The Demon King that was slain 1000+ years ago....or at least, was supposed to?

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(Some) Powers of the Demon King:

Blood Master: Millen is capable of manipulating his own blood, and contains an unrealistically large amount of blood inside him. In truth, it would take him an entire year to bleed out normally. He can use this blood as a weapon, a shield, or for a variety of other uses.

God of Magic: Millen is capable of pulling off magic that is on the level of Gods, even if it might leave him vulnerable or drained. He could unleash a high level magic quite easily.

Unusual Charm: People tend to be attracted towards Millen...but it can also draw hostility towards him as well.

Void Linked: Millen has a connection to the void, and makes him able to use powers and abilities that are...something different. Not magic, not science, something else entirely.

Immortal: Millen cannot die, at least not easily.

Transformations: Millen can change his shape, bursting out of his current form into a new one. Has some...unfortunately...side effects though.

Gravity Manipulation: Millen was born with the ability to manipulate gravity.

Destruction/Degredation: Millen's powers can be used to absorb, destroy, and degrade matter as well as energy.

Sealed: While still powerful, some of his power has actually been sealed. His ability to change forms is limited to the normal transformations, and he cannot used the specialized combat form he created.

To be worked on later...

Demon King Blood:
-Awakens around the age of 10-12.
-Makes reproduction nearly impossible. This is because in addition to the powers affecting the ability to reproduce in the body, all Demon Kings will maintain an appearance of a child and prevents them from reaching the age where one would normally have a romantic relationship with. Additionally, the powers might overwhelm and kill the egg even if it initially works. Finally, Demon King's are known to be unnaturally drawn to trouble and chaos, which would make it difficult to get into a relationship in the first place. There are believed to be other factors as well, but those are big ones.
-Gives various Demon King abilities when born with it, and may still give some if one can survive being injected with it. These include Shadow Bending/Manipulation, Familiar and Monster Summoning/Creation/Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, and Degradation/Destruction Powers that work on a different system then magic and mana.
-Immortal. Once one Awakens, they stop aging completely.

So begins...

Millen's Story


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Zeebee watched the two's comedy routine, and it made him laugh a bit. And when they mentioned the Dragon, Zeebee smiled a little.

"Dragon huh? I have seen some smaller Dragon summons so far, a mechanical cyborg Dragon, and various magics in the form of Dragons, but I have not seen any large ones yet".

Thinking back, he thought it was kind of amusing.

"To think, someone would take a wounded Dragon, and turn them into a Cyborg Dragon...this place really does have infinite possibilities...I wonder what this evil Demon King was like, to cause so much chaos that they still celebrate this much to this day".

At the same time, there was another boy, though he looked older then Zeebee by a few years, who had been sitting nearby quietly with his own drink. No one seemed to bother him, but after Zeebee mentioned what he did, the young boy (though older then Zeebee) stood up, paid for his drinks, and then walked out. Zeebee felt it was a bit tense for a moment, but more then that...it was for less then even a quarter of a second, but he had sensed a great amount of rage and annoyance from the other boy before he left.

"Wh...what the..."

With Zeebee in shock, he turned to the other to wondering what that was about, a questioned look on his face. As Zeebee had yet to see the statue, although the statue different in appearance especially in terms of age, he would not notice there were...similarities...between the statue of Millen being defeated, and the one who just walked out.

Yes, the should be dead, corpse sealed away Millen, walked out a bit annoyed, accidentally bumping into a four armed man as he walked.

That damn hero! I rejected to go on a date with her once, and she pulls this crap! Over one thousand years, and I still can't get over just how...childish she was! I mean, she had all those handsome knights pouring over her, but she came to someone who looked like me, short, eternally this young, and demanded I date her?! And then, just because I rejected, she had me declared as some evil entity and caused a huge war just to kill me, or kidnap me herself! Just what the hell!


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#, as written by Terrus
Jericho, having suddenly been bumped into, stopped for a moment to gain ahold of the situation, his arms unfurling. The bottom two were clearly robotic. However one of his real arms reached out and gently grabbed the man by the shoulder."Oi mate. I understand being lost in thought but keep an eye on your surroundings a bit more, yeah?" He wasn't mad, his tone was fairly calm, and slightly concerned about the other person. "At least if you bump into someone at least be willing to say sorry?"

He may be a merc but that didn't mean he had to be a hard-ass towards everyone. Even if he looked the part, he was actually quite kind. Or at least he tried to be.


"Mmmmmmm no....t-thish guy only claimed to be a dragon....b-but wash human. A human with weird eyes! Like a cat! or a lizard! Sho who knowsh?" Ezran said, her head falling onto the counter. A grin on her face."Whatsh your name?" She asked curiously."I'm Ezran Shtormblade! Thish shpoilshport ish Ava."


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"Zeebee Lake. Nice to meet you. I am a newbie adventurer, along with my brother Sora who is...somewhere here" he said as his order arrived. He took a sip of his milkshake...only to realize it was not a milkshake but an even stronger alcoholic beverage!

"Shit, you weren't kidding" a female bartender said who was standing next to the original one. "When you called me I thought you were joking, but he drank that without any issue at all. That one usually gets people tipsy with one sip".

