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Mysterious Alien Race

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Physical Description: Grey, faceless things with two sharp-pointed tendrils protruding from their backs. Their bottom halves are markedly insectoid, sporting six legs and an abdomen.

Typical attire that's been seen so far is very colorful and frequently ornate, with some tattoos visible, when there is no need for combat or protective gear. When there is, they will frequently have things such as helmets with giant lenses in the design.

Personality: They are fairly reclusive, having rather extreme difficulty communicating with most of the other races they encounter, but they seem to be very interested in nature, beauty, and fucking with people's minds. They tend to deal with things through psychic means almost to the exclusion of physical means sometimes, driving people mad when they could kill.

Equipment and Abilities:

Personal Weapons:
Tazer Whip (A whip that is electrified, can be directed somewhat)
Stun Gun
Coil Guns ( here )
Gamma ray weapons
Psychic Powers (Telepathic, tend to drive most people insane through psychic contact by essentially throwing too much information at once at them)
Telepathic Amplifiers (increase range/power of telepathy)
Possible others

Unmanned combat drones (Typically use gamma ray weapons, some with Coil Guns, some with missiles)
Explorer ships (Look like larger flying saucers with less pronounced centers)
Explorer ships rigged with interdimensional travel-capable engines.
Larger-scale Telepathic Amplifiers

Broader traits:
Liquivores (Through tentacles)
Poorer vision without lenses or helmets.
Ships have VERY bright light.
No verbal language and therefore no writing, however, telepathy can serve as a substitute when amplified to a wide enough range, due to the high processing capacity of Nameless brains. There are also systems such as touchscreens for drawing and computers that can transmit telepathic images present.

Historical Background:
Whatever these things are, they seem to have come to peace early in their histories and stayed that way. They as a people largely stayed on their own planet as time went by, but have recently begun sending forays out due to curiousity and some level of population control.

(Author's note: This is very bare-bones, I know, but I intend to build on it as I go)

So begins...

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Speaking of ships...

A flat, metal disc materializes a relatively small distance above, rendering dark a large area of the ground beneath it. For some time, it doesn't seem to do much of anything, despite the commotion that may or may not be happening related to it.

The perceptive or very high up might notice a few metal balls floating out, with various glowing blue lines emanating from them. However, from the height of the disc above everyone, it's not clear to every onlooker that they are being released.

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The disc seemed to be staying right put, but the pulsating metal balls moved in various directions away from it. Different pairs went out away from the ship at a fast pace, and others went above it, but two went rapidly downward, briefly seeming to catch fire as they began their descent. The initial period of time in that descent saw the fastest speeds approached, with the balls clearing a few miles in a short amount of time. However, their descent began to slow down towards the middle of their journey, until they came quite close to the ground. They began whirling around as if looking for something.

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The probes continued looking around, but not necessarily for a long period of time. Instead, one eventually moved towards Teddy (another to a different person) and started looking at him, the blue lights pulsing again as Teddy felt suddenly disoriented. If he did nothing to resist it, they would begin projecting something into his mind.

Teddy would find himself (assuming he did nothing to avoid the projections) looking at grey, faceless, things, working in some sort of factory. However, the environment would swiftly change, at first looking like a different sort of factory, but then a hangar bay, and some sort of weird circle of those monsters again, and then perhaps some pieces of his own memories, as they and the images seemed to meld together for some reason. He would then simultaneously feel as if he were in two places at once, and then more, and then less. He would feel increasingly disoriented.

The other person, for their part, started to scream.

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The device did not seem to react directly to Teddy, instead just waiting there for no apparent reason. It turned for a moment to the others that Teddy was with, and then attempted to broadcast to all of them. New roller-coasters of images would, if unopposed, pour into the minds of the group, this time featuring the same grey, faceless things on a ship and various other worlds. Teddy and the others would see him speaking and feel confused at it, which further made no sense, and shortly after see the things in their ship again.

And then, it waited. It or its counterpart didn't seem to react at all to the other person screaming similar things at it, simply *clicking* and pulsing a few times

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The Imperial Guardsman as the drones began to pour pictures in their mind had headache as the images flooded into their minds. "What!...What in the name of!...The Emperor!...Is this!" A Guardsman spoke as he held his head. Of course not taking any chances the men nearby not affected by a drone aimed las-guns at the drones. "Turn those into heaps men! Fire!" The soldiers took aim at the drones and fired shots off.

Of course Ebba yelped and squeezed Teddy even tighter than before. Even going as far as wrapping her own legs around him like he was a safety doll.