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Melania Cassardi

Melania Cassardi can be called many things. Blunt, Aggressive, demanding. Foolish is not, and has never been, one of her descriptors.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Fishbucket


Knight-Captain Melana Cassardi was born to a noble family in the Siettum Deserts, a land infamous for the harshness of both its people and environment. There are many rumors and legends regarding thieves and bandits in Siettum. It is commonly believed that the Noble families that came from there are noble in name only and that their fortunes were stolen from merchants and travelers. Rumors that the nobility of Siettum vehemently refute as nonsense.

The People of Siettum are hardy and strong, dusky-skinned, tall, and tend towards a masculine appearance, regardless of gender. Their physical appearances are often intimidating, and very seldom do they manage to grow less than 6 feet tall.

Melana Cassardi herself abandoned her claim to nobility in favor of a different sort of family. She seldom if ever talks of her past, except to claim it is of no further importance to her. Her training as one of the Asylian Dragons is nothing short of exemplary, and her skills even more so. Not only does she have a natural talent for melee, but she is exceptionally intelligent, and observant. She utilizes these skills in the command of her own Unit of dragons, guiding them to completion of their mission, as well as survival in the heat of battle.

So begins...

Melania Cassardi's Story


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Cassardi responded to Symm's aggressive engagement with redirection. She stepped to one side at the moment his shield impacted hers, using the momentum from the strike to spin on the ball of her left foot, dancing out of the way of his sword strike while bringing her short spear towards his back.

Her intention was to make use of his momentum and drive him forward, throwing him off balance and onto his stomach. The action would be short, simple, and straight forward.