"...what happened to my original order..."

Zeebee almost complained about being used as a test subject again, but that would reveal he was used as one already which might cause trouble for him.

"Hey! Someone get this kid Ryncol!"

"Isn't that stuff Death to humans?!"

Zeebee looked to the others. "If anything happens to me, please keep my unconscious body safe until my brother shows up...I get the feeling I won't be escaping from this for some time".


Millen turned around and looked at the one who grabbed him. If he could use his battle form they might be equal height, but in the current form he looked like a kid...which was a side effect of Demon King Blood, it was so potent it made it impossible for him to reproduce. Though, there are occasional ways to make an exception.

"Sorry, just heard something that put me in a bad mood is all" he spoke. The man grabbing him irritated him, but as his words didn't seem hostile it helped negate that.

"And for the record, the black bullets are made of Black Steel, which despite having a higher density are a bit lighter, so they are good. Also not as expensive as Mithril bullets, though with Mithril bullets they can be reused since they almost never break".


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#, as written by Terrus
Ava raised an eyebrow and looked at the kid. "Do you even want whatever this Ryncol is?" Her voice calm, yet concerned. "Cause it doesn't sound very fun."

"I'm only half human!" Ezran said loudly, as if she was speaking to the bartender."Doesh that mean I can have shome?" She asked with what could be described as just a shit-faced eating grin. Enjoying herself probably just a bit too much. However before the bartender could respond Ava slugged her commander in the arm."No. You need a glass of water and a chance to sober up. No more alcohol for you."

"B-but its a festival! I wanna celebrate!" Ezran whined. "You have been celebrating." Ava responded with a roll of the eyes, Ezran rubbing the spot where she got slugged in the arm.


Jericho frowned a bit. dropping his hand from the other person's shoulder. "How did you know what I was looking at? Or what I was even considering? Besides, I can't afford the bulk prices for the mithril bullets. Hell, I can barely afford the enchanted bullets I want to get. Re-usability, especially for what I have, would be difficult and more time consuming than what I want to go through. So I'm not worried about it."


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"No. But it seems like they are really enthusiastic. Well, this is the first time I ever had alcohol so I was sort of letting it pass to try something new. Its not like it can harm me anyways. As they mentioned, I am kind of superhuman" he replied, shrugging it off. "This festival sure is fun though. I was thinking of trying the Hover-Coaster next, but came to take a break and recharge. I didn't know that you could drink alcohol underaged provided you passed a test though, that was interesting".

After that, Zeebee looked around...and for just a moment, used his powers. It was a small something, but he felt like he needed it. Soon after...

"What the...the cooler is malfunctioning! I need to get more ice quickly!"

The small electro-wave he used would keep them busy, hopefully enough to forget about him, and then he could just relax and...

"Here, kid! Watch the bar for me! I will be back soon!"

Suddenly, he got pushed behind the bar and became the bartender while the others went to deal with the cooler issue. Zeebee just had a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Your trusting a random stranger?!"

"Relax! I am good at judging people! Besides, you need the money right? I will pay you two thousand to keep things running and safe!"

Zeebee nearly choked up. Two thousand was enough to secure him a place to live for a good amount of time. It meant less pickpocketing, less trouble, and he could splurge a little on comfort.

"Leave it to me!" he said, before turning back to the other two. "Well, normally I might not know whether to call this lucky, or unlucky, but..."

He took out the ingrediants and started making himself a milkshake. "This seems like its overwhelmingly positive right now".


Millen just shrugged as he looked at the man. "Well, I mean, I saw what you were standing in front of and looking at? And while its a bit sad, so far every single four armed person I met has been interested in buying guns. I once knew a guy that carried like, sixteen different weapons, eight swords, eight guns, even though he only had four hands...apparently he liked to have backups, but still..."

Millen remembered that guy. He was similar to a mercenary that the hero had sent after him centuries earlier, so he wondered if they were related. However, Millen did not bother to think much of it. He didn't like thinking of the Hero.

That woman....taking up all that time of mine, forcing me to go through all that! I am so happy that none of the kingdoms were able to build a statue of her...

"Anyways, it seems like the festival has passed the mid point....I wonder if they are planning anything for the finale?"

And just then, a huge amount of fireworks could be heard launched into the sky as the sun grew further away.

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Around the same time that Atrix activated that strange and mysterious power, two large pillars of light shined from the center of the city...to be exact, they came from the statue of the Hero slaying Demon King Millen, and the Governance Castle's Crypt where the Sword of the Hero lay sealed inside an otherwise empty coffin. However, Astrius Academy which bordered the ocean and even had its own beach and port was further away from the center, so the people might be unable to see it.

And at this time at the Academy...

Meeko was not even sure what to do anymore. Meeko had changed, his own powers erupted. Things were degrading at a worse and worse level. The Cyberdragons continued to swarm, since apparently they made a lot of them, Meeko had gone beserk. Atrix was getting annoyed. And now, there were people watching. Additionally, the Cyber Dragons were increasing in their violence and ability, and continued to aim for Atrix, at this point not burning burning his clothes but him as well. And as the pillars of light began to glow brighter and brighter, Atrix felt his own powers rising uncontrollable...he wasn't even sure what was going on...

