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It is a brave act of valor to condemn death, but where life is more terrible than death it is then the truest valor to dare to live.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ashes


When her name is muttered, she will form from the shadows to save those that need aide, conquer the light, and spread forth darkness, such is her curse. Alas, one does not call upon her for a mere slaughter, one calls upon her to wreak havoc on all that are pitied, all that are too weak to fight, too powerless to win. Some say she is a monster, others a savoir, what she truly is? A damned one, forced to heed the Dark Master's call, no matter the how large or small, no matter faint or a struggle. Forever she will be his henchmen, going forth and doing his bidding until one kingdom falls to the other.


Name: Melina Zervos, Leader of the Council; Creater of Shin'zalek

Age: Mere numbers cannot be formed to create her lifespan, how long she has been alive, due to her never having a beating heart, or feeling a need to breathe. As to when she was raised up by the Dark Master, it is also unclear. There are various records of someone like her, showing up in few scrolls and books, in various times. Though in every war between good and evil, she is always there, leading her army against those that call themselves 'The Light', or 'Good Side'. To her, nether side is good or bad, both have done deeds that have gone unpunished, she is a mere pawn to which the 'Evil Side' controls.

Species: Demon, commander of a Dark Legion, she has always called herself an 'Evil One', and it shall be such a way until the day she perishes, or her duties are no longer required. At times, she will be found saving someone, but that 'someone' must be a Human, of no side, seeking help in some way. Though she is still 'his' henchmen, she is her own person, and acts on her own actions when not in battle.

Appearance: It is very evident that she has seen far too many battles, her body is adorned in scars, and the parts that seem to be clean or healed, are covered with dark red tribal tattoos. When not wearing her bulky armor, a tattoo is seen on her right shoulder that is set in a old language that not many understand though if asked about it she will try to change the subject, very quickly. Tattoos and scars aside, Melina is rather small compared to most demon, yet she is also stronger when compared to most. Her normal attire is set in a gray/red tone, all plate with golden swirls skittering across the armor. When in battle, jagged-like black wings will protrude from her back, nearing eight feet from her shoulder blade to wing tip for each wing. They are not composed of feathers, rather nothing but bone. Despite being made-up of thin bone, she flies without difficulty. Her armor will also shift into a midnight hue, while the red become a more defined color, sometimes even sparking and catching aflame if struck. Though the flames are controlled by Melina, and used against her foes, and having trained with such an element all of her life, she is a Master of the Flame, so to speak. Her weapons seem to vary from two handed swords, to small but sharp daggers, and if one watches close enough, they'll realize she always uses the same weapon.. Though no matter the shape, she tosses she seems to toss it around as if it was light as air.

Equipment & Abilities:

Adonia: The Greatsword that's never far from her grasp, that seems to always be moving when she's not looking. The weapon is built of enchanted metal from Hell itself, and was crafted for Melina, and no one else. If someone were to dare touch the weapon, if would merely.. Rebel on it's own, and attack the pursuer, or reappear in Melina's grasp so she may strike down the brave creature. The handle is light brown in color, small black jewels running down each side, while letters and symbols etch down to the start of the blade, which is a sleek silver. The sword itself is covered in as many scars as she, but has never dulled. Usually it rests against her back, yet the sword is never still, shifting and churning to form various shapes, to make out other weapons that she may use as she wishes.

The Council: With war, there is an army, and with every army there is a leader. Melina is a Colonel, you could say, commanding up to 3,000 beings whenever a war does start. Though if she is called into a fight, said fight is only between two sides, and for one purpose: To wipe out the other. The sides of course, being Good and Evil, Demons and Angels, along with every being in between. Over the Thousands of years, neither has defeated the other, and the ongoing War will continue for Thousands of years more.

So begins...

Melina's Story