Mero Alhaze

"Keep your distance, I'm working here."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Mero


"My very nature is poison. Or more like a slow burning acid...you get the point."


Heraldo Riverburn
Smugass Alchemical Researcher
Highly Volatile Gardener

5'6|156lbs|Rangy Build
LiveTech R&D|Psychic Investigator|Abercertus Alchemist

Going fast...to add this in.

"Yes, a portion of the garden is on fire. It's a feature."

Character art made by the player for the character. Everything is W.I.P.

So begins...

Mero Alhaze's Story


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"This day has been so rough...So very, very rough. In fact, it's been downright very, very, very..."

Edward cut his train of thought short. It was just going round, and round in a circle, leaving his internal monologue a constant stream of ever increasing adjectives. Well, adjective, singular. That's how he could tell just how fried he was. When mental exhaustion reduces the Multiverse's own bastion of reason and intelligence to repeating a simple adjective endlessly..You know something's gone wrong.

Of course, this was Terra, this was Wing City. Something always went wrong.

Which is exactly how a Superhero found himself alone, in Gambit's Bar, masquerading as his former, normal-human self. Although masquerading was being far too generous. No, Edward Staples was currently slouching in a bar stool, his head slumped so low it was nearly touching the bar, and a massive pile of empty beer bottles to his left. If you inspected closely you'd probably be able to tell he was drooling a little. It was not a pleasant scene, and it didn't help that he became increasingly outgoing as his B.A.C increased.

"H...Hey, yuhshhare! Yah, yew.." He pointed to any number of random patrons before coming to a stop at the man at the next stool over. "Ahre yew fro..Fr...Four..From! From..Are yew from Terra?"