"Its a good thing he told me immediately...alright people, times up!"

Suddenly, there was a ripple in the fabric of reality. The Cyberdragons remaining each got a blast of some sort of red blot, consuming and destroying them. At the same time, a strange seal appeared under Atrix and Meeko and began draining them of any excess energy so long as they remained inside. It would also have a calming effect. And the power Atrix felt building up seemed to vanish instantly.

To think what the headmaster told me was true...

Looking at Atrix specifically for a moment, he sighed before turning towards Meeko and the bullies...and increased gravity in their zones enough that it would force them to the ground.

Looking down on everyone, floating in the sky on his own without any assistance at all, was...someone who no one there knew at all it seemed. He appeared to maybe be around twelve, and unlike Atrix was normal height so that was clear. His appearance made him seem a bit more mature though, almost like he was older. And right now, he stared down at the four of them.

"You three...although pranks of an embarrassing or humiliating nature can usually go overlooked since they are not physically harmful, you took this way out of hand, and these Cyberdragons are clearly way too dangerous, as their animal side started letting them get too aggressive in the end. And you, Meeko Maow was it? And you are Atrix Akir right? You two are roommates if I remember what I heard right..."

There was no reason this person should know Meeko by name, let alone recognize him while he was in that form, or his relationship with Atrix, but it seemed like this person knew all of that.

"Although you certainly have reason to be angry, and a right to defend yourself, unless this becomes an official dual hurting each other is not allowed. That form you are/were in, maybe I am assuming too much but that looked like a beserk form you would not be able to properly control, and while those guys were jerks, if you went and hurt them after this single incident of potential physical harm while in the moment, it would be bad for you as well".

This person, who radiated a certain power and charisma, had come in to stop all of this. He was also another person who did not seem hostile to Atrix. In truth, Atrix almost felt hostility from him for a moment, but that faded almost instantly. But, he felt compelled to be interested in this figure.

"Who...who are you?"

The other boy looked away for a moment. "Uhhh...its kind of a weird name. I guess whoever named me must have hated me or something at the start, but I have decided to take it with pride since the person was strong".


"My name....is Millen. But usually I just go with Milo to avoid the look your face....oh, your not making it. That's a first...I actually feel really happy about that".

The stranger in question, who goes by Milo but his full name is Millen, was in truth the Demon King Millen who died over one thousand years ago. And had showed up to break up the fight, while standing in the air in an epic fashion.

To think I have a son! After so long! Ah, so glad I ninjaed all those cute pictures of him during this whole thing! And he appears to have quite the resolve and strength! Ahhhh, I have not had a real family in one thousand years! This is wonderful!

...and he real reason of coming here was to see the son that only he and one other alive currently knew he had.

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Meeko was forced to the ground and his form shifted back to normal as the strange kid in the sky calmed everyone down. He felt the energy drain from himself as the boy floated above everyone. He was now completely nude in front of all the people in the stadium as his clothes had been ripped to shreds when he changed.

Meeko had heard a few things about the demon king, but had not really put it together about his name.

"Thank you, Milo. I wasn't able to control the change." He replied with gratitude for the boy not wanting him and Atrix to get in trouble. He was still confused by the fact that he knew his name, but this was a place of all kinds of strange things, so someone with psychic abilities wasn't a big surprise.

He quickly grabbed his gym clothes from his bag and pulled them on before more people noticed he was nude. He wanted to ask about what this berserk form was, it was as though he seemed to know more about who Meeko was than Meeko himself. He figured it would be best to wait for Milo to finish talking before bombarding him with questions.

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Is he still unaware...ummm, as his father, I should do something about this...

Meeko was naked from his transformation and Atrix had been targeted by the Dragons. Additionally Atrix had several burns on his skin from the overzealous Dragons that attacked him...but he himself seemed unaware. Well, the wounds had actually already healed, only that outer layer with soot remained.

When Atrix finally noticed, to reduce the amount of embarrassment and exposure he coated the two of them to conceal their states. Additionally he used a massive excessive amount of mana to restore their bodies and clothes. Actually he was hiding another truth: Atrix's powers as a Demon King.

A Demon King was blessed with many powers and abilities, and once they learned to control them could do all sorts of things like fight off giant space alien invasions singlehanded. However, Millen also remembered how embarrassing learning how to use all those powers were. Millen had reached a point where he could use twelve different transformations but all had the same problem Meeko had. He had the power to control shadows, his blood, the elements. The Demon King Bloodline possessed a strong connection to the Void, granting powers that defied even magic. However, the powers had issues. For one thing, while the Demon King had the power to create, it had even more to destroy. Since he could potentially destroy himself, he had trained by trying to control his powers and focusing on "non-living"...which didn't end well for him emotionally.

So he knew Atrix would need a private space to train and get help, and could sympathize with Meeko.

But first...

"You know, making those two naked in front of everyone...I wonder how you would like it?"

Suddenly, as Atrix was now completely restored to how he was before this started, the bullies were left completely naked instead. Millen did a bit more then that, but wasn't worth mentioning all of it...but they would be puking a lot tomorrow as one of those.

The red blobs he used came back to him and entered his body...it was his blood. It seemed more then should fit on his body though.

