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"I don't want to be a weapon."

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We didn't ask to be made into science projects.


Name: Nariko Djin
Age: 10
Race: Felinoid Aonian
Basics: Cream, dark brown, and white Hair/Fur, 4'11", 98 lbs, blue eyes, usually dresses in neutral colors, prehensile tail, night vision.


Advanced physical abilities: Nariko is incredibly strong, fast, and all his senses are greatly enhanced.

Regeneration: Nariko can regenerate, recover and heal from most injuries really quickly.

Matter Manipulation: Nariko can manipulate the matter around him and create objects out of seemingly thin air, no matter how complex.

Mental Manipulation: Nariko can manipulate the minds of others in a variety of ways. He can implant or erase thoughts and memories. He can make people see entire illusions that aren't there. He can hear thoughts and communicate telepathically. Can also move objects with his mind.

Charm: Nariko's looks are adorable, but they seem to have an almost supernatural quality to them. People will often be super nice to him because of how cute he is and he has no problem using this to his advantage.

Temporal control/immunity: Nariko almost never uses this power as it drains his energy reserves to do so. Nariko can control time itself, but can't travel more than two years into the future or past without draining his energy to lethally low levels. It's possible that with practice this could change. He is immune to altered timelines and will be able to recognize time alterations that others can't.

Beast form: Upon reaching puberty, Felinoid Aonians have the ability to take on the form of a large creature similar to Earth's saber toothed cats. It is often triggered by life or death situations, or times when incredibly angry. They often have to use meditation techniques to keep the beast under control.

Background: Nariko was also sold as a kitten to the same lab as many other Aonian Felinoids and was given the same serum that Meeko and the others received. While Meeko was the first to manifest his powers, Nariko and the rest developed theirs after Meeko let them all out and they all went their separate ways. Nariko was given a much more concentrated version of the serum than the rest of the test subjects and as such he has developed more powers than the others, his DNA was also spliced with that of subjects from another experiment from the first super soldier project. He is possibly the most powerful of the Felinoids that were tested on and the most dangerous.

So begins...

Nariko Djin's Story


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Nariko had just arrived on this planet. He had hitched a ride on one of the supply ships to the market district, but had managed to find his way to the dragon district. It was a much different than what he was used to. He was raised in a lab for most of his life, so most things would be a big change for him.

Nariko was in awe of all the high tech stuff as well as all the magic shops around the area. He walked up and down the streets, not sure of what he was looking for. He knew he needed to find a place to stay, something to eat and with any luck he might be able to find some of the others who escaped the labs and were headed to some sort of fancy school on this planet. They all found different ways of getting there, those that were going, and it was a big planet to search with lots of dangerous places where they could have gotten hurt or killed already. Then there was the Tel Max recovery group, the SCP, who were most likely already planning ways to recapture their missing assets.

Nariko walked up to what looked like an old building covered in shrubs and a statue around the building that looked like a dragon. It appeared to be a temple of sorts. He went inside and found that it was a temple devoted to worshiping Dragons as god-like creatures. The walls were decorated with paintings of dragons of every imaginable type. An old man in plain dark blue robes came over to Nariko as he walked around.

"Hello my son, what brings you to the Temple of the Dragon God?" the dragon priest asked.

"I'm seeking shelter and maybe something to eat if possible." Nariko spoke with his eyes looking all big and sweet.

"Well, it's not the way of the dragon to turn some one out to the cold of the night. You can stay here for the night, I believe we have a spare cot you can sleep on for the night and I can make you something to eat."

"Thank you sir, you're too kind."

The priest went and grabbed the cot and set it up in next to the fireplace at the back of the room. From what Nariko had found reading the priest's mind, the fire in the fireplace was an undying dragon fire that had been burning there since the building was built when the first dragon priest nearly died trying to get the dragon fire. The priest went to a cabinet and grabbed some food out of it and started cooking. It was something called beef stew, that he took out of a can and cooked in a pot over the fire until it was simmering. He scooped up a bowl and Nariko loved it at the first bite, but anything was better than the rations he was getting in the lab.

