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So begins...

Mewtwo-Z's Story


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He lowered his head. "Mm," he answered, "It is my choice to decide my path. But I have too many questions in a place with no answers."


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"I think for now I should rest," he answered, "I may have been asleep this entire time but... I don't feel tired. Do you know somewhere I can stay?"


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He shook his head. "Its fine," he answered, standing once more and brushing off her hand. "It will be healthy for me to walk on my own for now."


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"I don't know," he answered, "I feel... Aware of movements. Like I could reach out and grab something in the distance. I hope that does not worry you. I would not use my powers on the person who rescued me."


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He nodded, but remained silent. There was the slight sense that he kept something her. He did. "I will be glad to help until I find my place."


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"Oh."[/i There was a sound of disappointment. [i]"No..." he added. "I was designated the name 'Z'." There was definite pausing, like he was working this out in his head. "I think the Mewtwo is 'what' I am, but not who I am."


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"Of me?" A beat. "No." This was less lik a hesitation and more like an inept lie.


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"No," he answered, a cold no at that. "I will... Require time alone. Can you guide me to the entrance so I can leave?"


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"I am fine," he answered, "I just need time to myself to contemplate existence."

The setting changes from the-ruins to Wing City Plaza


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"That's Orion's," was the only words which escaped Z's... thoughts as he suddenly rose from the ground, eyes glowing blue from behind his visor. A matching ball of telekenetic energy formed around him and immediately he launched into the sky, smashing open the hole the other had used to escape, in hot pursuit.

The setting changes from wing-city-plaza to Mjötviðr; The Realms

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Aiya didn't come out of her room until late the next morning. She still seemed a little shaken or... At least a little quiet. Breakfast was made and served without a word from her. She knew all too well they were fighting the vampires today, and just the thought of being in the same room as Donovan again made her stomach twist and turn uneasily.

Zekil was in the main room in a lotus posistion, whispering under his breath to keep the barrier up. It was very taxing on him, and it also was bringing out some of the old him, Rajani, though he kept that in check as best he could. He didn't see the end of the fight and did not even know Aiya had made breakfast. He was concentrating to hard at the moment.

Fenrias simply laid there on the couch and stared at the ceiling. He had been there all night. His eyes - still frozen by knowing fear of what was to come - did not grant him sleep throughout the majority of the later hours. The sky was still white with heavy snow fall and sleet. He let out a weary sigh.

Aiya retreated back to her room after breakfast, rather than going for a jog or anything of the sort. Instead she got geared up straight away, both robot arms, boots, spinal brace, the full kit. She seemed to take a small comfort in it. "So um..." she mubled, "What's the plan for today?"

Zekil snapped out of trance at the voice of Aiya, "Oh hey..." he said as he saw Lyall was there. "When'd you get back?" he asked confused, "Your fight over already?" he asked having no clue he had been sitting like that for probably the night. "What time is it?" he asked with a yawn.

"Aye..." he said quietly to Zekil. "...Mornin'... an' I don' think I'll beh goin' out t'ere today. I don' remember leavin' t'e arena... Probably passed out afteh changin' back." his gaze switched to the window. It was still snowing fiercely. What time of year was it?

Aiya's mouth fell open. "B-but, you can't!" she snapped, hands curling into fists, "We need you out there! Zekil's injured and-" She shook her head. "We can't win without you."

Zekil looked at Lyall, "wiat morning... must have been in a trance longer than I thought..." he muttered. He heard him say he wasn't going to the arena as he saw the snow, "What is with the snow?" he asked as he nodded with Aiya's statement, "Yeah my arm is busted..." he admitted, "I could still fight but not as well..."

Fenrias glared at Aiya before rising from the couch. He pointed toward the window where the blizzard still churned in the sky. "Yeh see t'at?! That started durin' meh match las' night. It came from mehself, 'cept I didn' cause it!" he brought his finger against his temple. "He did! If he comes out... I won' be able to control him... and he will kill every last person on this island!" his pupils flashed red for a moment at the last word, and his lips peeled back in a wolf like snarl. Suddenly, he gripped his head with both hands and fell to one knee with a groan.

"Yeah! Well!" Aiya shouted back, it was just about all she could say, "We need him to win! Okay? So toughen the hell up because I don't want your shitty excuses!" She turned away, breathing heavily as she glared at the front door, then looked back. "We need you to win, Lyall. We can't do it without you. If you don't go in, we might as well go home right now."

Zekil frowned at that, "...I can probably help with that... probably not it may be different because well race and all." he said as he stood up wincing at his cramped legs. "Ow..." he muttered as he stretched them out a bit. "Never gonna sit in that position for that long again..." he muttered as he shook his head.

He sat down on the couch and let out a weary sigh while still rubbing his temples. Fenrias looked up at Aiya. His eyes seemed far older than they were a moment ago. They seemed sad... tired.

"Yeh wouldn't understand, lasseh..." he said quietly. "Yeh have not lived as long as I have, woken up beside as many torn and bloodied bodies, had the horrible nightmares, or lived over nine hundred years with this dark and violent curse. I know that he will emerge soon... but I do not know when or where... only soon."

"God dammit," Aiya snapped as her fist descended for the table, smacking into it hard. "Fine! If you won't fight, Zekil will fight with one arm. And you'd better hope that we both win or you get nothing!"

She was being childish. It was just her way. And with that she finally headed out the door.

Which was missing from when Zekil had blown it open.

Zekil looked at Lyall as he patted him on the shoulder, "I understand Lyall... can ya watch the fights on the T.V. at least?" he asked him as he headed out the missing door, "Oh and can ya fix the door?" he asked him with a grin as he ran to catch up with Aiya.

Fenrias simply kept his gaze directed at the window, and watched the powerful sleet-filled gales thunder across the once tropical island. He nodded at Zekil. Silently, he wished he could have apologized to Aiya before she left.

He just could not jeapordize the safety of so many people...

"Thanks for coming demon boy," muttered Aiya, "I don't think I could face the vampires without you." But as they walked they passed the wolf from yesterday. He ignored both demon and girl as he headed for the door.

"Brother wolf?" spoke Varius as he poked his head in, followed by his broad shoulders. "What are you doing in here? You should be out there, fighting with your allies."

Zekil nodded, "I wouldn't let you do that anyway... that would be very stupid." he told her as he took off the bandage on his face his eye healed now, "Finally can see on that side..." he muttered as he grinned at her, "Don't worry we will win." he told her as he patted her on the shoulder.

As Varius entered, Fenrias drudgingly turned his head to meet the gladiator from yesterday. He looked at him with depressed and weary eyes.