"It's fine, but be careful in the future, scratching your roommate's face would be bad, or his belongings. Anyways..."

Millen seemed to jump off of the air and landed on the ground next to them.

"Wanna get lunch?"

Millen secretly tucked all the photos he was secretly taking of his son going to school and such in his pocket dimension. No one would ever know the truth.

Best day ever...

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Meeko was surprised by the amount of manna that Milo was able to use when he regenerated their clothes and healed their bodies. He also couldn't help but laugh at the bullies getting what they deserved, though he would have rather dealt it himself.

"Lunch sounds great. We were just heading there before all this happened." Meeko answered, though it seemed that Milo was talking more to Atrix than to him. "I was wondering about what you were talking about earlier, you said that... thing I turned into was a berserk form? What is a berserk form? And on a side note, does that mean you know what species I am?" Meeko was naturally curious, but he often kept his questions to himself. However this Milo person who showed up from nowhere seemed to know quite a bit about him and Meeko couldn't help but ask.

Meeko had been born on a planet that was a hot spot for intergalactic black market deals. He was born in the equivalent of a puppy mill for alien species and his was just one of many to hold a resemblance to the felines of earth. He had no idea who his father was nor did he know what planet his mother was from. Until now, he didn't even know he had a berserk form, but he could tell that it wasn't a magical power, as it didn't block the use of his genetically created powers. But it didn't seem to be a genetically created power either.

As they got to the cafeteria Meeko thought about what Milo had said to him. He didn't think there was any danger of him scratching Atrix. Even in his berserk form Meeko was thinking of protecting him above all else. Even if Atrix got scratched by accident, there was little to no chance that he would get the toxin, as Meeko had to physically make the glands inject the poison. No, Meeko knew he would never hurt Atrix, Atrix was the one person around that he actually cared about.

The realization of that hit him like a ton of bricks. He finally met someone that he cared about, even if it was only like a little brother. He turned back to the two of them and listened to the two of them talk. Some thing seemed off about Milo's interest in the two of them, though it was mostly in Atrix, and Meeko could feel magic pouring off him. The kid was far more powerful than he seemed. But right at the moment he was on Atrix's side and wanted to keep him safe so he thought that power was a good thing.

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"...Surely this has to be the right place." The young woman said quietly to herself while burying herself in a large map of the city, and the surrounding countryside.

"Astrius Academy..." She said, moving slowly through the crowds while the two men that were guarding her, moved people out of the way to provide her a clear path.

"Excuse me..." She looked up at the buildings, and then down to the map, before noticing a trio of what looked like students. So she decided she would approach them and ask for directions.

Aeka and her guardians would stick out like a fairly sore thumb, among the milieu of the Astrius Academy. Aeka was dressed in a black sailor-type school uniform, with knee length skirt, and neat white trim. Worn upon that uniform was a small broach, the crest of the Taiyou Imperial Family proudly displayed. Her hair and makeup were neatly done, almost professionally so.

Her two guardians stuck out the most, each of them were wearing light colored Kamishimo, A light blue Kataginu, and a white Hakama made up the outfit, where their Katana blades were sheathed. Though they seemed tough, they were capable of much more than simple swordsdmanship.

One guardian was an older man, with graying hair and a short beard, the other was younger, with stark red hair and a clean shaven face.

She tried for the attention of the students once more. "Excuse me; I'm looking for the Astrius Academy?"

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Since before time could be recorded, life has looked up at the night sky and reacted accordingly. Some were moved and inspired. Others were shocked and dumbfounded. A few were so eccentric they even used it to give themselves purpose. "The Gods created the night sky." They would say. Not entirely a lie but it was not entirely true. Sure the night sky was once a black canvas but the Gods did not fill it stars or planets. Instead they left this up to beings who were on par with them but were humble enough to permit them to keep their divinity.

The Stars were made by the most majestic of Dragons...the Celestials race.

With scales that mimicked the star spangled space they freely roamed, the Celestial Dragons (or Star Dragons for simpletons) are a rare breed. Capable of causing great calamity and bringing about great tragedy, it is fortunate that they are far too busy maintaining the heavens to bother with the affairs of lesser races. Because of this many see them as benevolent or kind, to paint the night sky so beautifully for all to see. If they only knew the truth they might laugh! With how much sentience has progressed, to the extent some dare harvest the power of the stars themselves, the Star Dragons look down on all life.
"The Bar was set too low on sentience." They say.

Yet in the ever changing emptiness of space a Star Dragon could not help but get bored. Sometimes it was fun to drop down on a planet and greet whatever it was came to see them.

"Cower in fear, Stand frozen in awe, or kneel and worship...all are appropriate responses." Yet there was nothing so graceful or majestic that would warrant such a greeting for this youth.

Still considered a child by her fellows, Proxima Centauri had seen something interesting. One might argue that in the vacuum of space, it was impossible to notice a small flicker of light on a planet but Proxima had seen two flickers and she had recalled this planet. Origin, they had called it yes? Aaah the memories flooded back into her mind and she became excited. There was still that one person on that planet who had impressed her. Perhaps she would pay them a visit.

"Someone else can pull that star out of that one Black Hole's gravitational pull. I'm going on vacation!"

