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Markos Agathon

Commander of the Hastati Class Cruiser [i]'Conflagration'[/i]

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by barney_fife


Cmdr. Markos Agathon, a young aspiring commander of the Hastati class cruiser, Conflagration

So begins...

Markos Agathon's Story


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Slowly, the cruiser continued to tilt end over end, in a slow and uncontrolled rotation along the Y axis. Agathon shook his head, and pulled up diagnostic data related to the engine cores. While he was confident that engineering would correct the problem, he was fully aware of the timeline, and quietly grit his teeth as he returned to his main command station, slowly he lowered himself into the command chair, and rested his arm on the armrest, while his eyes stared upwards at the main viewscreen.

The entire length of the craft shuddered violently, as the reactor core attempted to ignite the impulse engines that propelled this rather large warship.

Agathon quietly listened as the engines revved angrily, sending violent vibrations throughout the superstructure of the ship, those vibrations culminated into an audible whir that reverberated throughout the entirety of the ship's superstructure, the vibrations dampened, and slowly began to quiet down into a soft hum as the lights flickered, and then brightened slightly.

"Engine cores are responding, ten percent and climbing." One of the engineering officers reported. To the outside observer, six large flames began to erupt from the rear of the ship, culminating into an intense blue-purple hue, burning hot, and clean until the rear brightened into a slight bluish green, and then settled into a shimmering blue. At that moment, the craft stopped tilting, and began to orient itself with the horizon of the planet. External lights came on one by one.

The viewscreens shimmered to life, and began to display diagnostic, and tactical data. A moment later, there was an energy surge, and the Hastati cruiser was suddenly enveloped in an odd milky white bubble of light that originated from somewhere in the ship's prow, encasing it in a cocoon of light, which shimmered brilliantly like sunlight on water, before disappearing entirely.

"Shields are coming online, holding at sixty percent and climbing." Another tactical officer reported.

One by one, massive weapon batteries along the cruiser's hull began to swivel to life, adjusting their aim, and moving slightly in synchronized unison, before retracting slightly into the hull, all pointed in the same direction.

"Gun crews report green." A Tactical officer reported. "We still do not have comms, or navigation, our EVE unit is also offline. We're still blind, deaf, and mute, sir."

"Right." Commander Agathon said aloud. "Divert power to shields, get them online in case we have any surprises."


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Goffre and his bodyguards would walk up the stairs to the captain's quarters above the main bridge, where he had a command center similar to that of the cockpit, located directly above it, with a similar view of the Conflagration from his large gold plated mirror glass window. There, he had access to a larger telescope looking out of the enormous round crystal in the eye socket of the large golden horse-bust prow, enabling Goffre to get a much closer look at the alien cruiser from his higher vantage point. The captain's quarters was segregated from the lower command center, acting as a secondary control room in case of emergency. From this armour reinforced room, Goffre could control the entire ship, so that even if something were to happen to the main cockpit area, such as a fire or explosion, the Stjornhestr would still be operational. The main bridge branched out through the longship's inner hull into several long halls and corridors. Each corridor was separated from the others by thick air-locked armoured silver and aluminum doors, so as to be sealed off in case of a breach or emergency evacuation so that air and resources would not be lost in the open vacuum.

The Stjornhestr was an energy efficient, highly simple and economic spaceship with several comfortable living quarters and housing units, simple toiletries which allowed the ship's Nordic crew to discard their bodily waste out into space, while water was stored and recycled onboard. The large ship also featured a workout unit, sort of like a medieval Viking gym where the crew could exercise. There were large cargo containers in the loading dock for storing supplies, shipping goods and other purposes, along with the retractable draw-bridge docking ramp and thick sealed doors. There were also several escape pods and launch rooms where the smaller, canoe-like convertiboats were contained, to be used as emergency evacuation vehicles or exploring and trade vessels placed strategically throughout the longship by the engineers and designers who built it.