"Hello Varius..." he sighed. "I stay in 'ere fer their own protection - an' fer yer's. He is comin'..." he looked toward the unnatural blizzard that raged outside. "I don' know when... jus' that it beh soon. Yeh heard his voice... Yeh saw t'e eyes o' t'e Beast... Yeh saw a glimpse o' what's comin'! See t'at out dair?!" he pointed toward the window. "That always happens 'fore he comes! He did that, not meh, and that is only a fraction of what he is capable of! When he comes out... I won' be able t' control it."

Varius snorted. "That? That was a wolf." He moved into the room fully and took a seat on the couch. He seemed a little out of place. "And that is not something to be feared, but something to be respected. Brother-wolf, you must fight. Not for you. But for me."

Aiya wandered up to the arena edge, awkwardly hovering at the side. The vampires and security seemed to be the only ones in here. "Can the team captains please step up for the coin toss." The female vampire called out lazily, "It doesn't matter. Ve vin ze coin toss. I have claivoyance. Ve vill be deciding who fights who."

Zekil looked at the Aiya and the vampiress, "ve vould like to do ze coin toss anyvay. Ze future has many options." he mimicked her with his oh so charming smile. Zekil being polite to someone? That would happen if they earned back his respect, they had lost it so he'd be a bit of a jackass.

"No..." he said before turning back to Varius. "He is not just a wolf! He is the beast that has cursed me for the last nine hundred years! What yeh saw last night was simply the tug of war between him and I over meh bodeh! Onleh twice 'fore has t'e langer emerged fulleh... Once was many many years ago, an' the first was when I was a lad..." his voice quivered at the last word.

"Very vell," the female answered, wandering up to the coin toss. "You may choose," she even offered for Zekil. The coin was tossed into the air.

Zekil smiled, "Heads." he told her with a smile as he seemed to float in the air for a moment, of course he wasn't really floating. He was using a shadow to do that, but they wouldn't be able to tell that. He hid the fact that his arm was busted by acting casual. No need for them to know that.

"We are all cursed, brother," Varius said, "It is up to us to choose how we bare this curse. Yesterday I lost to you in fair combat, and I have surrendered my chance at revenge against that bastard Aleksander who took my family from me, because I didn't see a monster in your eyes. I saw my salvation. I saw a man who could kill the vampire who crushed my life so long ago."

"Aye, but you also caught a glimpse of the beast inside me... T'e same beast t'at forced meh t' watch as meh own hands slaughtered meh entire family! T'e same beast t'at will not hesitate t' massacre every living thing on t'is island, including you!" his face transformed into a vicious snarl at that last word, and his pupils turned a blood red as he glared at Varius. Almost immediately, Fenrias clamped his eyes closed, gripped the sides of his head again, and grunted in pain.

The coin flipped and landed. Tails. The vampire winked, then headed for her side of the field. The security turned his head to Zekil and said, "Can your team please choose a member to go up first?"

"Brother wolf," growled Varius, "If you could go back that day and kill the beast that slew your family, would you?"

Zekil nodded as he looked at Aiya he knew she would need sometime to rest, "Sure I will fight ya guys, Aiya that okay by you?" he asked her with a smile. "Or do you want to fight?" he asked her kindly. He didn't mind that they lost the coin toss, can't win em all after all.

"I would if I could..." he sighed and looked back at Varius with solemn eyes that revealed his age. "but t'at beast... was mehself. It was meh hands, meh body, but not mehself controllin' it. I could only watch through past t'e Beast's eyes as meh mother, father, brothers, and sister were all slaughtered... It was like livin' in a horrible nightmare. When I awoke... I was lyin' next t' their dismembered bodehs. Jus' a lad on his thirteenth winter I was t'en..."

Aiya shook her head. "They're going to make me fight Donovan," she all but squeaked. "I can't do it."

Varius snarled now, turning on Fenrias. "Then, brother wolf, you will not deny me my chance at revenge. My time to strike has passed, and it falls on your shoulders to tear that bastard vampire limb from limb. Do you know what you must do to that beast? When you see them, when you feel them, when you see through their eyes, you fight. You grit your teeth, you clench your fists, you scream at the top of your lungs and say;

'No. You look through my eyes'."

Zekil nodded, "All right." he told her as he hopped into the ring with an ease that hid his injuries. "I will be the rival of the one on your team." he declared as he kept one arm in his pocket. "Who will I be fighting?" he asked with a yawn and a foolish smile.

Fenrias watched Varius's outburst with little reaction. When he finished, the man released a defeated sigh. He rose from the couch, grabbed his clothes, and walked towards the bathroom. Before he closed the door, he looked back toward Varius.

"I'll do it for you, brother." he said. "However, if he emerges... I want you to run as fast and as far as your legs will carry you, for I will not be able to stop him - and he has only taken pleasure in killing those I have called 'friend'."

The female vampire walked up first with a tilt of her head. "I vill be your opponent, prepared for everyone of your moves. Clarivoyance. It iz not cheating, vevore you ask." Drawn from her belt was a short pole, maybe a feet long, which suddenly expended sharply to be much longer. "You may take ze chance to zurrender now, vevore I throw you out of ze arena."

Varius snorted. "If it emerges and you cannot control it, then this competition would be moot." He rose, turning around and letting out a loud howl. "Can't you feel it in the air, brother wolf? Battle is about to commence."

Zekil smiled, "Ze future vill surprise you ma'am. I vill not surrend to anyone. I am stubborn like zat." he told her as his sword appeared in his had. "Even predicting the future can be wrong, I knew a guy who thought he'd die by dagger. He didn't. he died of an illness he had your gift as vell." he remarked with a smile and a chuckle.

Fenrias emerged from the room dressed in his usual black t-shirt, dark blue-jeans, deep brown leather jacket, and thick leather boots. A camouflage baseball cap and dark shades concealed the majority of his face in shadow. He immediately turned toward the hallway, and disappeared into the darkness.

"Well... 'Ere goes nothin'."

The fight began. With terrible grace the vampiric lady took two leaps, the first prance taking her several feet forward, the second all but launching her into the air. And while above Zekil she unleashed a horrific scream, a banshees wail that echoed through the chamber to assault the unprepared eardrums of those in the chamber. Many clamped their hands over their ears, but Zekil was unfortunate to be close enough for the attack to harm, or even cripple.

Zekil covered his ears for once wishing they weren't so sensitive as he threw a card at her, this one a poison card it seemed as he headed to the center of the arena, less likely to be thrown off there at least.

The banshee-woman descended staff first aiming to smash the card in two, not that poison would have much effect on her dead flesh. Her hair lengthened and her flesh paled further, until she was a sickly white-grey with blood shot eyes. She surged from her landing spot across the floor for Zekil, staff aimed for his side.