In a matter of seconds she had travelled across the multiverse and thus a problem had spawned. Proxima was going way too fast. An object in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by equal or greater force afterall and at the speeds Proxima was moving, she could end all life an a planet if she made impact. However, that was not what concerned her. If her mental calculations were correct, she would arrive at that silly Academy she had enrolled at a few centuries or so ago. Missing so many consecutive days was bad enough but at the speed she was going, she would destroy the whole school. The Headmaster's lectures suddenly came to mind.
That fool! How dare he lecture me, A Star Dragon! Not again...not ever! Proxima grinded her teeth and put all her strength into decelerating. If all went well she would not slam into the school campus and destroy it but she would gracefully land and take that filthy human form she had prepared eons ago.

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Millen was honestly surprised though, about a number of things today. In the first place, he did know of Meeko's species sort of. Back when the Hero slew him, or at least that is what he made it seem like, there was a sort of Galaxy tour they went on. To be exact, it was him and the hero...for a good one hundred years. That pushy woman practically forced it on him, and maybe it might be considered illegal, but Millen was considered to be the incarnation of evil and knew he had no hope if it came to a legal battle at that time.

Anyways, he knew of several species...the issue was, he couldn't remember the specifics. It was all very hazy, because nine hundred years ago they came back after the Hero finally dropped her guard enough for him to completely erase her memory, and set her up with some sort of small nomadic village. Therefore, he had encountered Meeko's species so long ago, and in passing, so the memory was not concrete.

"Sorry...but, I am afraid not. I am not that old you see, have not been off planet yet".

Millen outright lied for now. However, it was soon after this that the others started showing up...first with Aeka and her guards. If they were truly sensitive, they might feel a strange aura...ominous maybe, but also...charming...and reliable....and friendly.

However, there was also something cold, twisted, unnatural inside him, as if the Void itself took a physical manifestation in this realm.

"You are in it right now. This building, that building, every building inside this area is Astrius Academy. The Boy's Dorms, Girl's Dorms, and the Special and Faculty Dorms are that way, there are actually a number of student run shops all around, and some make great food in addition to the cafeterias in each dorms. There is a district filled with laboratories in particular that way. There is also the Librarium, which is like a Library but more, and...there are...many other....hold on for a second, there is a muscle brained idiot coming".

Slamming his foot into the ground, a huge pillar of energy shot out from his shadow. This would let Aeka and her guards sense his power in greater detail, about how it was Eldritch and Old, about how it contained far more power then a mortal body could contain.

At the same time, blood appeared from his body, and took the form of a sword. However, it then morphed into a bat.

Atrix, who had been watching this the whole time, looked around.

"Hold on! Who do you mean?! What is going on?!"

Meanwhile the three bullies were thankful they could escape without too many people paying attention to them.

Millen just looked at Atrix, and shrugged.

"A really stupid Dragon is about to flatten the city if I don't take care of this. Luckily, one of my powers is to consume things like energy....now!"

Suddenly, the pillar shot up. There was something falling from the sky at great velocity, but that pillar was deisgned to eat away at the velocity and reduce her speed to nothing more then a light feather fall.

He then looked back at Aeka.

"Also, they have a facility where students can even work on their own space ship designs, I think somewhere in the southern part of the District".

Atrix meanwhile just looked shocked.

"Milo....your amazing!"

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Meeko wad enthralled with the level of magic Milo was using. "Holy crap! That's so cool." Meeko gushed as he readied the bat to knock the dragons back if he had to. He took note of the comment about consuming energy. The pillar of light was amazing to watch. "Wow." Was all he was able to say as he stared at the pillar of light slowing the dragon down as it fell.

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The supposed muscle brained idiot that gracefully touched down at the Academy, with absolutely no help from anyone, was for lack of a better word, exactly as Millen described her. Though at first glance, the human child form that Proxima had adapted as she entered the atmosphere seemedlike a noble. It became apparent that he was absolutely correct about her when she adjusted her cap and she glared over at the trio of boys, having recognized Millen on as she graced them with her presence, she spoke her first words on Origin in perhaps a few hundred or some thousand years.

" What happened? Did your stats go up along with your level allowing you to change your occupation from idiot to jerk?".

Muttering something to herself, she leaned in and squinted her eyes. "...Millen...wasn't he taller?...No, staring at suns must have charred my memory."

Having now solidified that this short child was indeed Millen, she stomped on over to him with a scowl and grabbed him by the collar. "I haven't been here in how long and this is the greeting I get? Where are the trumpets? The crowds of adoring people? Where is the cake!? How hard can it be to conquer a continent?!".

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The first thing, the very first thing Demon King Millen did, the moment Proxima granted, was degrade the flow of time to a standstill around them, to create a small, private spot for conversation.

"Shhhhh!!!! You idiot!"

Although it was undoubtably true what he just said, he was actually one of the few people who really could without worry. Because Millen was that powerful, that old, and his abilities demanded that much respect, he could casually converse with Star Dragons.

"First off, you have no idea how irritating it is to manage a continent!"

This was coming from his experience 700 years ago, when he somehow accidentally became King for a few decades because the Royal Family got trapped in a time barrier.