"What is it you seek child? You're clearly not from this planet and your eyes carry the look of longing like that of someone who has lost everything but hope."

"I'm searching for others ... like me. Other Aonians. We were being held captive and we escaped, a lot of them said they were coming to Origin, but this is a big planet. They're the closest thing I have to a family anymore, but I don't even know where to start looking."

"Well, I'll keep an eye out for other Aonians like yourself, if I see any I can let you know."

"That won't be necessary. I don't plan on being here for vary long. I should be out looking for them."

"Okay, child, rest well and good luck on your journey. " The priest said before leaving.


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Snowflake! It's too hot here! Do I have to?

"Ixa. This is the best place to sleep for the night. We can sleep for free, it is nice and secure, and we don't have to sleep outside again".

As the boy argued internally in his mind, he walked along the halls of the temple back into the main room. He had to use the toilet before, and just returned now. He was still wearing a long sleeved hoodie, a pair of shorts, and some sneakers, none of it looked too much though like it provided any warmth, even the hoodie, but Ixa looked like he was rather overheated.

And as he returned into the main room, he noticed that instead of the priest he expected, there was another boy around his age. He seemed to be sitting on a cot near the fireplace, and was eating. Ixa had already eaten himself, he was provided some nice food as well by the priest, though it was new to him as the taste seemed a bit different from normal.

But, then again, a lot of things tasted new or different to Ixa.

As he came in, the priest returned and was carrying in another cot, this one probably for Ixa.

"Ah, I see you two have met. I do hope you don't mind sharing a room. I am sorry we cant offer you an actual room, but the inner chambers are off limits to those not of the Church of the Dragon. That said, the bathing chamber is open for you to take a bath in after your weary journey, and we can provide towels and Tal-veshes for you to dry yourselves and change into if you wish.
There is also the Purification Chamber if you wish to show your devotion to the Dragon, where one would sit in a closed room filled with the hot air of the Dragon Flame coming in for long periods of time".

Ixa kind of wanted to ask if they had a game room or a TV, but Snowflake told him it would be inappropriate to ask stuff like that. That said, the Church of the Dragon did focus a lot on heat, flames, and purity. They also believed though in helping children and taking care of them so they can grow up well. That said, Ixa was not sure about Nariko, but Ixa himself had not had a bath in weeks. However, he was also a boy and didn't care about that.

On a side note, a Tal-vesh was a type of clothing. It was a one piece cloth that was supposed to be wrapped around the waist, very simple. Sometimes people also wrapped a part of it around the chest and back and over the shoulder. All initiates were asked to wear one and stay at the temples until they did their training and passed a Test of Devotion and became a priest. Although neither were actually being asked to become an initiate, he seemed to think it would be best if they did, at the very least so he could have their clothes washed.

After that, he looked at the two boys and added something else to his offer.

"If you don't know how, I could also help you wash personally".

Ixa was a bit childish himself and had not done this yet, but he could always ask for a book to read. That said, if he did, the book would probably be a religous text. Ixa, who sat down in the cot placed for him near Nariko as he took his shoes off, looked at him and then the priest. And then back at Nariko.

"Hi there! My name is Ixa! Its nice to meet you!"

Ixa seemed to radiate positive energy and mental warmth, so it would probably be easy for Nariko to be comfortable around him, although Ixa seemed to be really bothered by the heat blasting at them both. Then again, it was a rather hot fire lit by a dragon after all.


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Nariko paused a moment to think about the offers. He hadn't had a bath in at least four days it seemed, it was hard to gauge time while you were hiding in cargo holds. He took a sniff of himself and confirmed his need.

"A bath sounds nice, but I think I can wash myself or maybe the two of us could help each other." Nariko was a bit suspicious of most adults since the lab, especially those in positions of power.

