Marilyn Nephali

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Marilyn Nephali

Basic Information

Full Name
Marilyn Nephali



Hair Colour

Eye Colour
Dark Brown



Mental & Psychological Information

Marilyn can be quite awkward, stutter and talks too quickly at times. This is because she's just not a big people person, sure she has a few friends but, she doesn't exactly go out a lot. When it comes to talking to people she becomes rather nervous and embarrasses herself in the end. When Marilyn becomes comfortable with someone however, she's great company and is fun to have a conversation with, she's full of pointless knowledge and if one were to get to know her, they'd see her interest in horror films and creepy, supernatural things quite clearly.

✔ Horror films
✔ Art
✔ Sports
✔ Reading
✔ Strange events/ the unknown and mysteries of the world

✖ Waiting
✖ Not getting their own way
✖ Being told what to do
✖ Close mindedness
✖ Boring people

"I don't really feel comfortable discussing this.."
- Although she loves creepy things, she fears the day something eerie may ever happen to her
- Ghosts and Demons etc
- Never waking up
- Being unable to prove someone wrong



Main Theme
Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
Parov Stelar - Catgroove

Emotional Themes
Madcon - beggin
Bastille ft. Ella Eyre - No Angels
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

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So begins...

Marilyn Nephali's Story


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Marilyn didn't go out much, but when she did it was mainly because she felt the need to, or because she wanted something. A little fresh air and outdoors was good once and a while anyway. Today however she was simply searching for some new movies to buy, more specifically, horror movies. She had already seen so many, even watched the same movies over and over again, it was time to find some new ones and she was rather excited about the idea of watching a new horror movie. Marilyn had a sort of strange hobby, her home was full of odd things here and there, random antiques, odd plastic statues you might find out the front of a coffee shop, salt and pepper shakers the shape of a black cat and a white cat. Little things like that.

There was this one shop she always went to, it was known for selling second-hand books and DVDs for good prices, she found a lot of old stuff in this shop that she didn't know were even still around.
Marilyn wore plain clothes, a sleeveless black hooded jumper and dark brown cargo shorts. At the moment her hood was down, she only put it up when it was raining anyway, no need to have it up indoors.
Finally, amongst the swarm of people within the mall, she made it to the second-hand shop and entered, giving the cashier a short, shy smile and wave as she began searching for any horror film she could find.


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There was a racket outside of the store, though it was a ways down from it. Yelling and screeching and wild chattering was a given, but there were a scant few who didn't turn their heads to look.

In fact, one woman decided to waltz in the complete opposite direction of the ruckus. Right into the movie shop.

She was slightly peculiar, even in comparison to the usual Terran. The woman certainly favored her blacks and whites when it came to clothing, and was quite pallid herself. She favored a tight black dress and pearls, along with a wide-brimmed sunhat that came low over her eyes. Her lipstick was sharp, and her makeup uncolored. Her heels, thin stilettos, clacked audibly on the floor.

She came aside Marilyn with a bright, white-toothed smile as she browsed movies with the girl.


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Marilyn's face lit up with curiosity as soon as she heard the yelling and what not, leaning forward and peering out the shop's window to try and get a better look of where the loud racket was coming from. That was when she noticed a woman enter the shop, completely unchanging from the ruckus happening outside, as if she hadn't even heard the commotion. Now Marilyn was just a curious and interested in this unknown female she hadn't seen before; well that wasn't hard seeing as how she never went out enough to notice any faces. Nonetheless, her eyes followed the quite well dressed woman, she liked her style, it was simple yet quite flattering to her figure. She was just simply a naturally beautiful woman and Marilyn rather wished she could pull off looking like that, at least some day, eventually.

Wait, she was coming over, and Marilyn was staring, startled by this fact of how much of a weirdo she felt she would look like, the female quickly returned to looking at the movies, pretending like she hadn't been staring openly just now. She was such an awkward girl. Her eyes shifted, wanting to take a little peek to see where the female was. Oh shit she was right next to her. Act cool, she thought, noticing her smile. Was that smile at her or the movies? Why would someone smile at movies Marilyn how silly, wait maybe she found the movie she was looking for. Make a decision. Yes Marilyn made the decision to return the smile, her lips closed as an awkward smile was now present and she quickly turned her head back to looking at the movies, practically trying to hide her face now. It was clear she really wasn't a people person.

As she tried to keep her thoughts of embarrassing herself off her mind, she remembered the commotion she heard happening outside, glancing at the woman once again she really wanted to know what was going on out there without actually getting involved in it. Clearing her throat and coughing subtly she finally spoke up, "excuse me, uh. I was just wondering, if you knew what all the ruckus was about just now? I mean unless you don't want to talk about it, that's okay. If you're busy it's alright sorry to bother you I'm just curious. Oh if you didn't see anything that's okay too ha ha ha uh." Nice. That was better than usual, at least she didn't even stutter. She did ramble a bit though. Oh well, she got it off her chest and there wasn't really a bad reply the woman could give her, she seemed like a nice woman.