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Her sword knows no boundaries.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mid

So begins...

Meredith's Story

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There was just a slight shift of weight from one foot to the other, but otherwise, Meredith did her best to remain still. HOwever, the effort was not quite enough, for there is a noticeable flinch when the woman puts a hand on Meredith's soulder. she draws her gaze o the side, glancing at the hand for a moment, before carefully lifting her eyes to address the woman and show herself an intent listener. When asked if she understood, Meredith nodded her head in the affirmative. Meredith glanced to where the people were beginning to come to some sense, but still obviously shaken and disorganized. She then looked back at Tien with wide, owlish eyes.

"Oh n-no I could never -- it would be impossible-- I'm not --" she cut herself off, finding her own stuttering and stumbling over words unseemly. She draws in a deep breath to try and steady herself. "I will do my best. I haven't lived here -- there -- I'm not well known to the community. But I shall afford my best efforts, that is, if you, I mean, since you are here to help." Meredith glanced back at the confusion, reflecting her own anxious feelings and sense of loss. She watches as the other strangers have gone into the fray trying to collect the attention of those therein.

Some people bark out questions and don't listen much to the direction of Nikodemus or Lucian. Others turned and stared at the silver-haired woman, which wasn't common in one who otherwise looked in her prime. Some seemed threatened and suspicious, remaining tight-lipped and uncooperative. Children cried into their mother's skirts, where a mother was present, while others edged closer to the strangers with wide-eyed curiousity, not realizing the gravity of the situation.

Questions to the effect of, but with a variety of diction, were: "Who are you?"; "What is happening?"; "Did you do this?"; or "Who do you think you are?".

Meredith drew in another deep breath and, looking to Tien for a cue, walked over to the nearest street, and tried to speak. However, her small voice was lost in the hubbub as she was not accustomed to raising her own.Spying some of those she had formed an acquaintenceship with, she wove her way over to them.

"Please, please be calm, they are here to help. But let us please find some order so we can all hear once what is happening." after several repetitions of phrases of the like, the few who recognized her began to listen both to her, and to the two men trying to corral and collect the attention of the people.

With this small group, influence spread like a ripple, and people became more quiet, although not all were quite so trusting. But nothing could be gained without at least listening to what was to be said.