Mayoki Starmourn


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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Skyanime

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Mayoki Starmourn's Story


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In the Dungeon of the Realm of Stories, unknown to everyone but her, Mayoki Starmourn sat in her cage, chained to the roof of the cage, her cuts slowly healing.

Her bones realigned, and she slowly cracked her neck. She wasn't dead, and it would be a while until she was. The Multiverse would see and hear of Mayoki Starmourn once again. The would feel her Wrath.

And they would hear of Lady Starlight's daughter, the daughter of The Goddess of Light.

And they would feel her darkness.

Mayoki left the Dungeon, killing everyone and anyone who came in her way. The guards were incinerated with one look. She gave coy smiles to the other prisoners, and right before she exited the Dungeon, she was covered in shadows.

When she was seen again, she was wearing a long black dress with a long, high slit. The dark blue colour outlined the dress. The sleeveless dress was contrasted with a red choker and dark blue criss-crossed ribbons tied around her arms tightened the skin. Her arms were curled around her bust, and her long red hair was let out.

She payed a visit to her mother. Lady Starlight screamed.

"How are enough here??!! You should be dead!!"

"Hmm? Oh, you mean how you killed me yourself with your prison of light? Well, it may have been painful, but not strong enough to kill me. So, wanna say hi to dad?" Mayoki smiled a cruel, coy smile, and killed her Mother. She let her body stay there.

Let the rest of the world know about this. Let them cower in fear knowing I am back. She laughed as she left her mother's body to rot.