Everything centered around the bridge. The mapmaker had just finished drawing his survey of Xamoyos from the command deck over the large round table. Towards the back of the Stjornhestr was a second control room, also with a third cockpit located at the stern. Due to the design of the Viking-esque longship, the Stjornhestr could move forward or backwards quite easily, so that the back of the ship could be quickly converted to become the front of the ship if need-be. Ventilation systems, air ducts and water pipes ran all through the ship's hull, allowing access to air and water in every living quarters. These pipes all connected to the engineer stations, eventually ending at the main storage facility which contained several greenhouses and natural biomes where plants were grown and cultivated through photosynthesis with the help of honey bees and natural starlight. These giant greenhouses were separated from one another to prevent water and air from escaping in case one or two of the greenhouses were damaged. Crew members worked inside these hot dome-shaped gold plated glass containers, planting and harvesting crops to feed the ship's 500 occupants. They also helped to tend to the hive boxes, and gather medicinal herbs to be transported to the medbay for safekeeping.

The whole system ran on pressurization, gravity, and other very simple mechanics. The ship was controlled and steered using a keel, large oar-shaped solar sails which could be moved around, tilted or repositioned, and solar-powered purple crystals which acted like rechargable glowing batteries, but generated magical energy more similar to ectoplasm than AC/DC electricity, yet produced some of the same mysterious effects of a plasma globe or lamp with colorful lightning-like filmaments that seemed dangerous at first glance, but were actually completely harmless to the touch, though powerful enough to cause a person's hair to stand on end just like static electricity. The aluminum reinforced hull would protect the longship from Röntgen radiation, X-ray scanners and electromagnetic discharges, if such a thing was even a necessity given the Empyrean Norsemen's lack of sophisticated machinery. The aluminum, silver and titanium alloy were actually chosen for their molding capabilities, flexibility and lightweight to enable the Stjornhestr to travel faster through the cosmos.

These crystals, when charged, allowed the Stjornhestr to bend the space and gravity field around it, allowing the ship to hover silently through the heavens at great speeds. Along both sides of the Stjornhestr were enormous round plates which resembled amplified bass speakers, arranged just like shields along the side of a normal Viking Age longship, only these shields were much different, and were operated individually from the defensive weapon control stations, as were the two large glowing crystals at the sternpost and stempost which could be used as prisms to generate magic and concentrate high-powered beams of energy, either for propelling the ship through outer space or for targeting in-coming missiles in order to immobilize them or detonate them before contact, similar to a microwave, EMP or laser defense system. There were no radios, satellite tethers, radars, computers or electrical equipment onboard. Instead, the Stjornhestr was operated manually or with the use of magic.

Otherwise, the Stjornhestr was shaped much like a typical Viking longship with a stern, a prow, a keel and a long narrow hull. The hull itself was made of silver, titanium and steel, reinforced with aluminum. The stern was also made of silver and aluminum, reinforced with crucible steel and titanium. The prow was fitted over the front bow of the hull and made of thick solid gold. The keel ran longways along the bottom of the hull, and was also made of pure gold. The inside of the ship was made of aluminum and silver, while the seats and beds were made of hard oak wood with leather bindings and comfortable, cushioned plant fabrics such as cotton or wool. The tables and benches were made of oak, while the captain's quarters featured silk sheets and curtains. In place of electricity, the Empyrean Norsemen had simple oil lanterns, wax candles and torches which provided light throughout the ship. In place of radios, they had gjallarhorns and crude telehorn systems which operated with the use of vibrations on long strings that ran from one end of the ship to the other.

The crew had a very simple hierarchy or social structure with Goffre Alvisson being the jarl, in a red uniform. His personal bodyguards wore black, bearskin coats with visored helms and silver armor. Below them were the karls or freemen, who made up 90% of his leidang, dressed in blue, while the rest were thralls or servants in green who performed most of the ship's manual labour, such as carrying supplies, cooking meals in the kitchen and feeding the animals at the cargo containers. This included shire horses, goats or ibexes, domesticated hogs and cattle. There were also hunting dogs, forest cats and ravens which the Empyrean Norsemen had trained to speak and deliver messages back and forth if needed. The entire ship had its own little miniature ecosystem. The greenhouses produced several varieties of trees, plants, flora, grasses and fungi including many edible crops, roots, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables to be used either as a food source or for medicinal reasons. The plants and trees provided the oxygen the crew needed to sustain for several months, or possibly even many years in deep space depending on their voyage, while the gold plating inside the mirrored windows protected the passengers from harmful gamma waves and radiation, but this was more of a secondary function or added benefit, for all of the gold and silver within the Stjornhestr was magically imbued and actually served as protection against space debris or incoming missiles and lasers.