As the fight escalated, Fenrias would suddenly appear at Aiya's side. He was leaning against the wall and clung to the shadows. His observant gazed payed little attention to the fight, but carefully watched the others in the balcony.

"Listen, lasseh..." he said quietly to Aiya, "I didn't want teh fight today cause I don' want t'e jeapordize yer safety along wit' everyone else in t'is arena. However, a friend has convinced meh otherwise, so I will give yeh a warnin'..." he looked at the girl. "If yeh see t'e moon, I want yeh t' grab Zekil and run as fast and as far as yeh legs will carry yah - 'cause I won't be der t' stop him."

Zekil smiled as the card was not destroyed, these were his cards only he could destroy them, it did however disappear back into his card holder. He felt the staff smack his side with a resounding thunk as he grabbed it and muttered under his breath as shadows crawled on it like flames.

Aiya thrust out a fist to punch Fenrias in the arm. "Whatever, all that matters is that you're here now." Subtle, perhaps not seen by anyone, was the slight turn of the head of the man above. It seemed to indicate that he was listening, even from that distance.

She let out a renewed agonising screech as she suddenly heaved to the side and upwards to lift Zekil, assuming he held onto the staff, at which point she would slam it back down. She seemed to offer not a moments pause in her onslaught.

Zekil was lifted into the air surprising him a bit. Before he was slammed into the ground though he let go and kicked off of the staff as he landed nearby. She had the advantage on him with range he needed to get in close to her. But how?

The man sighed at the girl. Of course she wouldn't understand - no one understood. Fenrias simply watched the fight with mild interest, while constantly glancing up at the sky with worried eyes.

She didn't let up, immediately surging after him, point of the staff aimed first. Why did Zekil get against all the stick users anyway?

Zekil let out a gasp of air as he grabbed a card, this one fire as he threw it at her as he stepped to the right and ran towards her trying to get in range for an attack, he didn't use a staff like she did and so needed to get closer to be more effective.

Fire she was not so ready for, or rather a little slow off her feet. The staff jerked back to both her hands as she rocked backwards until the staff rested on the ground and her back formed an arch.

Zekil smiled as he reached near her and gave a diagonal downward slash aiming for her legs. He may have one good arm at the moment, but that didn't slow down his feet. His eyes at the moment had slits in them as he drew a bit on his darker side.

The blow struck, causing her to shriek further as she fell to the ground, her free leg kicking out for his knee.

Zekil hissed as his knee was hit as he kept from falling to the ground barely. He knew if he fell down here it would be a bit hard for him to get back up, he had used a lot of magic after all. He winced at the shrieking as he glared at her, "Would you shut up!" he cried out as he slashed at her again aiming for her ribs this time.

As the blade descended for her ribs she rose up, hands reaching out to grasp around his, if he wasn't fast enough. Then she would jerk towards her head with her weight.

Zekil stumbled forward as he grabbed his wrist and jerked him towards her he couldn't switch his sword to his other hand either, this was not good for him at the moment. Not at all.

She rocked backwards, raising one foot to meet his stomach to send him over the top of her for the side. They weren't particularly close, but if he landed poorly he could fall off the edge of the ring.

Zekil was flung to the side as he skidded a bit plunging his sword into the floor to keep from falling off as his other arm hung limply by him. He was near the edge of the ring as he started to get up.

Her leg didn't bleed as she climbed back up to her feet, turning on him with fangs bared and prepared her next charge. But at least she didn't have a weapon anymore.

Zekil got up as he got ready to block, "Come on show me what you got!' he cried at her as his busted arm hanged by his side uselessly. He was panting a bit for breath after extering himself as hard as he did it was no surprise reallly.

There was a loud crack as she set off, tiles breaking beneath her heavy footfalls, mouth open and unleashing a horrendous noise which trembled the chamber and shattered all glass. The frosty winds from outside rushed into the room, making it almost seem as if she had called it to her.

Zekil winced at the noise tempted to cover his ears as she charged at him. He saw the tiles break as he calculated his next move carefully, he could try dodging to the right at the last moment. That may work, then again she could see into the future.

Everything seemed to suddenly go silent. No, it wasn't sudden silence, the noise was being siphoneed away. To the vampiress. And then all at once it seemed to explode from her chest, a powerful sonic blast aimed for Zekil. It wasn't so strong as to lift him off his feet, but it was meant to pin him there, force him to brace himself or risk stumbling back.

And then she left the ground, claws extended for him in a tackle.

Zekil stood his ground as he could not affroad to be pushed back any further. He watched her charge at him as he slashed at her a bit clumisly trying to make her keep her distance from him. He really wished he had his dagger.

The blade wasn't going to worry her all that much, and her weight descended for him, claws aimed to shove his shoulders hard back and off the arena.

Zekil winced as the claws dug into him pushing him back as he wobbled dangerously as his back bent over the arena he grabbed onto her, if he was going down he'd take her with him.

She seemed lost in the fury of the moment, intent to tackle him to the floor, and the two would crash outside the ring.

Zekil turned his body a bit in the air as he made it so she landed on the ground first though the claws tore deeper into him as he did so. It was a very close call though it could be called either way.

She hit the ground first with a thump, and for a moment looked confused. But then a coy smile came onto her face. Calmly overhead 'he' spoke. "If that had been spikes, she would be dead. Had that been lava, you both would be dead. Had that been a rooftop it wouldn't have mattered."

"Good fight. I learnt much. For now I reserve my judgement. I want the next two fighters to make their way onto the ring."

Aiya was looking sickly pale by now, cowering back more than a little as she turned her head to Fenrias and mumbled, "They're going to force me to fight Donovan."

Zekil got up tearing himself away from the claws with a hiss of pain, now his other arm was almost as bad as his busted one, though it would heal faster, yet again his black blood turned to gems as he sat down on the bench trying to keep his dark side calmed down. He heard Aiya as he wished he could help her.

"Eh lasseh?!" Fenrias practically yelled as he turned to Aiya and cupped his ear with a hand. His ears were ringing terribly from the vampiress's screeching. "Oh. Don' yeh worry... Yeh'll do fine! Show t'at ice-blood who should fear whom!"

Aiya scrunched her face up, closing her eyes. Oh right, Fenrias didn't know. She reached up to briefly touch the bruising around her eye before she stepped up onto the arena floor, where the cocky irish vampire also stood with his gunblade out. He currently used it to pick at his teeth.

"This is a sham," he said, "Little Missy 'ere is too afraid to fight me, ain'tcha girl? Give in now before yer get hurt."