"It is extremely irritating, dealing with all those issues and problems on a daily basis, always having to deal with irritating pests (assassins)! Who would want to conquer an entire continent!"

He then took a deep breath, sighing, and then glaring at her.

"ANd since it would be too irritating to let them think I was alive, and then pest after pest coming to challenge me, I kinda had to fake my death....and then spend like, one hundred years or so with that damned hero before I finally erased her memory and dropped her off at some nomad camp or something".

He couldn't really be bothered to remember the details about that pushy person, so they barely were flicks in his eyes.

"Anyways, so don't give away my identity! I don't want to deal with all the people around me screaming, panicking, or what not! How would you feel if all your siblings and family stopped working, and gave every single job to you? It would be that kind of hell!"

After that, he took a deep breath, and then stopped the degradation of time.

"HI there. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Milo, and not only do a study here as a student, I also occasionally teach a Special Combat Class on days we have a Special Schedule loadout instead of the usual one for that day. Be warned, anyone who takes my class may have a chance at actually dying, but that is only when they act stupidly. If you listen to instructions and pay attention, you will be fine!"

Atrix meanwhile turned towards Meeko.

"Woah...did you hear him? A teacher and a student! And....hey wait, Special days?"

"Ah yeah, sometimes, because the education of this school likes to adapt, students will have a Special Day pop up in their schedule, sometimes multiple of them in a row. This lets people work on areas they need, what they want to work on, or just expand into new and interesting areas. It also lets us teachers form a better schedule for those who learn here. By the way, there is a Special Day tomorrow. Atrix, Meeko, hope you are ready to get some serious combat training in...after all, given what I just saw you restort to to deal with a prank..."

Suddenly, a scary aura could be felt from Millen as a sinister and slightly peeved smile appeared.

"...if you need to expand that much energy for that little, clearly you need more combat training. Especially you Atrix, you lack experience that you need".

"Uhhh....uhhh....why do I get the feeling I am going to prefer the Academy's method after this?"

Atrix was getting a bit concerned by what he felt.

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Meeko didn't notice the time degradation but when Milo returned to normal time he wasn't exactly in the same spot, he was off by about an inch. To Meeko it appeared as almost a glitch. He was in one spot then suddenly he was in the same position but an inch to the right. He took note of it, but he didn't give too much attention.

"Yeah, a student and a teacher, that sounds pretty cool." Meeko agreed with Atrix. He listened to Milo explain the "Special Days" and he was a little shaken by the way he spoke toward the end of his statement.

"Well it is only our first day here, and being pranked isn't exactly part of the graded curriculum. I think it's a bit early to be putting myself into life and death situations again. I will most likely go with my normal schedule tomorrow until I have been here long enough to figure out what areas I need to work on. I can't speak for Atrix, though." He said. He really didn't want to be put into harm's way again, he didn't like the idea of Atrix putting himself in harm's way either, but it was for Atrix to decide.

Meeko was being flooded by all the high powered magic from the people here and it was beginning to make him feel anxious and uneasy. There was so much going on here that he didn't understand or see but he was feeling it and he didn't like what it was doing to him. He looked to Atrix and he looked a little concerned as well, however the other girl that had shown up with her body guards seemed to be unaffected. "Didn't someone say something about getting lunch earlier? I'm getting pretty hungry." He said as his stomach began to growl as if on cue.

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(continued from Labs)

Halitrax followed his senses until he got to the central building. It was rare that he was able to sense another being as powerful as himself, but here he was able to sense the presence of three separate beings that were radiating power and nearly an entire school of lesser powered beings. On his own planet he had been considered the most powerful demon, but he had never met a demon from another planet before, given that he had been imprisoned from his planet's middle ages until a few days ago when he was released. The beings seemed to be hiding as other normal looking students, as was he, but hewasn't any more fooled than they would be by his disguise. But, much like them he assumed, if he were to take his true form it would not be something that would end well.

He stood against the wall of a nearby building as he watched the one he was sure was another demon slow time to a near standstill as he talked to the other creature, but he wasn't quite sure what she was yet.

He wondered how long it would take for the others to sense him if at all. He smiled as he watched the students pass by thinking of all the chaos he could cause in this world.

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As Aeka slowly approached Millen to introduce herself a little more formally, the older man moved quickly, sensing the demon king's power in greater detail, now that they both were fairly close.

He reached out and tugged Aeka away, stepping in front of her almost moving to shove Millen away; his hand swiftly moved towards the katana that was sheathed in his belt, but Aeka moved to stop him.

The second, younger guardian had his eyes on the pillar of light, something was moving at incredible velocity, so he raised his hand and focused his thoughts, and a barrier formed as a half-sphere around the three, the shimmering wall of light separating Aeka, Azaka, and Kamidake from the falling figure, and the Demon King.

It didn't take much for the Taiyou guardian to cast the barrier up, and any form of probing would source the magic from a place of incredible power, honed through years of intense training and meditation. These simple guardians were incredible skilled, and incredibly powerful.

"How hard can it be to conquer a continent?!"

Aeka couldn't resist, and with the dust settling, and her guardians lowering their barrier, she approached Proxima, and the rest of the group under the watchful eye of her guardians.