"Hi, I'm Nariko, nice to meet you, too." Without trying, Nariko heard a few of Ixa's thoughts. He knew to keep this to himself most the time, but he was becoming more curious as to who Snowflake was, as he heard not only Ixa's thought's but also another voice that didn't seem to have a body.

"It's too warm for you too, huh? My fur keeps me warm most the time." Nariko asked while the priest went to draw them a bath. "I'm sorry for listening in on your thoughts, but who's Snowflake? I keep hearing him but I can't see him."

"Okay boys, your bath is ready. I set out the Tal-veshes for you and I can wash your clothes and have them ready for you in the morning when you wake up. I'll be right outside if you need anything else."


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As the priest talked and Nariko responded to his greets, Nariko could also probably tell that Ixa seemed totally unguarded, carefree, and was just naturally cheerful. He seemed to be a very simple person.

"Eh? But the nice person offered...well, I guess its good not to trouble him".

Ixa seemed totally okay with everything, but went with Nariko's idea in order to not trouble the priest. Once the priest left though, he looked back at Nariko with a bit of a pained expression.

"Yeah...its too hot for me. I guess I am better with colder tempuratures....ahh, I cant take it any more, we are heading into the bath anyways. Oh, and you can hear Snowflake? Its really rare for someone to be able to! Thats amazing!".

With that, Ixa started to take off his clothes right then and there. Notably, there was no screen or anything set up inbetween them, so this was a situation that couldn't be helped anyways. As he was in the middle though, the priest returned and reported he was done, and offered help if they needed it. He then saw Ixa and shrugged.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to change here or outside the bath. Our teachings indicate that we should always help those younger and less able then us, no matter what, and that no one should display pride, modesty, greed, and such in front of those above them, like how we all must humbly accept our Dragon Gods as superior. I do regret we have no sleepwear to provide you with, and that we don't really have much in the way of entertainment, but those areas are inside the interior sections that are private. I do apologize. Anyways, there will be attendents to care for you and assist you as needed, as I mentioned. We also have some cookies that we are making for some of the local orphanages, if you would like a midnight snack".

As the priest spoke, he appeared to be heavily devout in his religion as he mentioned some things. Ixa finished on the spot, and looked somewhat happier. Also, it was possible for Nariko to smell the sweat on Ixa's clothes as he walked over to Nariko.

"This can be fun! It can be just like a sleepover! I think...I never had a sleepover before. Although, I think I heard two people mention one time that when one stayed at another's place, they had tons of fun in bed together...I don't know what they did though. But, it means they had a lot of fun right?"

As he said that, Ixa smiled and Nariko might feel such positivity and friendliness from him, it could potentially even be a bit overwhelming.


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Nariko followed suit and began to get ready for his bath as well, not knowing what was meant to be embarrassing either.

"I've never had a sleep over either, but maybe they were talking about telling ghost stories or jokes. That sounds like something fun that people might do in bed when they have a sleepover." Nariko could feel Ixa's positivity but it was more infectious than overwhelming. It was as though Nariko couldn't help but feel positive as well, in spite of what he had been through.

Much like all the other Aonians, Nariko was covered with fur from the neck down with only his arms and a patch from the top of his chest to his belly button being smooth. He and Ixa went to the bath room. Nariko put a paw in the water to test the temperature and it seemed to be a little bit warmer than he liked, but not boiling or anything like he was afraid it might be with all the fire talk.

He eased himself in and his tail began to twitch around.

"Ahhh, this is nice." He said as he closed his eyes and leaned against the back of the tub. He hadn't even realized how tense he had been until the soothing water melted away all the stress he had been building up.

"Come on in, the water is nice." He smiled at Ixa. "I hope the cookies are chocolate chip. I had some of those a yesterday and they were really good."