Zekil looked at Aiya as she walked up, "Aiya don't let your fear take over, trust me that will be the worst thing to do! I know what happened but do you really want him to walk all over you? Show him he can't do that! Show him it was unwise to do anything like that to you!" he called out to her to help pump her up and calm her down.

"Aye. What he said!" Fenrias nodded. As he watched Aiya go up to the arena, he suddenly winced in pain and rubbed his temples. Far away, passed the raging blizzard that continued to shake the complex, the moon began to claw over the horizon.


Aiya clenched her fists into balls, ready for the fight, but Donovan just snorted. "Cher a right stupid thing, aint'cher?" Almost like the fight had begun with the female vampire he took one, then two quick prances forward, blade raised and descended to strike. Aiya's energy blade extended from her right robotic gauntlet to meet it, the two clashing, tip pointed for Aiya's face.

Click. Bang. At point blank range the gun was fired and he hurtled upwards to the ceiling, flying. "This is a nice show yer put on, but its time to drop the cherade. Let's see who yer are behind that field 'o vision already."

Aiya hit the ground.

Zekil watched the fight as he stood up, he knew for a fact flying was a clear violation against the rules, that is why he hadn't done it in any of his fights. If he had they would have been much easier, he also knew guns weren't as he clenched his fist in anger, his eyes gaining slits in them as he jumped to his feet.

The figure seemed amused by this display. "Since you have already broken the rules... Your round will continue."

"Continue? Yer daft. I put a bullet through her skull. What'cher want me to do? A merry jig on her corpse? I don' take a likin' to mocking me heritage."

"You had best take a second look."

And he promptly did. Aiya was missing. Completely. Her body was no longer visible. A loud CHOOM of pneumatics launching could be heard as something smashed into Donovan, pinning his leg to the ceiling. The stealth fell down. Aiya stood there, left grabber-arm raised, fist tight around the vampires leg, right arm a fully extended energy blade. "You total fuck up!" she screamed, pulling sharply with her left arm.

With a yell, Donovan descended rapidly for her, and her punching right arm. The blue-ish blade pierced his throat, pinning him to the spot. For a moment he gurgled loudly. Aiya looked absolutely traumatised, mouth hanging open in shock. Then she jerked sharply to the side, blade cutting the vampires neck right open, turned and ran back to her teammates, though more specifically to Zekil as if to hide her head in his chest again.

There was an amused clapping from overhead. "So far... Your battles have entertained me. But I came here to see titans fight, not scared little girls. Bring out the wolf man and the bat man."

Security moved in to clean up the arena, mostly just using brooms to shove the vampire off the edge. His neck was already healing up, but he looked quite devastated.

Fenrias slowly limped over to the arena. As he walked, he looked back at Zekil. His concealed face was practically dripping with worry and fear. He could feel him clawing out from within his soul... His neck twiched slightly as he stepped into the circle.

Zekil looked at Aiya as he held her with his still workingish arm. "Shhh it is okay..." he whispered to her as he looked at Lyall and nodded trying to reassure him as well. "You will be fine..." he told him with a smile. "Just don't feed it too much."

After a moment Aiya seemed to calm down enough to just sit next to Zekil.

Fenrias's opponent walked onto the ring, unarmed and with a cold smile. "Herr wolf, I see you defeated Varius. It was for the best," he spoke with his thick German accent. "Der wolf was too... Blinded. He could not see what you are about to see."

Fenrias opened his mouth to reply to the vampire, but his silence was hushed by the sudden calming of the fierce winds. The ferocious storm of hale, snow, and powerful gales abruptly ceased and a dim red glow crept onto the arena - red as the inferno - red as blood. The man slowly turned his head to face the great eye that peered down at the arena.

The blizzard gave way for the sneer of the blood moon.

"No..." Fenrias whispered. "Not here... Not now! There... are... too many... RRRAAAAHHHHGGG!!!!"

Fenrias gripped the sides of his head and fell to his knees in an ear-splitting roar that raked your very soul with the icy talons of Odin. It was an outcry of fiery rage, dark hatred, cold sorrow, and endless suffering. Every shadow rippled, twisted, and echoed with their own demonic symphonies. Slowly and with intent, the shadows squirmed free from the natural anchors that held them in place, and set upon an unholy trek towards the wailing man. They clung to his body like slime. A dark inferno erupted across his body as the snow in the arena churned into a violent frozen cyclone that surged around him.

From the tempest of shadowy flames and snow emerged a soul-wrenching demonic howl that shook the stadium to its foundations. Then suddenly, two massive stone blades slashed across the maelstrom - dissipating it instantly.

Standing in the space that once contained the man called Fenrias Hallvard was a massive werewolf with fur black as night. Glowing blood red eyes glared at the vampire with a feral yet intelligent gaze that was filled with murderous intent. Draped across his upper body was a large ebony steel chest plate that resonated with dark energies. Gripped in the beast's hands were massive jagged stone blades that glowed with an ancient script carved into them. Long chains bound the hilts to spiked metal bracers on his wrists. The ground beneath his feet withered, blackened, and died.

His lips peeled back in a wicked grin, revealing dagger-like canines.

"Quaint," spoke the vampire in a most condescending fashion. The gail did little more than stir his cloak. His posture did not shift. He did not flinch. He stood unphased. "Und I suspect you hope to overpower me, Herr Wolf?"

There was a sickening crack of a spine snapping in two coming from the vampire, his eyes widening, mouth twisting open to let out a silent scream of pain. His clothes began to shred, head twisting and snarling all at once as two great wings began to split out from his back. His hands became nails became like claws and forcing its way from the base of his spine was a tail, sharp little dagger blade on the end. It seemed he too had a transformation up his sleeve.

Zekil saw Lyall change as he frowned, "That may not be good for us Aiya... we may need to move if this gets out of hand got it? I can try to knock him out if he continues to attack after the match is over." he whispered to her softly as he kept an eye on both of them as he saw the vampire shift as well. He was glad he didn't shift... it was not a pretty sight.

disembodied voice spoke into the minds of all. It was dark, ancient, and powerful. "Ignorant Son of Vlad..." the voice chuckled. The wolf sneered before turning to the man high above the arena. "... and you, Disciple of of Freki..." one of the runeblade's runes glowed briefly. "I have watched with mild amusement as my servant participated in your game of deceit, guile and gore, but now I will end it!"

The beast would then vanish in smoke and dark flame, only to reappear behind the bat creature.

"For I am Wulfric Fenrir, Wolf Spirit of the Winter and Night, and master of Fenrias Hallvard!"

With that, Wulfric released a bone-chilling and deafening howl that would strike paralyzing terror into the souls into every creature in the amphitheater. Then, his blades flashed with unnatural and unholy speed as he darted at the bat creature in a blur of shadow.

