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A Fallen Druid who has surcumed to the darkest of magics and twisted beyond any recognition. This, once great, guardian of the forest is now the Dark Ruler of his own army of Misery.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Hunter_Killer


Dark Master Mordrock

Age: "Time in the lands of darkness is not measured in years, but in the ages of Madness that slowly seep through your very sanity." -Rezor, Seventh Demon Lord of the Chaos Lands.
Gender: Of all the things the body loses in the corruption of darkness and in the insanities of Demon kind, gender is one thing that remains. Male.
Race: "Come now ye elves and ye humans, and any folk of the light and fall into the blackening abyss of corruption, where nothing leaves as it once was and nether remembers their race, We are the Forgotten, the Strakken... the Demons..." -Strakken Warlock, During the fall of the High Mountain Kingdom.
Class: Fallen Druid/ Dark Master
Status: Ruler of the Chaos Realms, buried deep within the Harzank mountains within the fallen ruins of the once-great High Mountain Kingdom.

Appearance: The Dark Ruler has multiple forms and is not limited to one, like lesser dark creatures, or even two, like the greater demons. In fact he had as many forms as he sees fit, for he is the greatest of all the Demons and the Strakken. The Strakken King.

Mortal Form Despite the name it does not mean the Strakken King becomes mortal, it simply defines what he looks like. From time to time Mordrock will deem it worthy for him to go out into the land of the light, usually collecting slaves and other beings to manipulate into his army. The forms he usually take are that of a Human or an Elf.
While his existance before becoming the Strakken King is wildly unknown, apart from him being a High Druid and guardian of the forests, It is believed Mordrock was either a human or an elf. In either form his complexion has deathly white skin, almost translucent and one of three eye types: Crimson red, Pure black, or an undead white. His hair is also sickly blond and almost looks like it might be falling from his head. Despite these negative features, he still manages to parade around with the creatures of Light to perform his darker desires.

His Human form stands at a strait 6' 2", weight looks like he would be around 230lbs and has a wider set of shoulders and a stance that would befit a strong man. His skin, apart from its unnatural shade, is devoid of any scars, save for a black gash that splits down across his back, from right shoulder to the top of his waist on the left side. This is the only mark created from his transformation.

His elf form stands at a rather shorter 5' 9" and looks to weigh closer to 150 or so. While his skin appears fair it is still unnaturally white, with his hair limp on his head. His ears are allow narrower at the tip but the difference is only very slight. His stature is more lean and agile than his human form and is free of any marks or scars, save for a black gash that splits down across his back, from right shoulder to the top of his waist on the left side.

For both his Elf and Human form he wears a glittering, and golden cloak over his features. Unless he draws back his hood, none can see what he looks like. His features, save for the skin, look like health and fit males and, mixed with the cloak, helps him seduce women to be used for his dark and lustful purposes, or for twisting the minds of weaker beings to bring with him back to his realm.

Demonic Form
While it may appear formidable, his Demonic form shifts greatly and is based upon his mood. In fits of rage he can become massive beasts with large arms and claws and teeth... If he is lust full, his features have a seductive aura to them and features that mask his true appearance. If he is sly, his skin becomes slick and reflective, making him the perfect assassin. Yet behind all these forms is a basic design he has taken a pleasure to, whenever he is in front of his Demon Lords.
The Mantis
His demon form doesn't look like the terrible beast it should be. Standing at only 5'11", weight unknown. He looks to be the smallest demon of all the lords... Yet his lords know that size isn't always everything... His shoulders are narrowed, almost tapered, behind either one, a black and curving thorn with a red tip. If one watched closely they could see the thorn quiver every so often, an unlucky few might even see what it does on the battlefield, but for now it was curved back, aiming for mid-level to his oddly shaped face.

His arms were long, not overly bulky like most demons but defined, a cunning set of spines folded in and out of his forearms, a thin webbing running between that could tear easily, but was worse for the one that did it, rather than himself. His hands were of claws, with a five fingers and two thumbs, each one tipped with a twisted and yellowing claw. His legs were long, bent forwards slightly, as his feet seemed stretched so he walked on the balls of his feet, his heels resting above the ground by a good couple of inches. A hooked talon behind it, black with a red tip, like the ones on his shoulders. His muscles were defined but looked to be lean. Along his back were a set of 7 spines, each equidistant and equally spaced, but able to grow or shrink at his will. They followed his spine to his tail, a gnarled and twisted mass that usually curled behind him, its appearance like a bony version of a scorpion's tail, only the end had a three pointed barb. The middle one being 2 and a half feet in length and as sharp as almost any blade. The other two hooked, with teeth in their edges.

