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A red Kobold hunter looking for the prey of a lifetime to bring back glory to his dishonored clan.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Toxicwyvern64


Mastyx is part of a group of redscales known as the Iron Oath. They long served the kobold burrow of deepstone for a long time but were cast out 100 years ago after the clan leader attempted to overthrow the Kobold lord. The clan was than given an ultimatum, Return with the greatest prey you can and the Kobolds of Iron Oath will be allowed back into deep stone. Mastyx is one of the few trained in hunting and sent out across the winds and waves to try and search for something that would bring Iron Oath it's honor back.

Mastyx is a ranger, preferring to stick to the shadows with his bow and arrow and support his allies from afar. He has a relatively short fuse when it comes to people and is quick to snap. That being said, he is incredibly loyal and usually doesn't hold his anger for long and makes sure his friends have food and shelter no matter how salty he is. He is obsessive about the hunt and is focused on gathering trophies from fallen foes after a battle is won.

So begins...

Mastyx's Story

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Kyren Sullenfall heads toward the tavern, his first stop.