Flesh would part all of two inches to the blade before it reached a point that it would not yield. The grotesque growth continued, muscle expansions causing ripples of flesh which looked as if he were going to explode at any moment were visible across all points of his body. And he did grow. Wings continued to expand, brown fur rapidly shooting from all sides, tail growing further still and now lashing out, deadly blade tip aimed for Fenrias throat.

His head changed, no longer remotely human in visage, to a beastial and bat-like snout with great snarling, drooling fangs. Upwards his form rose, growing several feet in heigh until he was a monster of a thing that towered over all others in the room. Blade-like hooks protruded from the tips of his batwings and he wore an insane feral glare on his face.

A piercing shriek, not entirely unlike the vampiress before him, pierced the air. But this was not a wail of the damned. This was something more earthly. Something more horrible. It was the sound of a creature out of control and in pain. Constant pain.

Wulfric remained unfazed by by the remaining of the transformation as well as the shriek. Instead, his blood red eyes simply narrowed at the creature. The beast rectracted the blades and held them loosely at his sides. Suddenly, he released another howl, and his body erupted in black icy flames. In a dark blur, Wulfric darted passed the creature and slashed with both of his massive shadowy runeblades. He move ceaselessly across the arena, so quickly it would appear that he was teleporting in a puff of ebony fire. He repeatd the cycle of delivering the creature a wicked slash as he blurred by.

A dark laugh of mockery echoed throughout the amphitheater.

The noise reverberated around the room as claws finally descended to the ground, causing the entire structure to rumble where it hit. But he wasn't screeching to harm. He was using sonar. The constant reverberations gave him a strong indication of the location of every person, even in the darkness. As the blade slashed his flesh, fur shredded to pieces and flitted to the ground. Deep gouges seemed almost unnoticed by the creature which gripped onto the floor, lashing wings and tail about, blades on all parts of their body stabbing dangerously in the air.

Then they lunged, hurtling for the rapidly moving wolf, wings beating once heavily to give them the slightest bit more lift. But it was simply massive, taking up a whole quater of the arena on its own. How the creature even planned to remain on the field was hard to say.

The wolf spirit dodged the blow from the bat's wings with relative ease, and reappeared above the bat's form. His blades were held in reverse grip, with the points directed straight for the creature's back. Unless it was able to dodge in time, the enormous rune blades would penetrate deep into its back.

It needn't do so much. The constant noise of flapping and movement was granting plenty of noise. As it landed heavily its tail lashed up powerful blade slashing for Fenrias, aiming to meet him as he fell while he couldn't dodge mid-air.

Wulfric sneered wickedly as the beast lashed its tail. With unholy speed, the wolf spirit slashed his blades at the pointed tip of the tail in a scissor motion, aiming to slice it clean off. He would then go into a flip and slide down the bleeding appendage to the creature's back.

The wings moved next, slashing upwards to eviscerate as the severed tail fell to the ground with a massive thump. But for all the damage it did, the beast showed no signs of pain or even awareness that a piece of it had just been lopped off.

As the wings slashed at the body of the wolf spirit, Wulfric attempted to grab the tips and pin them between his claws and the handles of his blades. From his touch, the creature's wings would slowly begin to freeze, whither, black, and die from the dark energies that resonated from the being.

His wings began to melt, but not before dark magics coursed from the core of the dark monstrosity, a web of shadows hurtling through the air to entangle and ensnare. The bat himself rolled on the spot, either to force his foe to the ground or to face him.

Wulfric's disembodied voice cackled maniacally as the shadows wrapped his form - only to be absorbed into his body. The wolf spirit landed in a crouch before the creature with his arms and blades spread from his body. His wolf-like maw transformed into a sadistic sneer as his blood-red eyes bore into the bat's.

"Gaze into my eyes, abomination." his demonic voice growled. It bore a thick scandinavian accent. "Gaze into the eyes of fiery rage, dark hatred, cold sorrow, and eternal suffering! Gaze into the eyes of Death! Gaze into my eyes and the wrath of the Endless Dark Winter! Gaze into my eyes, bat-blood, despair, and be claimed by the icy chains of Odin!"

From his maw erupted with a deafening roar that shook the structure down to its foundation, and sent chills down to the souls of those who observed the dark magesty of Wulfric Fenrir - Nordic Wolf Spirit of the Winter and Night. His breath was that of an arctic blizzard that lashed out at the creature. The ghostly subzero gale was as cold as Death, and as frozen as the wolf spirit's black heart. All around Wulfric the ground and air froze. Finally, if the bat was not able to hastily retreat from the relentless storm, it would find its body slowly begin to freeze and harden.

The figure overhead slowly clapped, an apparent applause, though perhaps it was mocking. "Well done," they simply said, "The tournament is over, and I wish to make it apparent that the vampires did not win." He stood behind his field, completely calm in the face of this... Monstrosity.

"Return to your rooms. Tomorrow I will grant you your reward."

Wulfric snarled up at the man. "Arrogant simpleton... You dare defy the presence of Wulfric Fenrir?! This dark winter has only begun!" he laughed darkly before vanishing in a cloud of smoke and dark flame. He would then appear among the bleachers. The being thrust his blade into a shocked observer, and then tossed him clear across the stands. His dark runeblades flashed, his breath froze, his razor sharp dagger-like teeth tore into flesh, and dark flames surrounded the wolf spirit as he unleashed a violent unholy frenzy.

Zekil saw what was going on and cursed under his breath. "Aiya get out of here!" he told him as he got his sword again, he could try to knock Lyall out. "I can try to hold him off as you run, do you understand?" he asked her.

Aiya jerked to her feet, dukes raised and ready to fight. "No freakin' way demon boy! I don't run from fights!" Even though she had about five minutes ago.

The being overhead watched on for a moment more, then said. "Cease." It penetrated the air, a sharp command, not just coming from his position, but from all over the room, blaring down on each and every person as if he had spoken through a loud speaker.

"Or else." There was a trembling in the air, followed by a sudden sharp stopping noise. The winds that had blown in through broken windows simply stopped, like something had clogged them shut.

The wolf spirit released a fierce roar of rebellious mockery at the man's words. He was Wulfric Fenrir, and he would not heed the command of some inane billionaire! As his blades violently dismembered any and every being that they touched, his voice resonated once more.

"Pitiful worm!" he growled. "You think I to be a weak and pathetic lap dog that you can order at your whim?! I have walked this plain for eons, slaughtered thousands, dominated the souls of dozens, and blotted out the sun and froze the land with my mere presence! Who are you to command me?!"

