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Master Rhyiel

Dangerous descenant of demons

0 · 182 views · located in Lao-qing: Deep Space

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Master Rhyiel is a descendant of the Obthguhl, an ancient Demonic race of warriors.

Rhyeil is 5 foot tall, and wears a strange mask upon his face. The mask resembles an Aztec Dragon of sorts, and is colourfully decorated.

For clothing, he wears a black shirt and trousers under orange shin guards made of Obthguhl stone, a chest protector of the same make, and armor plates over his arms. He doesn't like to wear any more armour other than that.

His dark, purple hair is tied up almost resembling falling water of a fountain. The ponytail is almost vertical, and the hair above it spreads out like a palm tree. The rest is left to gently swing at the sides of his mask.

He carries two swords, on is kept on his back and the other at his side.

Sword 1: The Ouri
Ouri is the name given to an old guardian god of the Obthguhl who blessed them with constant battles and much strength in their time. The sword is both a weapon and a homage to him. Its wide blade is made of black steel, and the hilt is made of solid gold. The blade has many ancient words carved into it meant to it, and can be translated as a quiet prayer to Ouri.

Sword 2: Djinnin
Djinnin was an old word used by the Obthguhl, the best it can be translated to is "Warriors Fire Thunder Spirit". It is the spirit of the warrior, and his inner strength that fuels his battles. The sword is meant to solidfy that as as Rhyiels outer extension of his soul, in essence a proclamation that his soul is kept as a weapon, and if it is broken, or lost, then he is no longer a warrior and will gladly accept death.
The blade is made out of a bright silver metal that is incredibly durable and sharp. Along the sharp tooth of the blade are several "Warrior's Prayers" that are carved into the sword. They were put there by Ryiel as a way of building his spirit, and becoming more tuned with his Warrior side.
The hilt is wrapped in red string and the handguard is only a small circle made with black metal.


Master Rhyiel is an expert swordsman who has been fighting all of his life. As a member of the Obthguhl bloodline, he sees it as his duty to protect their way of life, to appease Ouri and to strength his soul through combat.

He has mastered the ways of "Thunder Fire Spirit," a magical based attack that allows him to create blasts of lightening and fire from his blade. It is the most powerful trait of an Obthguhl as it is their only way of showing they have truely mastered the ways of the warrior.

So begins...

Master Rhyiel's Story