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The to who lacked total common sense were soon completely naked and were walking casually through the temple as if nothing was wrong. Of course, no one looked at them as if it was strange, probably because they were still quite young. But unlike Nariko who had a lot of fur, Ixa seemed to be totally clear of hair outside of his head. Additionally, his skin even had a level of perfection that if Nariko were to touch, would feel beyond amazing. It was certainly beyond normal tech and even magic.

"Yeah! Maybe! It sounds like tons of fun!"

As he said that, once they arrived Ixa let Nariko get in before him. He could sense the heat from it, and was a bit hesitant at first. Before Nariko or the attendents could do anything though, a large white wolf appeared behind Ixa and nudged him in, causing him to fall in right onto Nariko.

Ixa quickly adjusted himself and got his head above water. It seemed like a rather large bath, but Ixa shrugged it off and joined Nariko. Although it was hotter then normal, it did feel rather good on Ixa's muscles which pleased him. Although Ixa showed no signs of stress, his body was still not used to comforts and relaxing. He then went right next to Nariko, ignoring any concept of personal space, and responded.

"Oooh. That sounds great...but, what are chocolate chip cookies? I never heard of those yet".

It seemed Ixa was quite ignorant of many, many things. If Nariko didn't move away, Ixa would likely get so curious about the new friend he met he would be pushing his body into his and his eyes would be beaming with curiosity at point blank range. He didn't even care of Nariko saw the barcode on his face it seemed.

Well, that was because Ixa was a very carefree person.


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Nariko didn't have much of a concept of personal space either and was just as curious about making a new friend, as was the nature of most felines. He suddenly noticed the bar code under Ixa's eye that he hadn't seen at first due to his hair and hoodie. He reached up and poked it, his blue eyes getting big as he stared.

"I got one of those too, see?" He smiled as he showed Ixa the underside of his left wrist and pointed to his own bar code.

"You must have been locked up like me and the others, that's why you don't know what chocolate chip cookies are yet. You're new to being free, just like me." He said with a tone of optimism that someone who had been in either of their situations shouldn't have had.

"Well, chocolate chip cookies are this really sweet dessert that is made by baking a dough made with four, sugar, butter, eggs with little chunks of chocolate in them. Chocolate is a sweet type of candy made from a special bean in the jungle." Nariko explained as best he could. He was now sitting really close to Ixa in the tub, but neither of them seemed to mind at all and they were both having fun. Nariko did notice that the water was getting cooler much quicker than he expected it to, but it was still hot enough to get clean and he started scrubbing all the places he could reach on his own before dunking his head under the water to get his hair wet and then he put the shampoo in and worked up a good lather. He then started to wash Ixa's back and getting the places that he couldn't reach on his own, then turned sideways to let him do the same. Nariko was covered in fur on his back so Ixa had more work to do. After getting all lathered up he dunked himself under the water again to get all the soap off.

After cleaning and rinsing off, he got out of the tub, took a towel and dried off. He also did the full body shake to get even more water out of his fur. He picked up one of the Tel-veshes and held it up giving it a confused look.

"How exactly do we put these things on?" Nariko wasn't used to a lot of different types of clothing, and the simplicity of a piece of cloth seemed so simple it was confusing.


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"Oh wow! What a coincidence!" Ixa shouted as he stretched out over Nariko and actually sort of fell on top of him from his over-excitement. "What a small world!"

As Ixa said this, a certain Spirit Guardian was Facepawing, but as she was not materialized at that time no one noticed it. Instead, Ixa just listened with deep interest and curiosity as Nariko explained all of the details about chocolate chip cookies.

"Wow! You know a lot! That sounds really cool!"

Ixa was practically smothering Nariko at this point, so Snowflake who recovered from what Ixa was doing earlier spoke up without appearing. However, this would let Nariko have a good opportunity to know for certain that if he touched Ixa's skin, it was beyond the quality and norm of even genetically enhanced human skin.

"Ixa, too close".

"What? Why?"

"Please remember common sense".

"What is that again?"