His head, was unique in its form. A narrowed and elongated skull with an exoskeleton design, with nobed brows and a set of flaps that could cover and protect his Empty white eyes. A mandible extending below his jaw with the end fangs being hooked, like some gruesome insect as his own mouth split vertically into a fleshy passage with a forked tongue and teeth lineing all the way back to his throat. The top og his head was more oval, with the exoskeleton curving around to form a crown, three small sized spines lining either side.

This form is called the Mantis and is one of the most feared demonic creatures within his realm. So far, nothing has seen his claws and tail and lived to tell the tail so there is no description of it in the world of light.

Strakken Form
It is often Believed that Mordrock's True form is his Strakken form. Thus being called the Strakken king rather than the Demon king or any other name. Strakken vary in size and shape even more so than the common demon which is split between beserkers, stalkers, or wielders. Strakken are commonly referred to as the cursed folk or the dark folk, as they were once people of the light before becoming something much more... twisted.
The Strakken King
With eyes of hell fire and a burning gaze that can set even the greatest of demon lords aflame, The Strakken Lord holds his reign. To claim souls with the sweep of a hand, The Straken King has one demand. To bow before his mighty Throne, Praise the Strakken Lord by claw, tooth and bone..." -Enbroz, Former Demon King before Mordrock forced him to submit to his will.

The StraKken Lord's True form is unknown as no adventurer that even enters the territory of the Strakken Lord has even come close to seeing him. Only Translated Demonic scripts, like the one above give vague images of this form.


Mordrock lost whatever mortal personalities and ties as soon as he became one of the Strakken. A corrupt view on the world that was twisted into hatred, lust, spite and a mixture of blood-lusts and instincts piled into what ever was left of a sane mind.

In his early years, he was nothing but a lowly Strakken, following more instinct and base feelings and wants to survive, but as he survived... and grew... his thoughts and personality grew more and more complex until his final stage was like a metamorphosis from a rabid beast to a deadly and threatening killer.

All sense of happiness was replaced with a burning hatred that slowly eats away at his trust, his trustful steps are more like corrupt affirmations of a will that only wishes to manipulate and control. Any mortal signs of love were replaced with a hungering lust that drives his sanity between stable and non and usually fuels his ventures into the Light world to claim another victim.

Yet within him, also brew the hatreds and instincts of a Demon, more cunning and ruthless than his Strakken side of his mind. Yes, whe he became the Strakken King he became the darkest and greatest of both worlds and ruled with a malice that sparked fear in the thirteen Demon lords themselves.

Any claims to sanity have long surcumed to the madness of the Chaos Lands, yet he still has the tactful brilliance and strategy of something not quiet insane. His loathing for the light world can no longer be expressed in words alone as he broods for vengeance upon all of them, withing for the darkness to slowly consume all of them and twist them to his will.


Even the Strakken King, as vast as his power reaches, cannot do everything on his own. From the lowliest of dark spirits to the most feared of the Strakken to the very Demon Lords themselves, Mordrock has a vast collection of agents to do his will upon the land of light as he silently prepares and gathers a vast Army of Misery that he will use to lay siege to the Land of Light and drag it down into the very depths of his control until nothing remained.
Lesser Beings
Every land is built on a pyramid of subjects, from the animals themselves to the greatest kingdoms. While those of the Light struggle for a solid place, the Strakken King has formed his into a single working form, even with some of the weakest beings drawn to his will. These are the beasts that are allowed free passage to and from the extent of his kingdom, causing havoc to the people of the Light. This list includes, but is not limited to:
Dark Spirits
Night Stalkers - A colony of lesser spirits and one greater spirit, collected in a host body that grants it unnatural strength, speed and stealth.
Reapers - A possessed undead with half-memories of its mortal life, twisted into thinking the only way for it to escape this fate is to kill as many mortal beings as possible and eating their hearts.
Infant Strakken
Hell Hounds
Blood Fiend - Vicious and blood thirsty creatures, not to be mistaken for vampires, that pray on living creatures. They have a countenance so terrifying they can stop other creatures in their tracks with a baleful glare. They usually hunt for food or sport and are sometimes known to travel in packs.