As the pilot of the Stjornhestr peered through his looking glass again, Hanson Forstein noticed a flicker in the lights aboard the alien cruiser. Just then, a voice came through the telehorn on top of the control desk. Jarl Goffre had witnessed it too from the cabin above. Forstein picked up the cow horn that was attached to the string and placed it to his ear. The muffled voice of Goffre was barely audible and unrecognizable to the other karls inside the cockpit, but Forstein just listened and nodded quietly before responding with a simple "Yes my lord" before setting the phone down and turning to his co-pilot, who was waiting for further instructions. The co-pilot for this mission was a young man named Rolegh, who appeared to be in his early twenties with short blonde hair and blue eyes which matched his lace-tied V-neck long sleeved blue shirt and baggy trousers. He wore brown leather high-top shoes with lacings around his ankles and pantlegs, and a golden arm-ring on his left arm close to the shoulder. This was the typical attire of most of the freemen on the ship, but Forstein and Rolegh also had silver vegvisir necklaces rather than the more common mjolnir necklaces worn by the other karls, signifying that they were in charge of piloting the ship.

"That was Jarl Goffre, he wants us to reposition the Stjornhestr and sink into the sky. We're ready to explore the surface" the pilot said.

The co-pilot nodded and turned around on his swiveling wooden chair seat to face the control systems. There in front of him was a control panel with switches, wheels, Norse compasses and levers inscribed with runic symbols. Forstein then turned to the karl at the gjallarhorn and motioned for him to blow the horn with one finger. The karl nodded, and grasping the end of the gjallarhorn, he took a breath and blew into it. The sound was loud, deep and long, similar to the sound of a horn on a large tug boat. The sound travelled from one end of the longship to the other, causing the entire hull of the Stjornhestr to vibrate as it alerted the crew. Upon hearing the sound of the gjallarhorn, all 500 passengers aboard the space-faring vessel would jump up and become active, going to different places and taking up various positions within the many corridors and cabins as Forstein had Rolegh prepared to lower the Stjornhestr towards the surface of the planet. Meanwhile, the jarl continued to stare at the Conflagration through his own large telescope in the captain's quarters, watching as a milky white surge of energy enveloped the Hastiti Class cruiser for a moment like a transparent bubble before vanishing.


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Commander Agathon continued to stare out at the viewscreen in front of him, watching the stars as they flitted about on the screen, and he kept his eyes on the planet below, everything was in it’s place, and the Commander was eagerly waiting the re-establishment of communications, and navigation so they could figure out where they were, and make the necessary course corrections.

“One degree angle nominal, yaw twenty percent, pitch correction minus twenty niner niner, carom two niner three.” A Bridge officer reported, as he manipulated a control stick on his console to correct the yaw, and pitch issues from one of the automated stabilizers.

“Stabilization complete.” The officer reported, right as a large three-dimensional representation of the star system flickered into view, a whirring reverberating through the entire CIC as the Kapisi, the OVI Carrier, and an unusual vessel were all highlighted in varying colors to denote their possible threat status.

“We have multiple contacts.” The bridge officer reported, as the Commander narrowed his eyes.

“Can we establish comms?”

The bridge officer shook his head. “Astrometrics is still working on getting navigation back online, we won’t have comms for awhile, but we can move and fight if we need.”

The commander nodded.

“Bring us to condition two throughout the ship.”

With the order given, the lights in the CIC dimmed to a dull amber, and the crew began moving to their stations quickly, preparing for a possible emergency.

