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An orange tabby tom cat, large and solid.

0 · 150 views · located in Lorhill Gardens

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by lostamongtrees


A clan of housecats in Lorhill


An orange tabby tom cat, large and solid.

Favorite activities include gazing out of windows, basking in the sun, and eating.
He doesn't care much for change, and prefers to stick to his schedule.
Hates to get dirty.
Loves to cuddle.
Doesn't hunt, and thinks it's undignified.
Can often be found laying on his back,
Will scrap for the most comfortable spot.
Easily annoyed.

So begins...

Mydas's Story


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Mydas climbed lazily up to a low stone wall in the garden, just outside the hedge maze. A sun-bleached statue was perched there, bare feet dangling from the hem of a long, sculpted gown. The statue had her hands braced on the back of the wall, leaning into them to bask her face in the sun.

Her lap proved the perfect cradle for the chunky orange tabby. He settled in, nudging his body about until finding the perfect sideways curl. One orange leg kicked to the sky, and his front right paw came to rest backwards across his eyes. Soon after Mydas fell asleep. Little snores made their way from his nose, a gentle addition to the chips of the birds and the buzz of the bugs in Lorhill Gardens.