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Moon Man

A robot that lives on the moon.

0 · 201 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Moon Man is a walking, laughing, space-suit. His visor is completely black and capable of projecting images and lights onto it's reinforced glass. He stands at around 6ft tall, and is not much heavier than a middle-weight boxer.

He's incredibly strong, made of a frame work of 12x reinforced adamantium, capable of easily lifting a truck. His strength is matched only by his cunning and speed. Most of Moon Man's attacks rely heavily on agility over strength, but a large bulk of his martial arts also focuses on grapples and reversals, all coupled with mind made of an ultra-fast processor, making him sharp, tactical, strong and quick; a deadly opponent.

Tier should be considered Mid-High.

He is solely a Martial Artist and cannot use any weapons but will still fight an armed opponent.


Moon Man has a very childish personality, often seen dancing giddily after winning a match. His visor can display many images and lights on it's glass, and he often uses this to display smiley faces and other emotes to taunt his opponents as well as communicating.

He, for same reason, cannot speak words, and resorts to using laughs, sounds and pictures to communicate feelings.


Moon Man was built by NASA as an early AI-run Android who would be stationed on the moon to perform various experiments and to gather samples. Made to look like a traditional astronaut, his body is a typical NASA space-suit.

On his first day on the moon, he was trying to designate a spot to mark for construction of a military and scientific base, however on his way to an ideal location, Moon Man found a strange artifact: a black rock which was dripping with thick red liquids. Upon taking the rock back to his home (a base and workstation) he discovered the liquids dripping from the rock were willed with millions of bacteria the likes of which no one had ever seen before.

He was going to contact NASA right away with the discovery, but events took a strange turn. The liquid burst out of the rock and sprayed all over Moon Man before somehow bleeding through his suit and covering his internal mechanisms. It moved as if it were a being with a mission, attack his processors. Moon Man shut down for a week following the incident and awoke as a new being. The alien bacteria had perfectly merged with his AI and robotics, creating a new life. Now, he no longer focused on his mission, but had his own goals, ideas, and a personality.

When NASA send a shuttle with a mechanic on-board (suspecting Moon Man to be in need of repairs since he hadn't reported back in some time), Moon Man hijacked it, knocked out the passengers and took a ride back to Earth.

Upon landing on Earth, he discovered something: the internet. His computer was built with the ability to easily connect to wi-fi signals. Using his advanced brain, he scoured the internet downloading all kinds of information. Moon Man learned about one thing more than others: Martial Arts. He picked up every iota of knowledge on the vast web about fighting.

From then, his life is stranger. He managed to keep a low profile, staying away from major cities, but kept finding himself drawn to underground boxing clubs. Intially, people mocked him for his space-suit, not realising he wasn't even a person, but every fight he entered, he came out on top. He'd found a hobby.

Now, Moon Man spends his days looking for fights that are a challenge, looking for people that just might be able to beat him up.

So begins...

Moon Man's Story