The Conflagration itself moved forward ever so slightly, as weapon batteries began to move from their recessed emplacements, and into a ready position.

“All decks report condition two.” The Executive officer reported.


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The Stjornhestr was moving slowly. The Conflagration was now 622 miles away, but moving swiftly through space on an incoming path towards the smaller Norse space ship as the Aschen struggled to get their systems in order. The jarl, Goffre Alvisson was not overly concerned, as he had seen the Hastiti Class cruiser through his telescope from several kilometers away and was given ample time to prepare.

The captain and co-pilot, Forstein and Rolegh, carried out their orders from Jarl Alvisson as they got the Stjornhestr up and running, and sank into the skies out of the Conflagration's path in case it was not able to stop its course. "All systems are a go. We are running smoothly, turning now five degrees south," Hanson Forstein said calmly. "Five degrees south," Rolegh the Young repeated, carrying out the captain's commands.

The Stjornhestr's crew was now ready to embark on the next part of their mission. While the 500-man passenger ship did not have offensive weapons, it did have quite an elaborate defense system. The crew was in position, but was not really expecting any hostility from the incoming cruiser as they activated the shields and stood by to await further orders. Soon, the Stjornhestr was in motion again, moving slowly towards the exosphere of Bastion IV like a hot-air balloon in outer space. Five degrees didn't seem like much at first, but given the distance between the Stjornhestr and the Conflagration, it would be enough distance and in enough time to evade an incoming collision between both vessels in case the Aschen were unable to stop or turn.

Just then, there was another voice over the telehorn. It was a call from Svegdir Staghelm, informing Hanson Forstein that the convertiboats were ready to launch. Forstein gave the issue, and soon two small almond-shaped silver pods were released from the Stjornhestr's hull, sinking below the much larger longship, each having five explorers onboard. These smaller vessels did not appear to have thrusters of any kind, nor windows, yet they operated all the same, as the passengers aboard each convertiboat peered out through their mirror-glass windshields towards their destinations. One of the pods immediately sank into Bastion IV's exosphere, and using the force of gravity, it soon began to glow reddish white and hasten speed towards the planet's surface like a meteor, its exterior becoming super red hot as a tail of green light and white smoke traveled behind it. The other small convertiboat hovered above the planet for a moment before closing in slowly towards the distressed Aschen cruiser in order to investigate the situation and make contact with the survivors onboard, if there were any.

Svegdir Staghelm was now in charge of the Bastion IV expedition as he piloted the small craft downward at a diagonal forty-five degree angle towards a small river heading for Dracos Valley on the continent of Xamoyos, accompanied by four other Empyrean Norsemen as the tiny karvi-sized convertiboat fell from the skies and dove nose first into the water. The other convertiboat was piloted by a karl named Wolfgang Yorisson, who was also accompanied by three other able-bodied Norsemen and a Norse woman named Kelsey, who happened to have medical experience incase the Aschen were need of medical assistance. Both convertiboats were labelled Karvi-1 and Karvi-2, while the Stjornhestr still had eleven other escape pods onboard in case of emergency.



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"I'm getting anomalies on the sensor sweeps.." One of the Bridge officers called out while Commander Agathon was drawing a path back into orbit, now that engines, and maneuvering systems were back online.

The Cruiser shuddered slightly, but was slowly increasing altitude, and pitching it's nose up slightly. "Set escape vectors." The Commander ordered, and the crew swiftly complied, manipulating their controls to guide the large cruiser back into the planet's exosphere, but that was before a contact was detected on course for the Aschen cruiser.

"Sir! We have additional contacts, looks like strike craft! One of them is CBDR, Zero Zero Nine carom zero one six!" The executive officer called out, pointing to the small pods on the holographic display. "They look like transports of some kind."

Agathon growled slightly. "Do we have comms yet!?" He called out, and the Executive officer shook his head. "Negative, sir, Engineering is working to restore them."

"Great." Agathon growled. "Set condition one, all hands report to your stations, I want Marine strike teams in position to repel boarders!"