"I" he spoke, "Am Mewtwo."

The psychic veil shimmered and fell away to reveal a pale-purplish creature, feet large like a kangaroos, tail not too different from a cats. Armour was strapped to their body at several places, their arms, their head, their chest. Blue eyes glowed from behind the visor over their face.

"Every single challenge you faced I arranged. From the personal struggles to the very storm that raged around this island." One of his three fingered hands raised towards the sky and the ground trembled.

"Why don't we see how well you do without your precious moon?"

From the sky the moon began its slow descent once more.

Zekil saw the thing walk out. "What in the..." he muttered as he saw the moon start it's descent. "...well that is not a good sign..." he muttered as the ground tremble, he shifted his feet to keep from falling down.

Wulfric glanced at the moon before turning to the new being in a fierce snarl. He released a roar of rage and then vanished in a cload of smoke and dark flame. The beast appeared just inches away from Mewtwo's form. His blades were reered back and poised to thrust into the weak frame.

When the blades struck, Mewtwo launched backwards, shield flickering into view around his body as he struck the wall, leaving a massive spherical impact. "I don't know what you are, but I will be glad to take this away from you." Still the moon continued to descend, but it was clear in the face of this adversity smashing against his psychic shield he was struggling with the joint tasks.

Zekil looked at Aiya, "Should we help?" he asked her. "Or watch?" he asked calmly. He was still injured so he wasn't sure how much help he could be.

"I am Wulfric Fenrir... wolf spirit of the Endless Dark Winter..." he growled at him. His dark figure began to shimmer from the descent of the blood moon. "Now gaze into my eyes, strange creature. Stare into the eyes of Death!!!"

Suddenly, Wulfric leaped at Mewtwo. His blades slashed and thrust against the shield in a bluring frenzy of dark fury. He roared in rage at the creature, and glared into its eyes with murderous intent.

The shield wavered under the next blow, weakening with each strike. But the Blood Moon too was descending, now just touching the horizon. The strain could be heard in a drawn out noise escaping Mewtwo's lips.

Aiya turned to Zekil with her mouth half open. "Help which one? The psycho who just froze a bat the size of a minivan to the floor or the guy who promises to pay us?"

Zekil looked at her, "Ourselves. This may end badly if we let the fight continue like this." he explained to her, "And he isn't a psycho. He is just going berserk right now..." he offered her.

Out of the corner of his eye, Wulfric watched as the moon's glow swiftly diminished. He would not have enough time to deal with this pest. Instead, he ceased his onslaught and turned toward the female across the arena - Aiya.

"You remind me of the boy's sister..." his voice echoed in her mind. "The one that I forced to watch die as I slaughtered her from within his own body..."

With a great leap he jumped clear across the now frozen battlfield. A roar of fury erupted from his maw as he lifted his two blades in preperation of attack. Dark energy erroded from his body. The moon was almost gone. Then, just as the enraged wolf spirit was about to bring his massive runeblades down on her, and as his blood-red eyes locked with hers, his body erupted in dark flame.

Fenrias's form collided with the ground at her feet.

The Blood Moon's fury had faded.

Mewtwo stood upright, then stumbled a half-step forward. His motions seemed to indicate pain as he leant on the railing. "R-return to your room," he spoke rather than projected for the first time.

"I will talk to you in the morning." His arm trembled, but he was determined to stand tall.

Aiya glanced at Zekil then back towards Mewtwo. "What the hell just happened?" she demanded, stamping her foot.

Zekil shrugged as he walked towards the fallen Lyall, "Battle... berserk and other things." he supplied as he reached his fallen friend and picked him up hissing in agony as he slung his arm around his shoulders to hold it in his good hand.

Aiya moved over to help pick up Fenrias, but she was pouting. "Tomorrow we'd better get some damn answers!"

The figure waved his hand. "There are potions of healing and whatever you need back in your room," he said dismissively.

Zekil nodded as he started to head down his worse enemy at the moment, stairs. He shifted his balance a bit to help with that.

Aiya let out a sigh. "Sheesh, demon boy, just let me carry the oaf," she said, reaching out to try and take Fen's weight onto her shoulders. He was taller than her, so she would be dragging him, but she could handle the weight.

"What're we gonna do now? Do you think we're still getting paid?"

Zekil looked at her as he helped her as best he could, "I can help at least." he said. He looked at her, "No clue...We may or we may not. I don't trust that creature..." he muttered as he shrugged slightly.

Aiya made her way into the room, then ungraciously dumped Lyall on his bed. "Well... Hopefully Lyall wakes up in the morning and hey! Drinks." She wandered over the table to snatch up one of the plentiful red potions that simply lay there.

"Hey, we should celebrate. Get drunk." She shook the bottle to examine it. "Except I'm not allowed to drink because I need to stay in peak condition."

Zekil looked at her as he picked up a potion and drank it. He nodded, "Cherry Soda works for me..." he said as he got himself one from the fridge.

Aiya sat at the table and tapped the top with her hands. "So what are you going to do after tomorrow? Go back to being a bartender?"

Zekil shrugged, "Probably... also may check on my brother..." he told her with a smile. "And keep an eye out for Aalok..." he said as he sipped his cherry soda. "What about you Aiya?" he asked her.

"Go back to the arena." Repress memories of vampires. Well, she didn't really think about it, but it was more a constantly active thing with her. "Maybe I'll visit you one day to make sure you're not a maggot."

Zekil grinned, "I would just not exist or go back to my realm, or... turn into a giant black gem." he corrected her. "But I would like your visit." he told her with a chuckle. "Just stay away if I seem in a foul mood or you see me about to fight an angel, things can get... messy."

"Yeah, I'll do that," she said with a wave of her hand. "But for now, I'm gonna go sleep. Um.. Hey." She awkwardly scooted over to him. "Thanks for being there for me." She sounded more than a little awkward, but quickly made for a recovery, shaking her fist at him. "But don't think I'll need rescuing all the time. I'm no princess!" And with that, she stormed off to her room.

Zekil nodded, "No problem Aiya. I won't don't worry." he said with a laugh as she stormed to her room. "Night Princess Aiya," he teasingly said as he leapt to the rafter and fell asleep.


The next day everything seemed quiet. The weather was gone, either as a result of divine intervention of just having passed naturally. Aiya was up early poking around in the kitchen again, slipping things into a frying pan. Bacon. Lot's of bacon. It crisped and crackled and it was waved right beneath Fenrias nose.

"Get up, maggot!" she shouted, aiming a foot for his side to give him as friendly jab awake.

Fenrias woke up with a start as Aiya shouted in his face. With almost unnatural reflexes, he rolled off of the bed, onto his feet, and held on open switchblade up to her neck. His eyes were partially closed, but snapped open when he realized it was her. With a click the blade snapped back into the black metal sheath.

