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Magnus Krome

A strong, proud warrior who committed genocide against his own race against his will.

0 · 287 views · located in Mountain Path

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TwilightShade


Age: 19 | Gender: Male
Height: 6'4" | Weight: 198 (238 with full Armor)
Species: Ignian | Race: Scoria
Species Summary: A sturdier, more powerful version of the human. Increased strength and reflexes, as well as durability. Able to submerse in lava for up to an hour and brave temperatures just above one thousand degrees Celsius. Able to manipulate and control fire, as well as earth (including sand, crystals, etc.), which he can use remotely. Has control over magma as well, but usually needs to form it himself.

Race Summary: An extremely rare genotype of the Ignian race which was culturally referred to as the "rebirth of creation". Although socially accepted identically to other races, much higher expectations were placed on members of his kind. Able to brave temperatures that exceed 2500 Celsius without dying, but only up to 1900C without any pain. The Scoria Ignians possess far more energy in their bodies than their brethren, possessing energy potential equivalent to approximately the Tsar Bomba (240 Petajoules, or 3.6x10^17 joules. For reference, a human at rest releases 60 joules of energy per second).

Energy Output (for personal reference):
At 200C, Magnus outputs 520 J/s at rest.
At 1900C, Magnus outputs 5.2 kJ/s at rest.

Maximum energy channel: 6 GJ/s (the total potential chemical energy in a full 55 gallon drum of oil).


Magnus is proud of his Ignian heritage, and can prove ethnocentric at times. Always up for a challenge, he seeks out tough opponents who promise new experiences; evolving as a fighter is one thrill life still allows him. He is polite in battle and conversation, but doesn't respond well to conversations about family, due to his past. He also refuses to associate with the females of Earth, finding them repulsively fragile. Generally, he travels alone as a nomad, but settling down for extended periods of time doesn't bother him. He is most comfortable with volcanic and desert climates, although he will brave anything other than the bitter cold without hesitation. He enjoys lava baths, preferring the lower viscosity to the magma's thicker composition. His favorite element to manipulate is carbon.

As an honed fighter and tactician, Magnus values logic over emotion, and therefore tends to appear rather inactive emotionally. For the most part, this is true. However, his pride has him religiously following old Ignian rituals, such as burning the deceased bodies of honorable adversaries, and also usually prevents any graceful acceptance of defeat. At best, he will swear for a future rematch in such situations. Those that know Magnus well can observe a relatively even mix of thought and feeling, despite any claims he might make against such balance.

Unafraid of reality and the sometimes bitter truth, Magnus occasionally engraves his memories and past experiences, as well as tales of his race, in the form of a super-compressed spire, which he will then store underground. Although he has accepted the fact that he is the last of his race, he eternally regrets having killed his own people. He visits his home planet only when necessary, or when in a brief emotional spell.


Ignian Armor- A special type of body armor designed around Magnus's abilities. Rock can be added or removed at will for extra protection or speed, respectively. Any rock currently on the armor can be ignited for increased frost and heat resistance. There is a base layer for any extra rock to attach to, so Magnus is never completely without protection. The armor can be supercompressed, greatly increasing abrasion, blunt, and slashing resistance, as well as a minor increase to pierce resistance. Metal can be either laced or layered. The base layer covers the torso, shoulders, back, back of the neck, and the pelvis, as well as the forearms (these are separate from the main section).

Two sections of Stainless Steel are laced into the armor's forearm sections, providing about 15 pounds of non-magnetic metal to work with at all times. Rock/Earthen material can be filled into the area to replace the protection granted by the metals when the material is being used.


Passive Abilities:

Base body temperature ranges from 200 - 400C
Heat Immunity (up to 1900C)
Can survive ambient temperatures up to 2500C
Increased Strength, Reflexes, Durability and Stamina, logic and thinking speed.
- Lifts several tons of weight per arm
- Can lift two to three times that amount with manipulation assistance.

Remote earth control, including sand, rock, crystals, etc.
- Can identify collections of individual elements and their related compounds and sort through them remotely. (Usually Carbon, but occasionally Silicon and Sulfur are sifted through.

Fire control: able to create fire by using his bodily energy as fuel.
- Can remotely control the fire/heat which he has created.

Kindling Loam- As body temp increases past 1000C, more and more sustenance can be obtained from the soil, allowing Magnus to stay underground for extended periods of time. Above 1500C, he is able to remain underground indefinitely. This also eliminates his need to breathe when on the surface at higher temperatures as well.


Metal Control: Able to remotely manipulate metals and change their shape. Energy channeling will not work unless the metal is attached to the ground, and it generally loses efficiency this way. Magnus cannot compress metals. Can currently manipulate Al, Ti, Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Co, U, Alklali and Alkali Earth metals. Able to form alloys using any metals he can control with much less heat than normally required, although this is usually time consuming and not battle-efficient.

Slate Pinging: Magnus raises the earth in a ring around him by 1/32 of an inch and lowers it afterward, making the manipulation travel outwards like a wave (it is not intended as an attack). By doing this, he can detect and sense the shape of anything attached to the earth in two ways; the first being resistance against his manipulation via weight, the second being sensing the object/creature through vibrations as the ping passes under them. The ping travels at approximately eighty miles per hour, and can be used to sense objects from up to half a mile away. Maximum pinging speed is 10 per second, but comfortably Magnus pings at 4 to 6 waves per second.

Active Abilities:

Seething Step - Through the combustion of minuscule amounts of bodily energy at his feet, Magnus is able to sharply augment his agility, allowing him to dash at up to 60 miles per hour while still able to turn on a dime. Useful for fast maneuvering in small areas. This ability can also be applied to various other movements, and can augment the force behind physical attacks. Also allows Magnus to redirect his movement in the air to a degree.

Zone Sense: By taking non-influential control of an area, Magnus can detect anything connected to the zone occupied in the same manner as his Slate Pinging. However, his Zone Sense provides a constant, fluid picture of what is coming, as opposed to a frame-by-frame detailing. This allows him to react more quickly to threats originating in the area than if simply watching or Slate Pinging. It also allows him to sense events occurring underground, provided the affected area is in the technique's range.

Armor-Encased Flight - Once encased in earthen or metallic armor, Magnus is able to lift himself into the air in an act of pseudo levitation. The technique takes constant energy and focus, so he cannot use full powered manipulations like he could on the ground, but is still able to perform basic and intermediate techniques. Magnus can still Slate Ping and Zone Sense whilst in the air.

Energy channeling: When remotely manipulating the earth, Magnus is able to set up a link with the target area, and channel heat energy through the ground. Using this ability, he can generate blasts of fire from the ground that he is in control of, or recapture some of the heat from a previous blast in order to recycle the energy for further use. He can blast fire when pinging, but the technique usually is rather weak due to the constantly changing link. When Zone Sensing, fire can be blasted from anywhere in the occupied area at full strength.

So begins...

Magnus Krome's Story