The dull amber light shifted to a flashing red light, and alarms blared all through the ship, as Aschen Marines moved through the interior of the ship, kicking over crates, and taking position behind bulkheads, especially near the Hastati cruiser's four airlocks, and two hangar bays.

Outside, things didn't seem much different, other than the few windows that allowed one to see into the ship went from a bright white light to a flashing red light, before armored shutters closed over them, obscuring what few views inside the ship that were offered.

Back in the CIC, as the tactical officers were moving to key up the weapons systems, alarms began to blare, and one of the officers turned to Commander Agathon.

"Sir! Point defense systems are offline, EVE is re-keying the system to get it back, and I've got engineering teams moving to the primary computron arrays."

The Commander growled to himself, as he checked a display.

"All decks report ready to repel boarders!" The Tactical officer called out. Commander Agathon offered a nod, and then turned to his XO. "Evasive maneuvers, full military thrust, and see if we can get some strike craft into the void!"

The rear engines of the Hastati cruiser ignited, and the craft began to lurch forward, it seemed the Aschen ship was trying to escape.


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Outer space was full of optical illusions. Objects that appeared closer were often quite distant. Objects that appeared smaller were actually quite large. The sun, moon and stars almost seemed like you could reach out and touch them, yet they were actually hundreds of thousands of miles away. Furthermore, objects which appeared to be hovering in stillness were often moving at incredible speeds, sometimes even faster than the speed of light itself. Such was the vastness and mystery of the dark expanse of space as the Stjornhestr continued to sink from the outer orbit of Bastion IV closer to the exosphere, going down keel-first towards the planet.

Karvi-1 and Karvi-2 had also been deployed. Karvi-1, piloted by Svegdir Staghelm, had sank down away from the Stjornhestr slowly, turning and gaining speed as it shot far around the Conflagration before going down to Xamoyos and diving nose-first into the Grigori River at a 45-degree angle, causing a huge splash in the water. Karvi-2, piloted by Wolfgang Yorisson, also sank down away from the Stjornhestr's hull very slowly before turning and going nose-first towards the in-coming Hastiti Class cruiser, which was ascending from the thermosphere of Bastion IV and moving upwards into the exosphere towards the ship.

But as the small 25-foot convertiboat moved in closer to the Conflagration to investigate, strange things began to occur. Jarl Goffre could see through his telescope, just as Hanson Forstein and his co-pilot Rolegh the Young saw from the Stjornhestr's cockpit, the Conflagration was still active, and there were people onboard. Although they could not see the Aschen crew from outside the cruiser, the Norsemen did manage to get a glimpse of the red blinking distress lights aboard the cruiser before the window shields were activated and shut to conceal the crew within. Wolfgang Yorisson turned to look at Kelsey quietly, who was peering over his shoulder, before Yorisson steered the small silver almond-shaped craft towards the port side of the Aschen Conflagration.

But as Karvi-2 neared closer to the cruiser, Goffre Alvisson noticed something else very strange about the Aschen ship. It was pivoting away from the convertiboat and was beginning to slowly ascend away from it. Jarl Goffre watched silently from the captain's quarters, grimacing slightly with confusion at the mysterious vessel before him. It appeared that the Conflagration was trying to escape as its thrusters came back on and the Hastiti Class cruiser turned on a swivel, up and to the right of the convertiboat. Jarl Goffre picked up the telehorn again and spoke into it.

"Forstein, hold our position. Activate the shields, I want everyone at the control rooms ready in case something happens... It seems we have a live one here. There are life forms onboard that ship, and they might not want our company afterall," the jarl stated.

"Yes sir," Hanson Forstein nodded before setting the cow horn down and signalling to the karl at the gjallarhorn, this time holding up two fingers. The karl nodded and within seconds, two half-blasts from the gjallarhorn were sounded out. Once again, the loud noise from the 12-foot long curved horn echoed from one end of the Stjornhestr to the other, and soon there were several people at their halls and stations getting fitted for possible conflict with the passengers aboard the cruiser.