Greater Beings
Greater beings are the next step above the lesser of the chaotic creatures but still considered only fodder for the main forces. Their forms are more stable and are a bigger threat to most mortal beings. A few spectral creatures have become Greater Beings and are considered more dangerous than their younger, weaker counterparts. This list includes:
Undead Sorcerers
Tempters - A spirit that takes on the greatest desire of the target victim and takes over their minds and bodies. They can either remain within the body to turn it into a Ghast, or use it for what ever purpose it needs and then leave it, stealing the soul with it and using it for energy.
Ghast - A mortal creature under the control of a Tempter... It is nearly impossible to separate the Tempter from the mortal's soul and almost always results in the death of the one being possessed.
Feral Strakken - A Strakken that has been fully consumed by its chaotic instincts and has taken to the night feast on the flesh and souls of its prey. Their skin is almost the same as studded leather armor and their reflexes are faster than most would assume. Some Strakken, at this point in their lives, begin to change into another form or even grow wings.
Infant Creepers - a strange creature made up of reanimated tissue and metal to form a semi-autonomous shell that harbors colonies of greater spirits and wraiths. It is usually the same size as an average human ad has two metallic pincers and several, newly formed tentacles. These creatures, when much older, are like walking tanks and can absorb inhuman amounts of damage and keep coming. If the Creeper does retreat, it drags what body parts it can with it and will rebuild itself, flesh and armor, before attacking once more the next day.
Aboleths - A creature who's psyonic energies spread out to control numerous being that are subjugated to their will. Aboleths are strange half spider-half humanoid creatures that are used to corrupt and turn allies against each other from the shadows.
Phane - These hunters have the illusion of slowing down time, a process that is largess unknown but it believed to be dealt with because of their forms. It almost seems as if they can avoid attacks by being in two places at once and move to whichever one is not threatened. It appears to be made of a coalescent mist with the body of a cat and the chest, arms and head of a humanoid.

Lesser Minions
These are the creatures that have climbed and survived a bloody path, known to be very lethal and varying in strengths and abilities. The kind of creature that would be nearly-suicide to take on, on one's own. Most of the Lesser Minions are various forms of Strakken and as such the list can go on for infinitely many variations. There are a few creatures though, that have managed to pull themselves up from the bottom class to make it here. Those few creatures are not to be trifled with and can probably take out whole parties of mortal creatures without dieing. This list includes:
Stalker Strakken - A deadlier version of the Night Stalkers... These Strakken have developed instincts that are incredibly sensitive and make them perfect for hunting out specific targets. Mordrock will use these Strakken in packs of Three to hunt down their prey. Their skin is equivalent to studded leather armor and their claws are as sharp as certain knives. Some say these creatures are faster than the elves and are perfect hunters for taking out entire villages of Humans.
Starkken Warrior - A strakken that has developed a keener mind and a stronger body. They walk upright and have sharp spines and spikes on their limbs and back. Their skin is like light grade chain mail and their claws and tear through most kinds of light armor.
Strakken Mage/Sorcerer - A Strakken with minor abilities in the dark magics and has developed a mind to commune with lesser spirit creatures and the undead. Their skin is impervious to some magical attacks and can chant in their own dialect to summon dark spells and incantations.
Gargoyles - A name given by the mortal realm but actually a rare breed of Strakken. Gargoyles can take one of two forms, a winged beast that is both fast and vicious. Or a six-legged beast whoes hide cannot be pierced by any arrow save those designed to puncture plate mail and have teeth and claws powerful enough to rip men and other flesh and bone into pieces.
Adult Creepers - A much older version of Infant Creepers, these abominations average between heights of 10 and 20 feet. Their size means they are made up of even more flesh and metal and even have developed a set out four, deathly white eyes. It now has anywhere between 14 and 16 developed tentacles and at least 20 other ones being formed. These Behemoths are the living Siege equipment of Mordrock's army and even one of these creatures can rip apart a platoon or two of mortals with army-grade weaponry. Like their younger counter parts they can rebuild themselves and can take massive amounts of damage and still keep a fight going.

Greater Minions
Greater Minions are the strongest of the strong of creature and Strakken. Everything above this thresh-hold is demonic in nature. While the Demons vary as greatly as the Strakken, Demons are tied to the Strakken King and can only leave by his command. They are the assassins, Hunters, and officers of his vast army, as well as the Lords that serve bellow him. The list of Greater Minions is still much smaller but what they make up for with kind is power:
Strakken Warlock - There are only four Strakken Warlocks in the Chaos Lands... As most Strakken who are Mages or Sorcerers usually don't live long enough to see the mastery of their powers. Warlocks can control any kind of undead or spirit of any magnitude and even have a semi-demon familiar by their side. Their knowledge in dark spells far exceeds most creatures of the light and there are almost no magical spells that can fell them. So far, only a sword through the heart can take them out... And that is what makes them dangerous.
Strakken Knight - The Elite guard of Strakken kind and considered specialists in hand to hand. Their hides are as strong as some of the toughest armor out there and their teeth and jaws can tear through weapons and armor as well. A Brute is a knight that has grown a tail with a heavy mace-like ball on the end and can take on waves of mortals on its own.
Strakken Assassin - As fast as a Strakken can achieve, these Killers are a breed set out to remove high ranking targets and spark wars between nations in the Land of light, It is believed that these Strakken were once beings from the race known as the En Nocturne.