"Don' yeh startle meh like dat!" he growled in annoyance before plopping back down on the edge of the bed. "Do yeh want t' get yer throat slit?!" he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

Suddenly, it all came back to him in a series of dark bloody images. "H-h-how many?..." he said quietly as he looked up at Aiya. "How many people did... he kill?"

"I'unno. How many people were there?" She counted on her one free hand, then said, "Um, seven? Then the guy in charge of everything was all like 'I am Mewtwo!' and then he made the moon fall down out of the sky. Well, set, I guess. And he disappeared. And then you came back. I mean the Mewtwo guy disappeared. Well, your freaky ass wolf self also disappeared. Want some bacon? It's celebratory."

Seven. Seven! Seven lives cut short because of this damn curse! Seven lives ended by the wolf spirit that had plagued him for all these years. In a burst of anger, Fenrias clenched his fist and threw it into a nearby wall. The plastering crumbled like paper beneath it.

"Sorry... Sorry..." he sighed while he unclenched his fist and placed it in his lap. "I do not feel comfortable celebrating those unneeded deaths, but I am hungry... It is a good thing he did too, otherwise he, Zekil, everyone else - even you - would be dead. Well I suppose since yeh have seen my true colors, yeh should know t'e whole truth. That being that emerged, Wulfric? That was not meh... and meh name is not really Lyall."

"I don't mind," she said, taking a slip of bacon and quickly nomming it down. "We won." She walked from his room to the kitchen, hunting a plate for her bacon. "So we get what we want now. I mean, sure, people died, but I think people died trying to just get here and some probably died during their fights so... Try not to let it get you down?"

"Yer not even worried that he could have... would have... killed yeh?" he said while rolling up a piece of bacon into a ball before popping it into his mouth.

"Uh, no? I have stealth and power shielding and shit. If he came at me my AI would have been like- BAM! Super mode. Go kick ass." And that's how it was in her mind, though she was probably wrong. "Seriously, we won. Now you can totally get whatever you want from that guy."

"Not that he said any specific time to go see him or anything..."

He chuckled slowly... a sad chuckle. "I've seen the aftermath of what he could do... He would tear t'at armor apart like it was tin foil, then rip yeh limb from limb - quickly, if yeh were luckeh. Unfortunately, meh family was not so luckeh..."

"Do you really believe t'at he was tellin' t'e truth?"

"I don't know," she said, "One way to find out, I guess? Oh hey, we should probably wake up demon boy and go see the guy in charge. Also because he's missing out on the bacon."

Aiya picked up a plastic bottle and cast it for Zekil, or his room if he wasn't available. "Get up, Demon Boy!"

Fenrias gets an idea and picks up a piece of bacon. He rolls it into a ball like he had done before, but instead he tossed it toward Zekil. If he did not move, the greesy piece of meat would likely smack into his face.

Zekil was hanging upsde down from the rafter very much like a bat as he woke up to see a piece of meat be hurled at him. He opened his mouth and caught it with his teeth as he swung himselg up on the rafter before hoping down and eating it. "Well that is my meat for a while." he said with a grin.

"Hey, c'mon," Aiya said with a stretch, "Let's go see if that guy is ready to see us." She headed for her room to start equipping all her gear. "But um... He might like, want to fight us, so watch out for that too?"

"Do we want a game plan before we go in, just in case?"

"If t'e laddeh's as powerful as he claims, then I'm sure he's listenin' t' us right naow..." he noted. "Probably no surprisin' or outsmartin' this'un. Only brute force'll work, though if he wanted t' fight us I am sure he would have done it last night when weh were all exhausted."

He picked up his clothes and went into his room to change.

Zekil shrugged as he put on his jewelry, "How about we think in reverse of what we are going to do?" he provided calmly.

"I dunno, let's just bull rush it," she said with a nod, pulling on her left boot, then her right. Her spinal brace came next, attached to her back fully so she didn't break like a twig when her boots made her run from zero to sixty in a split second.

Fenrias chuckled slightly at Zekil as he came out of the bathroom in his usual garb. "Doubt it would work. I can't think of aneh reason we need t' beh standin' 'ere, so how boot weh get goin'?"

Zekil nodded as he checked that his cards were with him. He needn't have worried. He summoned his sword as he put it through his belt his other arm still wasn't working properly. "Let's go on then..." he said as he picked up the remaining potions... just in case.

Aiya stormed out the front door impatiently, leading the charge to the main hall. Unfortunately, there was nothing there. Only a note remained, apparently explaining what was going on. She was quick to snatch it up, read it, then throw it aside.

"Great," she moaned, "Just freaking great!"

Fenrias bent down to pick up the note before beginning to unravel the crunched up piece of paper. "What is it, lasseh? He on break or somethin'?"

Zekil walked forward, "If that note says gone fishing I am gonna find him and send him to my realm." he muttered as he rubbed his injured arm.

"Let me read it for you," she said, reciting purely from memory, "'I brought you here to test my skills as the most powerful creation on the planet. I have failed, and in doing so have chosen to leave the island in search of my destiny elsewhere'." She grit her teeth, fists curled into balls of anger.

"So no prize. No nothing. Just a weeks worth of free food and a little vacation trip to this island. Fucki-" she shook her head and stormed off for the exit.

Fenrias lowered his head and sighed. So all of those deaths were for nothing... All of those people violently slain for the challenge of one man, and without compensation! He snarled slightly in annoyance and anger.

"Bloody... Now what?" he growled.

Zekil sighed he had expected something like thaat. He thought of all the people he had hurt for amusement he turned to Lyall, "...we regroup we think of a plan and we find them."

"What's the god damn point," Aiya called out, "What, are we gonna hunt him down for revenge? He's not going to give us anything." She pushed the door open. "I'm just going to go home."

"There seems t' beh no point in lookin' fer him. We can't force the langer t' give us anythin'! It appears dat t'is was eh waste o' time..." he growled.

Zekil sighed, "Probably not, damn was gonna use the money to help the bar..." he muttered. "Oh how are we supposed to leave the island?" he asked them calmly. "I mean... this is an island."

Aiya was already out the door and heading back down for the beach they had arrived on. But there was a surprise waiting for them there.

"I dunno laddeh. Couldn't yeh make eh portal or somethin'?" he looked back at Zekil as he followed Aiya. "Yer usually good at t'at sert o' thing."

Zekil followed him, "Sure I can make a portal... but we'd have to stop every so often. If I was alone it'd be easy but since I have to hold it open for all of us and make sure it doesn't collapse on us..." he explained as he followed them both, "Plus I don't know how far away we are from the city."