As the crew members in blue uniforms down in the weapon defense control rooms attached their small hand-held dark purple crystals to the control decks in front of them, suddenly the crystals began to glow with a pinkish hue, emitting light all around them. Soon, the edges of the large round saucer-like shields along the outside of the Stjornhestr began to glow neon blue as Rolegh the Young motioned his hand over the runic symbols in front of him, turning the wheels and levers on his control panel. The Stjornhestr slowly stopped descending and remained completely motionless, hovering with its keel and solar-powered oar fin sails now submerged within Bastion IV's exosphere, while the rest of the Empyrean Norse vessel remained in outer space just above it.

The large eyes on the golden horse-headed prow at the front of the Stjornhestr began to flicker and blink, sending a Norse code back to Karvi-2 as the five passengers aboard the tiny convertiboat decided what to do next. Wolfgang Yorisson, upon being informed about the blinking messages from the back of the convertiboat, quickly eased up and stopped his vessel from going any further towards the Aschen cruiser. It was an order to stand down, as the convertiboat came to a complete halt. Only once the Karvi-2 had stopped moving was Wolfgang Yorisson aware that the Conflagration was withdrawing away from him.

At that moment, a third small ship emerged from the Stjornhestr's hanger. Karvi-3, also carrying a crew of five passengers, was now heading away from Bastion IV in the opposite direction. At first it moved very slowly as it turned around to face the dark expansion of outer space. But then suddenly, without warning, it would shoot forward like a speeding missile, accelerating very rapidly as it disappeared from the area, leaving the solar system from which it had arrived. The Stjornhestr was now down to 7 convertiboats and only 485 passengers. Jarl Goffre had to consider his next orders very carefully.


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The Commander of the Conflagration watched the displays silently as his ship lurched, and the superstructure groaned as the ship tried to put some distance between the convertiboat, and itself. It’s massive engines churning to life as the Hastati class cruiser began to slowly but surely pull away.

It continued to pitch upwards, simultaniously trying to escape the planet’s gravity, but also the Empyrean Norsemen. It seemed that for now, the ship was succeeding. Especially when the Convertiboat came to a stop, it was clear the Aschen vessel was slowly starting to pull away from them.

Watching the display, Agathon thumbed his chin in slight confusion for a moment, it seemed whoever these people were had opted not to give chase. The Aschen Commander breathed a brief sigh of relief, before he turned to his Tactical officer.

“Let me know the moment our FTL Drives are back online.” Agathon instructed.

The officer simply nodded.

“Aye, sir.” The officer immediately set to work.


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The Stjörnhestr's 8 shields were now activated, one by one, starting with the 2 larger frontal round shields and then the 6 smaller ones behind them as the thin outer rings around the large speaker-like shield plates started to glow in florescent neon blue, along with the two large eyes on the large protruding golden horse-headed prow towards the front of the space-faring 1000 ton longship as it hovered silently in space with its 6 rear fan-like solar powered oar-sails and keel descending just inside Bastion IV's exosphere. The 24 thinly visored slit-like rectangular mirror glass windows running along the sides of the Stjörnhestr also became illuminated with bright white lighting systems, but the white lights seemed to be coming from outside the ship rather than inside of it, allowing Jarl Goffre and his crew to see out, but still preventing outsiders from looking in.

Suddenly, the jarl and his pilots would notice another strange anomaly in their midst. As the Aschen Conflagration started to manuever slowly, swiveling upwards and to the right of the Karvi-2 convertiboat, the Hastiti Class cruiser's image and position started to change right before Goffre's eyes, reflecting a sort of transparent holographic double image. Unbeknownst to the Empyrean Norse pilots, the space above Bastion IV was full of invisible clouds made up of millions of tiny frozen ice particles. These ice clouds were literally riddled throughout the entire galaxy, and although they were non-threatening to such highly advanced ships, they sometimes reflected lights and images coming from planetary surfaces into outer space. This would pose a different sort of problem for the Empyrean Norsemen, for they had misjudged the military cruiser's position. The Conflagration wasn't in front of the Stjörnhestr, it was below it.