"Not hard at all, during the height of my father's reign; one to two worlds would fall under our domain once every rotation of our home planet."

She offered a polite bow, and introduced herself.

"My name is Aeka, I'm the daughter of Nobuo Takayama, and sister to Emperor Shimizu Takayama." She said, inclining her head. "Princess of the Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama."

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Halitrax grew bored with watching the students of this academy. He went to a secluded area and opened a portal to a different place on this planet. He stepped through and the portal evaporated behind him.

(continued: roleplay/the-multiverse/places/aslypsa-city)

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While it was true that Proxima was rather stupid when it came to things like the common sense of non Star Dragons, she was not an absolute idiot. Whilst listening to Millen's explanation, she could see the hardship that he had endured. However, she did note that he did conquer the continent!

He really is competent sometimes huh?

Her eyes wondered over to the others who were with him.

So who are these nerds?

The Star Dragon saw one child with cat like features. In her travels amongst the stars she had met various different variants of these beings, all claiming to be some different race never related to the other. Why there was an entire Empire of their kind....Proxima often found herself visiting their corner of space if only to look at them.

Then there was a child. What she perceived about this child was rather impressive but then again...This was a child. A human child. It was not hard for humans to venture into that category of "impressive". Man things were notorious for their weakness and for how quickly they become strong. Proxima took a few hundred years to master her magic. A human can master the same magic in a few decades...sure they would die shortly after but still that was impressive. However for what he had there was much he didn't and for that...like weight. Wasn't he a bit thin?

There were other lesser beings nearby but before Proxima's gaze could fall on them, "Milo" introduced himself.

Proxima crossed her arms and sneered. "Ha! Servants can't teach their betters! Still, I'll take your class "Milo". It'll be easy credits!" Spotting Aeka as she approach and sensing the watchful eyes of her Gaurdians, the Star Dragon's eyes fell on her.

"Not hard at all, during the height of my father's reign; one to two worlds would fall under our domain once every rotation of our home planet."

She offered a polite bow, and introduced herself.

"My name is Aeka, I'm the daughter of Nobuo Takayama, and sister to Emperor Shimizu Takayama." She said, inclining her head. "Princess of the Taiyou Empire of Greater Niihama."

Changing into a more respectful tone, Proxima humbled her speech a bit which was something she scarcely did even for her own Older brother or Millen. "This one is called Proxima Centauri. I am the daughter of Canis Mayoris. Even we Celestial Dragons whom govern the Stars look to the Taiyou peoples with an approving gaze. Please do not humble yourself too much to one such as I.".

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Atrix pondered those words for a moment. "Special days...special days...oh, I think I remember!"

He was a bit taken in by the conversation with Millen and Meeko, that he went full on explanation while forgetting about who might have just approached.

"Special Days are days where the normal curriculum would be replaced by a special, modified class schedule, focused on altering the development of the student's learning envirornment midway to better adapt it for the student. Basically, instead of forcing each student into a cookie cutter developed path, err...what that means is, instead of making it the same for everyone, they use Special things to detail things personally for each student, to better maximize their education experience and make it more beneficial towards each individual student, instead of forcing them to stay at the same pace as others when its too little for what they are capable of, or too much for them to handle. This can be anything from just helping with math, to improving combat ability, to shoring up weak points or to help one advance with strong points. And since its detailed for each student, its considered highly recommended for students to keep track of Special Days and attend those classes!"

Millen was trying to pay attention to the princess and the idiot dragon, but he couldn't help but smile and look towards Atrix and Meeko when Atrix explained all of that.

"I heard you arrived a few weeks before the semester started and already got a lab set up, but that is impressive you learned all that so quickly. Indeed. Meeko, while I suppose you could try and get out of it if you want, one reason I demand...I mean, recommend you always attend Special Schedules is that they are extremely beneficial and helpful. For example, mine would have the greatest potential for you to learn more about that power of yours, and who you really are. And for Atrix, it would help him learn to better control his powers, and get him some needed exercise..."

Millen turned back to the other two.

"And also, you should greet your fellow students as well".

Atrix looked at the others, and just in time managed to remember their introductions. He did his own introduction, however maybe because he was nervous he ended up doing the standard Origin Salute/Greeting stance, snapping his heels together so his feet were lined up next to each other, and pounded the left side of his chest twice with his right hand before letting it rest there.

And then, he added in a bow, which was different from the usual as everyone present might know by now, but that was one of the more typical greetings. The Salute Greeting was not as common, usually reserved for official events.

"My name is Atrix Akir, a normal human gifted with magic and scientific knowledge! I am pleased to meet you as fellow classmates! I hope we get along!"

As he stood back up straight, Millen turned back towards the two of them. He greeted them a lot more casually, with just a smile and a wave.

"My name is Milo. Nice to see you, Proxima..."

Suddenly, his smile became a bit devilish.

"...good to hear you will be taking it, because I always make sure to give each student assignments tailored to them after all..."

And then, he returned to normal as he looked back towards Aeka.

