Mikael Vykstrom

Lonewolf young adult that uses his powers for his own ends, not evil though.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Vykstrom


Physical Description: Rough-handsome look, medium length blonde hair, dark blue eyes, fair skin, stocky build, 5 ft 10 in. tall.

Personality: Solitary/Lone-wolf, Is okay around people, just doesn't care to be. Can be pretty cold to most, but is pretty likeable once you get to know him, protective of those he gets close to.

Equipment and Abilities: Assimilative Evolution, the ability to gain the traits, abilities, features and everything else from something once it is consumed. An example would be eating a rock, which would allow him at any time to gain the hardness and strength of said rock. This power also allows him to consume anything without it harming him, such as poison or acid. However, with this benefit comes the disadvantage of having a ravenous hunger.

Historical Background: relatively normal childhood, didn't make too many friends or go out with anyone though, but not out of social deficiency, more so not caring. Grew up and left home as usual. The gaining of his powers was quite literally luck. He passed an electricity plant with ongoing construction, however it was a secret research facility further underground. Because of this, "research" supplies were being shipped via company truck to the plant/facility, but the truck swerved when a woman jumped in the road to save her oblivious child. Mikael jumped in the road out of instinct and pushed them out of the way, with the truck spilling every ounce of it's contents all over him. With the truck being towed away and Mikael being rushed to the hospital, it wasn't long before doctors released a surprisingly only moderately damaged Mikael. Later when walking to his apartment, he came across a lizard in his front yard when it hit him. The very sight of this creature, which would otherwise be disgusting to think of in such a way to a human, made him ravenously hungry, to the point where he outstretched his hand and snatched the lizard up on instinct rather than want. His body acted on it's own, and before he knew it, he had eaten the poor lizard. Regaining his senses shortly afterwards, he nearly turned green in disgust at what he just did, but couldn't find it in himself to throw up. He went in his house and looked at the mirror, finding himself sweating profusely. What he saw would disturb most anyone; his damaged face and skin was restoring to it's original form, his roughly-handsome face returned to normal, his hair regrowing where chemical burns had been. All this, and he suddenly had images floating through his mind, memories of the previously eaten lizard, what it had seen and done in it's life. It was then he realized with some hesitation what he had done and become.

So begins...

Mikael Vykstrom's Story