using Brute Force, the creature has a ravishing hunger that is not only feared by Autobots but Decepticons alike.

Maelstrom isn't the first 'Hive Mind' within the Hive of Brutes he now presently Leads but he surely won't be the last. Like any Leader of a Hived Minded society he doesn't have to do much in order to have his subjects complete following, he could so much as wave a claw and he could have them all systematically kill themselves for his very own amusement. However despite his violent tendencies and various hunger like all Insecticon Hive Minds he thinks of his own kinds wellbeing over any others.. be it an order from one he deems a 'Superior' or a Cybertronian with the inept ability to control such 'lowly' creatures as himself. He doesn't take kindly to any insults thrown his kinds way and will dismember any of those who dare make the slightest of witty retorts (which often resulted in him killing many of Decepticons while in the service of Megatron).

However like any Insecticon 'Hive Mind' Maelstrom posses the capability to LEARN, to grow smarter and evolve for the better of the Hive. However its also quite possible for him to simply share the fate of many other Hive Minds and thats to be exterminated before he can finally fully step outside the basic instincts that fuel all Insecticons.

What Maelstrom Has At Its Disposal


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(Example of an Insecticon Brute 'Transforming')



Like all Cybertronian's an Insecticon possesses a colorful variety of weaponry and the ability to assume not only a Vehicular form in order to blend in with the words Denizens but the forms of the worlds various life forms so long as its own mass is equal to that of the scanned object in size. Cybertronian Weaponry can range from basic Shrapnel Mines (more potent then human made do to having Cybermatter present) to portable Fusion Weaponry and Bombs. Do to their mechanic nature they are practically able to interface if not weaponize any manner of machinery, be it of a Technology that exceeds their own or outdated technology used by earthlings.


First thing on the list of objects would be the 'Cog', this object is not only a valuable 'organ' to a Cybertronian but the very thing that allows them to change forms like they do. For if their Cog would be damaged the Cybertronian would be stuck in any form he|she|it is presently in for good which not only comes as a life crippling hindrance but prevents them from using any scanned weaponry in-coopered into their biochemical forms. (There are many other various 'organs' that are just AS important but I presently lack the names of and would have to research.)


The Life Blood and Fuel of ALL Cybertronian Lifeforms. Without it they could not only die off but also be unable to power any of their Machinery, Weaponry or even function. Similar to how Humanoids and other creatures have different forms of energy to power the things they require to live except it also flows through their 'veins'.


Riot Cannon

The present weapons on Maelstrom's form would be a supped up Fusion Cannon known as the 'Riot Cannon'. Not only does it boast in superior fire power and range but it seems to be far more compact and less intruding. Though unlike the Fusion Cannon is suffers energy issues and often drains one of their Energon Faster then any other scanned or implanted weapon. However like any implemented weapon an Ion Cartridge can serve as a more potent power supply over ones own natural fuel reserves however such things are often rather difficult to make and expensive to purchase. In the case of the Riot Cannon a Ion Cartridge would be used up well within twenty shots over any standard Cybertronian Weapon which can last it well within the hundreds to thousands.

The Riot Cannon CAN be assessed while in his Insectoid Mode and has a built in rapid fire capability.

Claws and Fangs

Aside from Maelstroms beloved Riot Cannon he does also use the claws and sharpened fangs|teeth that are present on his form. Not only can they peel the metal of a Cybertronian Destroy but when a swarm of these Brutes surround any manner of metallic object or lifeform they can pick it clean within seconds. His claws have served rather well as weapons and he doesn't intend on using any other form of melee weapon over them.. they are practically the 'pride' of all Insecticon Brute as without them they wouldn't be able to eat or rip their prey to shreds.. of course he could just blast them but the Riot Cannon often leaves the thing shot by it rather unpleasant to ingest.

Energon Missiles

This is a VERY popular weapon amongst the Insecticon Brutes when in their Insectoid Form. They will often unleash a volley upon any initial target they have no desire to eat and thanks to their 'replication' ability can create a steady of not endless supply so long as they have the metal to craft them. Each missile is filled with a small dose of liquid Energon which when donated can have some rather volatile effects especially on organic creatures. Maelstrom's hive is often recognized do to the growing spiked of raw Energon nearby. (This is mostly do to them pointlessly firing off their missiles for their own entertainment or to clear an area for their Hive.)


Like all Insecticon's the Brutes have the ability to 'Clone' themselves, though the only one shown with such an ability would be the 'Hive Mind' similar to that of a Queen Bee however a great deal of Cybermatter and Energon is required to complete the cloning process.. each clone made is often more feral and vicious then the last and will follow their Hive Mind until the very ends of creation. However when a Hive Mind is killed the Clones do not die out but rather one evolved into the newer Hive Mind well within a few weeks.

Maelstrom's History


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So begins...

Maelstrom's Story