The highest form of creature under the Strakken King's control. Their appearance and purpose vary almost as greatly as the Strakken though even the weakest demons can easily taken on the Greatest of the Strakken and defeat them. It is because of this Lethality most Demons are kept close to the Strakken King, save for a few special Demons that are sent out with a given task. These are only a few of the Demons amidst their ranks:
Butchers: A demon the size of a hell hound, yet are composed of pure feral instincts and raw power. Before the Strakken King arrived, Butches used to be the Alpha Hounds of Hell Hound packs. Hell Hounds are basically a chrysalis form of the Butchers, and those that don't tear each other apart emerge as Butchers.
Wyverns: Once thought to be a form of dragon, these winged demons are the true pack hunter in the sky. Their wails have a club on its end with a venomous stinger that is strong enough to knock out a full grown dragon. These winged terrors hunt in packs and can decimate a country side in a matter of days, if not hours.
Bleeders: A form of Demon that sucks the life blood of its victims and consumes their souls. It is from these mysterious Demons that Butchers are created from. Bleeders use all harvested blood and souls and converts them into Hell hounds, which they spawn, fully grown from hidden sacs that are hidden by pockets in its stomach.
Hexans Demonic horsemen that ride upon a Feral breed of Demon that looks and acts like thier horse. The horse itself can consume limbs and tear apart almost all forms of armor and can run vertically up walls and over water. Their riders can also coax them to use their wings to fly if needed. The riders themselves use scythe-like weapons used to reap heads and lives and are common stereotypes for Death.

Demon Lords
In the Chaos Lands rule many corrupt and demonic entities, all under that of the Strakken King. The thirteen greatest, strongest and most cunning of the demon kind have taken the seats as Demon Lords. Even the lowest lord, in the 13th seat is greater than almost any other demon out there, other than the Lords above it. Demon Lords are constant, they rarely change and only b another Demon defeating them to take their place. There are very few Wielder among the Demon Lords, but those that are... are not to be trifled with.
Razzorick: The Thirteenth Demon Lord and the weakest of the Demon Lords. Despite his weakness he is still far greater than any Demon Below him. He was once a Hexan but now his mount has been switched out for an Alpha Wyvern and his scythe was extended and given a reaping blade on both ends.
Zenterith: The Twelfth Demon Lord and second weakest of all the Demon Lords. This demon lord is one of the few Wielders in all of the thirteen lords. He has the ability to summon down a storm of hell fire upon his foes and raise Legions of undead with the single lift of his taloned hand.
Baldern The Eleventh Demon Lord and third weakest of all the Demon Lords. Baldern doesn't look it but he is one of the smarter Demon Lords. Hidden behind the massive muscles and hard scaly flesh is a mind that has survived making strategies and plotting weaknesses. Don't assume that means he can fight, however, as he would likly rip you to shred before you could take your first steadying breath.
Sharniken The Tenth Demon Lord and fourth weakest of all the Demon Lords. She is one of two unique demons, in the fact that she is a Demoness. Her talents are to seduce mortals before ripping their soul from them. She is sometimes referred to as the Succubus Queen.
Garshtel The Ninth Demon Lord and fifth weakest of all the Demon Lords. Garshtell is one of the few Demon Lords with a pair of wings. His shape looks like a mixture of a gargoyle and some rather disgusting insect. He is considered the Lord of the Gargoyles.
Ortezal The Eighth Demon Lord and sixth weakest of all the Demon Lords. Ortezal is a shapeshifter. He has the ability to take on any form of any animal or being from the Land of the Light. To do so usually involves consuming the soul of the previous being, but after doing so he can shape shift into them as often as he feels like. He is the only Demon with multiple forms.
Rezor The Seventh Demon Lord and the seventh strongest of the Demon Lords. Rezor is considered the Demon Scribe and is known for recounting Tale of the Demon King before Mordrock, the Strakken King, took his place. Rezor is the most humanoid of all the Demon Lords, though he is skilled also in the dark magics and is the second of three wielders.
Aangar The Sixth Demon Lord and the sixth strongest of all the Demon Lords. Aangar is a twisted demon, looking as if someone had cropped chunks and pieces of different demons together to form the hellish figure that he is. Aangar is the demon responsible for the birth of the Strakken.
Ferinus The Fifth Demon Lord and the fifth strongest of all the Demon Lords. Ferinus is the Alpha Butcher. Its size is almost as tall as an elf at the shoulder and has six clawed legs with whip like tail made of spines and a hardened exoskeleton.
Hernisto The Fourth Demon Lord and the fourth strongest of the Demon Lords. Hernistrol is the greatest of the Stalker Demons and is also the Dark Inventor. Many lesser Demons, such as the Butchers and Wyverns were his design. He is also responsible for creating the Creepers, the non-demonic creatures designed as Siege equipment for the chaos Lands.
Dumicar The Third Demon Lord and the third strongest of the Demon Lords. Dumicar is the third and final wielder within the Demon Lord's ranks. At his hands are the greatest of summoning abilities and it is even said he can resurrect Creepers from death, if it can even be killed in the first place. All other Wielders and creatures bow to it for his call is second only to the Strakken King.
Vaniska The Second Demon Lord and the second strongest of the Demon Lords. Vaniska is the second and strongest Demoness among the Demon Lords. Her cunning and ability is unmatched as she is the sinister, demonic and twisted image of an En Nocurne. She stands aside the First Demon Lord as the Demon Queen. Like the First Demon Lord she has a long wing span and a twisting tail.
Enbroz The First Demon lord and the strongest of the Demon Lords. When Enbronz was stripped of his throne, the Strakken King set him as the first and most powerful Demon Lord. He is a pure berserk with the Regal representation of the Demon King with a serpentine tail and large wings on his back. All Demon Lords obey his will, which comes directly from the Strakken King.

