Melusine Rika Storm-Hunter

A great, female dragon with the ability to control weather, and loves the sea

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by GoldenRayne


Physical Appearance ] - Blue green scales and blue eyes in dragon form with a long black tail, her sides of her muzzle has two twin black crescent shaped markings. She is often seen by the ocean or lakes.
Human Form][/b]- A dark hair with a blue streak down the back, and a blue shirt . Very pale skin with dark emerald eyes, with two tattoos one on each cheek. Dark green eyes. On non-formal occasions she tends to where a dark blue top with a black jacket, and blue tennis shoes, she also has a pearl in her ear.

Abnormalities-She usually, has her wings folded into her jacket.


Likes- Storms, the ocean, people who are kind to her, she also likes getting to people, and make new friends.

Dis-likes- fights , some one who wants her turf, dragon hunters, stormy seas

Equipment and powers[/b]

Powers in dragon form[/b]

Dragon fire- a short blast of blue flame

Weather manipulation- She can make the ocean or lake that she is as by be an ice field or boiling hot, she can also create hurricanes .

Wing Gusts- Strong wind gusts from her wings
In Human Form

Elemental Staff- Channels her storm and ice she controls into a long staff

Katana-She taught herself how to use a sword for fast kill.

History- She is a pretty young dragon only 1,000 years old, she went rouge but regretted it when she was almost killed by a pair of dragon hunters. She field to one of the great oceans in a far away kingdom.

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Melusine Rika Storm-Hunter's Story