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Mikael Zajac

Intelligent moose like humanoid who works as a free lance criminal investigator for Wing City

0 · 390 views · located in Wing City Gardens

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Gundo


Physical Description: Picture a moose, standing upright, with casual jacket, a dress shirt underneath that, and a green tie. The moose's horns are of decent size, around the span of a normal doorway. Got that? Than you can picture Mikael.
(Species: Ellama, a moose like species that does not leave their home planet too often) The image depicted below is a sketch of a modern day Ellama, not Mikael himself.
Personality: He is very shy due to years of being picked on for his appearance and clumsiness, and just regularly being shunned by his own species for accepting science as fact (The Ellama only accept magical beliefs, and believe Science to be a fake excuse for magic). Although he doesn't talk, he is very smart, and can piece evidence together like a puzzle. He likes to help people out when he can, and make sure that criminals are well behind bars.
-Hard worker

Equipment and Abilities: He usually carries around a pulsar gun and taser for the more... violent types.
Fire Magic: This being the second reason why his people shunned him. At a young age, he was proven to have fire abilities, a widely disgraced type of magic due to its destructive nature. It being the most rare form of magic found in Ellamas, no one would step near him, and thought him to be a demon. He never really used it due to all the let downs, but he is still able to generate fire from his palms, which he can use to melt through walls, steel bars etc. He can also blast people with the fire, although he doesn't like to harm people if he can help it, and has never actually harmed someone with his abilities before.

He doesn't like to talk about his past, but when he does, it is normally about how he was shunned and spat on for his peculiar abilities, and his public rejection of his own people's beliefs.

So begins...

Mikael Zajac's Story

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#, as written by Gundo
Mikael applauded with the rest of the crowd in the beautiful gardens of Wing City. He loved his new home, and he loved the people. He found himself feeling inspired do more with Lady Talim's speech. It was very uplifting, very encouraging to know that someone truly cared for the people, and it wasn't just him that was doing good in this well deserving city. He quickly pulled out his pad of paper and wrote down what he remembered from her speech. He didn't know why he felt the need to do it, but there he was, a tall moose man in the middle of a crowd made up of moderately sized humans. He didn't feel out of place though. The one thing he appreciated more than anything in this city was that he didn't feel alien like he did on his home planet. He was not shunned, he was not bullied for being 7'4, or having large horns, or being clumsy. Everyone was understanding, and he felt at home here more than any other place. He was glad that he found Terra, and Wing City. Had he not, he would have ended up being an outcast his entire life, and he didn't want to waste it like that. He put away his pad of paper and continued to applaud. Lady Talim may have earned his vote, just with those few uplifting words to motivate him to keep working hard, and helping others.

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It was hard to miss General 13-7 as she and her guards entered the gardens. She needed a break from the hustle of the main part of town so she looked a bit annoyed as Talim began her speech. Though as she listened she began to form a respect for this girl. She wasn't like the others and 13-7 could maybe even see a good future for the city with her in power.
When the speech was over she walked up to Talim.

"Quite the speech much better than anything those imperials can pull out thier asses.... Oh, do forgive me General 13-7 Commander of the Terran Liberation Army" she said offering a handshake.