Jarl Goffre and his team were looking at the wrong ship, a mirage or holographic image, and by trying to sink below it, the Stjörnhestr was actually descending directly towards the actual vessel they had been trying to evade. Goffre Alvisson quickly picked up the telehorn again and yelled as loud as his voice could carry down to the pilots below.

"Pull back! Pull back! Go right! Go right! 60 degrees west, go right!" he barked loudly, causing Hansen and Rolegh to both scramble at their control panels simultaneously as they quickly set the Stjornhestr back in motion, causing the whole front end of the 300 foot long Nordic spaceship to swing to the right, away from the oncoming Aschen cruiser. Wolfgang Yorisson and his small band of rescuers watched with silent shock and disbelief as the Stjornhestr turned out of the way on the opposite side of the Conflagration, missing a front end collision course by merely a hundred feet as both ships grazed by each other, seemingly very slowly, but traveling much faster than either of them appeared to be moving.

It must have all seemed like slow motion to both crews onboard the multi-personnel space vessels as they evaded one another with tight precision, avoiding a catastrophe which would have likely been worsened at such slow rate of speed. The Conflagration absolutely dwarfed the tiny Stjörnhestr as it started to drift by like the Titanic when it grazed the iceberg. Of course, the Stjornhestr was a remarkably tough longship designed to withstand collisions with other ships. But the Conflagration was over 5200 feet long, while the Stjornhestr was only 300 feet long, a mere fraction of that size, and at this speed, the cruiser would have just plowed through on its voyage, pushing the smaller longship out of its way. The Stjornhestr wouldn't be phased, but the 485 passengers onboard would have likely been thrown about inside the hull of their ship, almost certainly sustaining heavy injuries and possibly even many casualties. Not to mention the livestock and other animals aboard the Stjornhestr, most of which having no way to strap down or be fastened in.

Hanson Forstein and Rolegh the Young would watch quietly as the Conflagration drifted by their cockpit windows before turning to one another in their seats with a sigh of relief. Jarl Goffre Alvisson was just standing up while gazing at the passing cruiser with a straight expression, nodding his head silently to congratulate himself on a job well done. Meanwhile, the Karvi-2 convertiboat had started to return back to the hanger from which it had descended as Wolfgang Yorisson and Kelsey the Healer hooted and laughed with excitement, having witnessed the whole daring feat by Jarl Goffre and his pilots from outside their windshield. This would make quite a story.


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Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the crew of the Imperial Aschen Warship Conflagration, until the moment they weren't.

Two audible beeps signalled the new sensor readings for the Stjornhestr's position, and they seemed to be on a collision course for the Aschen warship. Alarms began to blare all throughout the ship as the Commander grabbed the console and called out. "Frak me!" He shouted. "Adjust angle, thirty degrees, yaw twenty nine degrees port repeat hard to port! Evasive maneuvers, full military thrust!"

The massive million ton warship was not nearly as nimble as the much smaller magical viking longship, but it gave it's efforts to evade the collision as armored doors retracted near the nose of the ship, brilliant plumes of flame shooting out hundreds of feet as the ship struggled to turn left, and away from the Stjornhestr. It's shields flickered, and shimmered, and at these distances, the Stjornhestr's hull would impact the Conflagration's shields, which was a sensation not unlike suddenly hitting a wall of water, which likely aided in the ship's deflection away from the Conflagration. Milky white eddies of shimmering light erupted all around the Stjornhester's hull, harmlessly moving about like curtains of light, almost like a milky white, faded aurora borealis, the ribbons of light danced, and shimmered around the Viking longship until it had cleared the field.

At these distances, the finer details of the Conflagration could be made out, massive gun batteries, along with smaller gun batteries riddled the interlocking armored plates. At these distances, the naked eye could see each weld, each rivet in the hull of the massive Aschen cruiser, and even some of the crew pressed against the ship's windows.

If one could get a glance inside the Aschen warship they would see humans, in dark grey, and blue uniforms, hands splayed on the glass as they watched the events unfold in front of them.

However, the Conflagration managed to successfully turn away, plotting a course away from the Stjornhestr, and deeper into the void of space.