"Perhaps weh should follow t'e lass first eh?" he continued down the halls, guided by his superior wolf-like sense of small, until he came out into the open daylight. Most of the snow had melted by now and turned most of the sand into mud. Junks of ice slowly shrank along the waters. Fenrias scanned the area in search of Aiya.

Zekil nodded as he saw the muddy sand and used his wings to fly over it. He looked around as he called out, "Aiya? You there?"

And sitting in the centre of the slowly splitting apart ice was the massive cruise ship which had brought them here, along with the two security guards standing at the base of it. They maintained a professional stance, despite the strange events that they had undergone.

From the looks of it, the competitors and survivors were slowly making their way up the plank to the ship or were already on board it. Aiya was already marching out, kicking up mudded ground with each step.

"Huh, guess weh won' be needin' yer magic afteh all..." he began to drudge through the mud in his boots. Fenrias looked around and wondered where Varius was - and if he had survived the last fight.

Zekil walked in and saw the hunter and the priest he flicked the hunter off as he waved at the preist and at Sasha, nodding also towards the Orc he fought against.

Sasha was out on deck and offered a friendly wave. The two security counted off to ensure most of the people were on board, then followed up themselves. "For those of you who do not know what has happened," one called out, "Well, we're a little unsure ourselves. As far as we can tell, that man inflicted some form of mind control to take over this island and all the staff on it. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but now we can deliver you back to the docks you were picked up from."

"Wow... Honest aren't t'ey?" Fenrias chuckled. "I half expected some half-arsed excuse to cover up dair humiliation." he lumbered up the plank. His boots made a series of clunks as the hit the surface - leaving chunks of mud in their wake.

Zekil shrugged as he landed on the boat ground, "Humans can surprise us every now and then..." he muttered as he rubbed his arms.

The cruise ship was quick to set off, travelling over the open waters and away from the island. Most people went to their rooms or to explore. Aiya stood out on the deck, staring at the water.

Fenrias walked up beside Aiya and leaned against the railing. He watched her from the corner of his eye and behind his sunglasses, as if waiting for her to speak her mind.

Zekil sat on the railing edge as he looked at the water sitting precariously on it as if something was there that could answer his question, instead he saw a fish. "Oh look a dinner."

"So..." she said, turning around, back to the rail, "I guess I owe you both an apology. I kind of sort of dragged you out here promising you would get anything you want, but I didn't actually know anything about what we were getting into."

"So... Sorry. You both had to put up with a lot of stuff that you didn't need to if I just kept my big mouth shut and didn't get so caught up in a fighting competition."

It was obviously killing her more than a little to apologise. She hated apologising!

"It's alright lasseh..." he patted her gently on the back. "Wulfric would have come out anyway, whether it be in t'e citeh o' oot 'ere in t'e middle o' nowhere. Better seven t'an seven hundred..." he sighed.

Zekil looked at her, "Provided me a chance to fight a holy so I am good... so what if I got injured not like I haven't before." he said with a grin as he hung upside down. "Besides it let me test out a few things and let me fight without my wings."

"Yeah, something like that," Aiya said with a shrug, turning around to stare back out over the ocean. "Well, I guess when we get back to the city we can say our goodbyes and whatever. If you ever need to catch me, I'll be at the arena. Winning, of course."

"An' if yeh two evah need anythin'... Let's say... yeh ain't supposed t' have... Yeh just ask around. I'll eventualleh find yeh." he smirked. "I could use t'e business."

Zekil nodded, "You guys know where my home slash work is. So there is that." he said with a laugh as he looked down at the sky.

"Yeah," Aiya said with a nod, "I guess that's all there is to it."

The setting changes from the-realms to Main Street


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Eyes glowed blue as Zee caught attention of Zekil and suddenly he rose from the floor, blue sphere forming around him. "You scum. Bastard ally of the wolf who struck my powers from me and crippled my strength." With that final word the glass cracked.

The setting changes from main-street to Wing City


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"Get out of my way!" Zee barked, gesturing sharply with his arm to the side. The cab driver would be flung back into his car. His eyes glowed blue from behind his visor and his cool was all but lost. "What are you even talking about? What did I do wrong?"


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"What are you talking about?" he all but shouted, in his actual voice for once rather than his projection.


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"Do you even know what you're sorry for?" he demanded, "Because I don't!"

His hand raised to throw away the new appearance as he had done the taxi driver. The shouting and throwing the taxi driver had since drawn a small crowd by this point who were all watching on hesitantly.


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Z rose, blue translucent barrier formed around his body as he hovered for a moment, then floated over the edge. "Where is he?" he asked, head glancing left and right. "What happened? What is going on?" He had apparently regained some of his cool composure, at least enough to return to projection. And enough to hide the genuine confusion that plagued his mind from his words.


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Zee's hands pressed together and his head tilted down, blue glow of his eyes faded. "I am sorry I shouted," he said, walking towards her and sitting. "I am aware I have an anger problem." His legs sat as if he were to fold them, but instead aimed the soles of his feet inwards at each other and rest his hands together in his lap.

"What is it, Analisa?"


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Zee cocked his head. "Robots? Or... Clones." His voice sounded hurt, not even bothering with his psychic projection. "I see." He fell sharply silent, head tilted downwards in guilt. His presence must have been suffering for her.


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He shook his head. "No Analisa, I work to an end that won't be bitter." He raised his head towards her, staring on from the darkness of his visor concealing his face. "I only wish I had advice I could return to you."


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"I could introduce you to some of them. They occasionally test my upper limit of power in a chamber, to see if..." He turned his head away, not finishing his sentence. "They are not bad people. Amongst their efforts even include protecting a child believed to be from a prophecy." It sounded as if he hastily was grasping at straws to defend Orion Industries.


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"Wh-what?" he asked, a little surprised. "I will have to ask Adam if I am allowed a visitor. Last time someone showed up it was detrimental to the test. But that was for other reasons."


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"They offered me housing, but I can stay with you, if it would comfort you seeing me safe each day."


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"I think that was the last museum to visit regardless. Would you prefer flight or walking?"


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"Alright. I will let myself in," he said, though there was humour in his renewed projection, as if he had expected that answer.

The setting changes from wing-city to Gambit's Storeroom

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There was several hasty thumping footsteps quickly pursuing Zekil into the bar, as if they had been waiting for his arrival. Purple fleshed with blue eyes glowing, Zee stalked after the bartender. And this time he had an excuse. He slapped three-fingered hands on the ground, but it made little of the dramatic noise he aimed for.

"Zekil," his voice projected into the air, annoyance in its tone.