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Hunter of the damned, the wicked, and the corrupted...for a price that is.

0 · 91 views · located in Gilgamesh: Deep Space

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Despair


First name: Marius
Middle name: Nikolai
Last name: Aonghus

Nicknames: Mari (Mary), Mars
Aliases: Gabriel Mstislav
Preferred names: Marius, Nikolai, Gabriel

Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
Race: Human/Mortal (contains a genetic trait which allows energy to be cast from the body in a form of magic.)
Ethnicity: German, Russian.

Height (without footwear): 6’0”
Height (with footwear): 6’.5”
Build: Tall
Muscle mass: Lean
Weight: 180 lbs
Handedness: Left

Physical disabilities: Has deteriorating joints and muscle mass due to the toll his genetic trait takes upon his body, which also drains his stamina to an all time low after multiple usages. He also carries diminishing vision in his left eye, which used to belong to that of a demon that he defeated in battle after being promised the eye as well as some inhuman abilities such as enhanced strength and speed.
Mental disabilities: He has a slight paranoia as well as a slight problem known as dyslexia.

Eye color: His right eye is dark blue and his left eye is a glowing yellow/orange.
Eye changes: When his stamina and energy is low, his left eye will dim in color before the glow vanishes, which could possibly mean trouble.
Eye wear: An eyepatch over the left eye, which is usually removed either due to discomfort or a hunt.

Hair color: Dark brown/black
Hair styles: Straight, worn down and free flowing.
Hair length: Mid back.
Hair wear: Sometimes a hair tie or a hat of some sort.

Skin color: White/Caucasian
Skin shade: Lightly toned, almost pale
Scars: There’s a scar going over his left eye where the demon had removed his original eye before it was replaced with one of the demon’s very own.
Birthmarks: None
Markings: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

Birth month: January
Birth day: 31st
Birth year: -
Age: 38
Apparent age: 40
Horoscope: Aquarius

Personality description: Marius is the type of man who’s not as serious as he looks. Instead he’s narcissistic, a bit skeptical, and a bit of an asshole. He tends to anger a variation of people, including both friends and enemies by his sourpuss and blunt attitude towards things. Even though his past isn’t the best, what Marius doesn’t do is pity himself. Instead, he tends to take out his anger and woes with a sarcastic attitude, which he seems to be rather sadistic for he apparently enjoys seeing people distressed, depressed, or hurt. But then again, this could all be a cover up of the truth that’s hidden deep down inside of that cold heart of his.

Temperament: Despite his bad attitude, Marius has a long fuse in the temper dynamite. He’s rather patient and can cope with the most annoying individuals by either annoying them in return, hurting their feelings, or by just simply blocking them out. However, he strongly dislikes being called an ‘asshole’ as well as other names; for he knows that he’s no such thing, even though he knows very well that people believe he is.

Likes: The night, being paid, good looking women, drinking, the feeling of victory and slaughter, avoiding the law, animals, and making other people feel bad.
Dislikes: Damsels in distress, church officials, people who gab at the mouth, being unable to get drunk in peace, unable to kill those who he hunts, getting hardly any sleep, being interrupted, along with smelly animals, and being kicked out of any event.

Hobbies: Slaying the unholy, the damned, the wicked, and the corrupt for money, getting drunk, and being a menace anywhere he goes.
Interests: Immortality, parasitic infections, the undead, plagues and illnesses, the past life, life after death, money, women, and companionship.
Goals: To slay the largest amount of “prey” for the highest bidder!

Fears: Possibly his own self and his own downfall, which is possibly much sooner than expected.
Superstitions: None. He knows too much about the world to believe in any of that bullshit.

Morals: If you’re like a man like Marius, with no bounds, you don’t need morals.

Friends: Marius only has a couple friends which he either has worked with down the world, or saved their lives.
Close friends: None, his enemies are closer.
Acquaintances: Just those who he has worked for, as well as those he had saved and etc.

Family (living): They’re all dead to him anyway.
Family (deceased): Only his grandparents, his cousin (male), his little brother, as well as his uncle (who practically raised him as a kid.)
Close family: None

Current marital status: Single (most likely not looking.)

Sexual orientation: Straight
Sexual preference: Women (preferably human)

Current job/career: Hunter of the damned, the unholy, the corrupt, and the undead. A mercenary type individual where he requires pay before performing a slaying, which is considerably much easier than contacting the Catholic Church for any help.
Job/Career position: He manages himself.
Previous job/career: Stable hand as well as a paper boy. (During his youth.)

Faction: Chaotic Neutral

Clothing (main/everyday outfits): (See image!)

Weaponry (main): His power and skills.
Weaponry (secondary/side): A pistol as well as a rapier.

Magical specialization: Dark, life and essence draining.

Special skills: Enhanced strength, speed, and vision in his left eye.
Inherited skills: A genetic trait which allows him to manipulate energy and life forces.
Inherited traits: Alcoholism, paranoia, “charming” looks.

Personal background: Marius used to live a cozy, practically wealthy life as a young boy. But as he grew older, tragedy struck like it usually does for those who don’t deserve it, thus taking him away from his family and forcing him to live a street life all by himself at fourteen years old. Having to sell newspapers every morning as well as take care of horses at a stable, Marius lived a life of confusion and worry of never being found again by his family. By the time he was ready to turn fifteen, a man happened to find him. That man was his uncle. After getting him out of the miserable city streets, Marius’s uncle took him under his wing and explained things to him that the boy had yet to understand.

Everything from their genetic mutation trait, to how Marius’s other relatives, as well as his parents had willingly abandoned the boy due to a deal they made with a demon that was capable of granting all sorts of wishes for the greediest of hearts. Upon hearing such things from his uncle, Marius had grown upset, thus disowning the rest of his family after hearing of the death of his younger brother in a supposed train accident. When the time came for Marius to learn of his gift/curse, his uncle prepared him and guided him every step of the way until he at least became strong enough to fend for his own. There was a reason behind why Marius’s uncle did this, but that wouldn’t be until the demon came on the eve of Marius’s sixteenth birthday and took his uncle’s life as well as his soul, along with Marius’s eye. But before the demon departed, it made a deal with the teenager, saying that if Marius were to kill him seven years from now on the evening of the New Year, that the boy could have its own left eye as well as a special gift of power and speed.

Despite knowing better than to make a deal with a demon, Marius accepted. For seven long years the boy trained and soon became a man of corruption and cold heartedness. He was more than ready to get his revenge for his beloved uncle’s death as well as his new eye. As planned, on the New Year of the seventh year, the demon and Marius met on a Cliffside as planned, and begun their duel. At first, the odds appeared to be in the demon’s favor. That was until Marius was nearly killed, that the tables would turn as the young man used his genetic gift in order to maim the demon as well as slowly suck the very life from his body. But before his death, the demon admitted defeat, thus giving Marius one of his eyes as well as enhanced strength and speed as promised for a demon could not lie when it came to making a deal. Upon leaving the man a compliment about his skill and such, the demon also warned him of his gift and that in due time it will begin to suck the very life from him and that it was best he only use it as a last resort.

Why the demon tried helping him was unknown to the man, but before he could question the creature’s words, the demon passed, its body turning into what appeared to be ash, which went up into the winds as snow continuously fell on the tarnished landscape. Ever since that night, Marius swore to hunt down the wicked, the unjust, the unholy, the corrupted, as well as the damn. But he refused to alliance himself with the Catholic Church. But instead he became a mercenary type figure and only performed a killing if paid a high amount. However, his greed is not to be mistaken for there is a price for everything these days…even for one who is slowly saving the world from its own fate while running from his very own.

So begins...

Marius's Story