Mike Satone

Deli Owner, Crime Boss

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ironman11


Michael Satone is a Caucasian man in his early fifties who stands at a very remarkable height. He is also a very fat man, having several chins; a large protruding gut barely reeled in by his belt and the shirt he constantly has tucked inward. He has coarse brown hair, hairline receding back and a big brushy mustache on his upper lip along with a large amount of body hair most visible on the chest of his collar polo shirts and arms. He has beady green eyes that constantly squint at times making him an overall really unassuming individual. Mike is often seen wearing gold rings across his meaty fingers, a gold watch on his wrist and a gold cross across his neck where most of the hair lies. Most of the time he sweats, often giving him the nickname ‘LEAKS’ as a result.

Mike Satone owns and operates the local Satone Famous Deli franchises which operates at three locations in the city, the largest being his own family restaurant that his Grandfather had opened up in 1922. There are a few food trucks that also drive around the city’s more tourist lucrative locations about eight trucks together.

Mike Satone is married to Debra Milano since 1991 and has three children from their union: Alison (21) Bridget (18) Michael Jr. (14).

Mike Satone is NOT a criminal. He is not the face of local crime here. He is never connected to the evidence, he is never seen associating with known criminals, and those that can remotely testify that can somehow connect Mike “Leaks” Satone with organized crime, black marketeering and racketeering in the city have disappeared very quickly.

Also as an added treat Mike Satone gets two tickets to the Policeman’s Ball every August for his work in the Community.

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