"Anyways, don't be too surprised. There are a few students here who while still need to learn things in general, are so gifted in one area they are asked to teach a class or two. Anyways, I welcome you to my home planet, Princess Aeka. Word to the wise, people should respect you as a Princess, but this Academy considers all the students equals to promote honest and proper education. Not that I suspect anything will go wrong, but if I didn't do this and some idiot did something stupid, I would hate for that impression to stick as the norm. Anyways, things should be nice and pleasant. There are all sorts of things. Combat courses are an option, but not required. There are courses in science, music, magic, art, engineering, and so on".

He then looked towards an odd platform at the edge of the area around the Central Building, a large platform which looked like it might be used for the landing and take off of ships...but those platforms and area were a bit away, so it was probably for something else.

"So while fighting is normal here, its not all there is. Its more like...a casual thing that happens, but you don't always have to get involved in if you don't want to. Most of the time, when its not training, its some sort of monster invasion, an Eldritch Horror worming its way into our world to devour our souls, or maybe something else entirely. But the only reason it seems the most prominent is because it just tends to be flashy and noticeable. Anyways, once again, I welcome you both".

"I also welcome you!"

Atrix jumped in to try and be as respectful. After all, to him, everyone around him was greater then him. He was a bit terrified.

And then Millen came in to save the day by adding a suggestion.

"And yes, lunch! Lets not forget to get food from one the various cafeterias or student run businesses! Shall we all go and eat?"

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Meeko listened to Atrix explain what Milo had already told them, but he didn't stop him as he seemed so excited.

"I guess if you think it will help to control my powers and learn about my race I can go to the special class you teach." Meeko smiled in agreement.

He looked to the new people that had arrived. He didn't know the traditional greeting that Atrix had displayed, but he did know his own species' show of respect. He took a deep bow, a sign of great respect and it showed submissiveness as well leaving oneself vulnerable.

"My name is Meeko, it's a pleasure to meet you." He introduced himself.

After hearing Milo's suggestion Meeko's cat ears twitched and his tail began to swish with joy. "I didn't know there were student run shops here on campus. It would be great to see what's available out there."

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Aeka offered a slight, but respectful bow to Proxima, while her guardians remained ever vigilant. "Our civilization is built upon ten thousand years of proud tradition, and ancient dynasties, with a solid foundation, we test the ever present march of time." She said nodding.

A moment later, she turned her attention back to Millen, nodding politely. "My guardians, Azaka, and Kamidake are sworn to my service, and will give their lives protecting the royal family; their power is like a finely honed blade, precise, and effective, I am certain that if someone were to do something foolish, my guardians would be more than capable of dispatching them, though I am sure my government has made the proper arrangements should something like this happen; I do understand this school will treat me as an equal, but it is the responsibility of my brother to impress upon them the importance of my station." She explained.

"The Taiyou Empire spans countless worlds, and oversees many subjects with a firm, and wise hand. This is but one humble world, whose leaders I am sure are doing what is best." Aeka smiled.

"I am certain nothing ill will come to pass." She smiled some more. "Lunch sounds wonderful!"

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With the mentioning of Lunch, Proxima could only echo what was said prior. "Awesome, I came in time for Lunch! If anything is good about this place, it's the food!".

The appetite of a Star Dragon was truly massive but it was typically harmless. Most of their nutrients is taken from starlight (so in essence...Star Dragons make stars, which in turn feed them light...). Terrestrial cuisine was not bad for them but it is viewed in the same likeness as most people view dessert. Reverting back to her dragonic form, a mere miniature of her true self, the now serpent like dragon Proxima effortlessly flew through the air just at eye level of the students. Her scales and eyes were a replica of a star spangled night sky, only the white of her beak would give her away (if it were night of course). Perhaps showing off, she performed a few acrobatic aerial maneuvers before coiling around Millen's arm and then resting on his head. Having no arms or legs in this, a smaller variation of her true self, she tugged at Millen's hair with her mouth and urged him onward. "It's been a while since you've treated us to food and I don't exactly feel comfortable walking in that other form...so hurry up...Starlight is a wastin' while ya drool in place!".

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And so came the next question, now that everyone was on board for lunch...where?

They could go to Briswald's All Serving Court, a wonderful little café set up in the courtyard near the Particle Accelerator that was able to serve any and all types of food, regardless of tastes or type. It seemed that they had a lot of various ingredients, including super rare ingredients, always there and able to be provided.

There was also the Dantellion Pizzeria, a well known shop on campus for delicious pizza. Apparently, it was inherited from one generation of student to the next, worked by those with a serious passion for pizza to the point that it was considered scary at some points. It was located near the Emergency Medical Response Training Center, so if something went horribly, horribly wrong, an army of Battle Medics, or at least Battle Medics in Training, would descend upon them to deliver medical aid.

And then there was the American Diner and Grill, known for serving high end quality American food. Burgers, fries, shakes. All could be found there for a good price. It was located next to the Disco Lounge and the Combat Simulator, and so there were a lot of interesting people nearby.

And of coruse, another popular stop was the New+Old Experimental Meal, a new place that uses both ancient magic and high tech technology in new and interesting ways to see how they could influence the flavor, and has recently been turning out new dishes which could change the culinary world.

And so after explaining all those choices, Millen who was the only one who was familiar with the campus asked everyone their opinions, deciding that they would go with whatever people wanted the most.