Mini Bosses
With every Army there comes a few special or elitist units that stand well above the rest and are a nasty kick in the face. While most would seem as silly fillers that hold off from the real battle to come, these are down right the baddest of the bad and have claimed numerous lives before now, Many strong enough to crush armies on their own, or quick enough to kill you where you stand. Make no mistake these creatures are not push overs.
The Sweeper - This is by far the largest and only Creeper of its size. It stands at almost 75 feet tall with well over 30 swinging tentacles, 4 pincers and six pairs of eyes. This beast is said to have three greater demons within it and also grants it unnaturally quick moves. The Sweeper id the Guard Dog to the Chaos Lands. Nothing can really get past it and killing it is almost impossible, considering it can still fight perfectly with 90% of its body damaged.
Grinken Ward - A Strakken Tank, or an over experienced Brute. Grinken has been the Strakken King's number one "Hero Basher" for countless decades. From time to time, a certain someone will get too close to his operations and needs to be silenced. Grinken may bot be the silent of the main three but he gets results in an amazing, blood splattering manner. Apart from a large tail with a spiked ball on its end, no one knows what Grinken looks like cause he leaves none survive in his wake.
Mercy, Misery and Malice - A group of Strakken Assassins... Or to be fair, a single Strakken Assassin that can split into two copies of her complete self. Malice is the name of the complete Strakken with both the lethality and stealth of Mercy and Misery and is considered untouchable. Mercy is not as nice as her name sounds. Despite being called Mercy it usually comes from the fact she only tortures her targets as she kills them, a process that can take a few minutes to no more than an hour. Misery is completely brutal. He never kills her targets and lets them die of their own injuries to leave them suffering rather than killing them then and there. Her longest torture session was on an an Arch Magi and it lasted for five full days.

So begins...

Mordrock's Story


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Mordrock shrugged and yawned. "I frankly don't care if you were a talking shrub or a goddess in living flesh. I was pulled out of a nice rule of my area and told to show up hear to help someone wit some sort of lesson. Though what use it is doesn't really bother me." He jerked his right sleeve a bit until a bleached, bone white card slid into the palm of his hand and he drew it up to read it in a mutter. "How, to understand. To not. Meta. Game. Oh great, i get handed the hard job... figures." He muttered softly and threw the card away with little effort and turned to examine the other. "And I am supposed to believe that you meta game?"


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The Butcher of Wing City snarled a foul howl, echoing into the night as he arrived back upon the mortal plane. His boots crunched into the familiar hunting ground, carrying him forward into the darkness to find a new victim.