Mizuki Naniko


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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ZaBanpaiaNeko


She appears normal, besides her feline features, but has many deep and dark secrets.

Her parents were two very powerful priests in a village high in the mountains. This village was being plagued by the presence of a horrible and cruel demon, named Orkio. When Orkio found out that these priests had a child, she would be filled with rage; storming over to kill the child in fear that she would have gathered some powers from these strong holy priests.

A bloody battle would ensue. In the end, her parents would be killed...But before they would pass away, they would attempt one final attack...Trapping Orkio's soul into Mizuki's body....Mizuki would grow up as normal..Though with no parents, she was often alone, even in the village...Others knew of the horrible deed which had occurred that fateful day, and tended to avoid her for the most part...Viewing her as a monster...

And perhaps she was, for one day, Mizuki would find out that whenever she tasted or smelled blood, Orkio would take over her body and ensue chaos around her once more; only being able to return to her body if Orkio was knocked out or used up enough energy in the process to pass out herself.

Having seen this happen multiple times, people began to speak of killing Mizuki, in hopes of being rid of the demon once and for all. She would hear these whispered words around the village, and as a young teenager, in fear for her life, she would run far away...Now, currently, nineteen years old, Mizuki has lived most of her life, alone, within a small cabin in the depths of a forest. The forest is large and not many people visit; perfect to keep herself out of trouble...Though, there is a city a few miles away from it that she attempts to visit on occasion, only when needing supplies...

Overall, Mizuki is a very sweet, loving and kind person. She is loyal; perhaps the 'perfect' person personality wise. But no one is truly perfect, my friends...For a deep and evil creature dwells within her that she fights, everyday, to keep hidden... Mizuki has no powers in herself, despite her feline senses and agility, and very restricted healing, but when Orkio takes over, she becomes a force to be reckoned with; often using great strength and fires from hell to fight.

So begins...

Mizuki Naniko's Story