As that happened, they moved on and helped washed and bathe each other, before finally rinsing off and getting out and using the towels to dry off. The water seemed to bring out the perfection even more, but what might be most notable was his lack of reaction to the cold. Normally, even animals full of fur would shiver and be cold and want to cuddle inside a towel when they got out of a bath, but he looked rather pleased.

Unfortunately, at Nariko's question, Ixa had no good answer. Indeed, even Snowflake, who usually had answers, could not help in this matter. In the first place, she didn't even wear clothing being a wolf, and so she mainly knew from what she observed. She knew they were suppposed to wrap it around their bodies, even Ixa could figure that out, however...

"It fell down. Guess thats not it".

Since it did not stay on, he was puzzled on what to do. He wrapped it around his neck after that, and had one end drape over his front while the other his back. Technically, like that it did cover stuff...until he moved around.

"Maybe this is it! Well, whatever. We could always just head back and ask the priest, or ask one of the nice lady attendents here to...why are you here again?"

Addressing the attendents for the first time, they walked over to the two and smiled.

"Well, among helping children, we are also here in case someone slips or has something happen to them that causes them injury, or falls into the bath so we can prevent them from drowning" they said as they took a towel and tried to do some touch up drying on both of them. However, Ixa's mind took that as their whole answer and continued forward before she could finish. He went up and put his back to Nariko's back.

"Oh oh! I am curious! Which one of us is taller?! And, and...oh, which one of us has longer arms. Or hair. Or..."

"Ixa! Stop right there!"

"But I..."


Snowflake appeared before Ixa innocently started saying things that boys shouldn't say or do in front of others, especially females. With that said, Ixa then decided to try and take Nariko's hand and have them go back to the area they would be sleeping in to figure it out, or to ask for the priest to help.

"Wait wait, hold on! We can show you!"

And meanwhile, the attendents said that. If the two actually did stop, they would help by gently wrapping the cloth around the area between their waists and halfway to the knees, and would then carefully make sure it was tucked in. It couldn't be called secure, but it seemed to hold...although, aside from the fact Ixa might just be too energetic for it to hold, unless Nariko had some sort of trick his tail might end up actually getting in the way as well.

However, the attendents also went and hugged the two boys while saddened. "You poor boys, being abandoned and on your own at such a young age..."

Ixa just seemed happy they cared and said it was okay, but Snowflake was alert. Its not that they seemed insincere, or that any of this was suspicious. Snowflake was just always looking out for Ixa.


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Nariko had just the minimal grasp of what common sense was. Most of what he had learned he learned from reading other peoples' minds and it seemed like some people had more than others. He had noticed Ixa's smooth skin in the tub, but didn't say anything after snowflake said something about getting too close and using common sense. The nice ladies helped them tie the robes properly, but they weren't familiar with Aonian anatomy and Nariko's tail did get in the way slightly, so they adjusted it so that it stuck out between the wrapping of cloth.

"Thank you for the help ladies." Nariko smiled innocently as he and Ixa went back to the room with the cots. He was getting excited by the questions and was wondering some of the same things too. One might have noticed, when they got back to the room, that the fire went down a little in size and it wasn't quite as hot as it was earlier, almost as though the fire were alive and responding to what they had said earlier.

Nariko watched Snowflake with an instinctual form of caution that most feline species would have when in the presence of a wolf, but she was acting nice so Nariko didn't worry too much, but his tail was still a little fluffier than it normally was. He wasn't exactly sure why she was making a fuss out of him asking questions but he figured it was more stuff he didn't understand being a kid and all. They got back to the cots and Nariko moved his so that it was right next to Ixa's then crawled under the blanket.

"I noticed that your skin was really smooth while we were in the tub. Is that something they did in the lab or is it a thing that all of your race has?" Nariko asked, assuming that, like himself, Ixa was not from this planet either. He didn't even think about the possibility of him being a clone.


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After they got the help, and returned back to the beds, Ixa climbed onto his and lay on his belly, which was nowhere close to a common way for people to sleep. He seemed to look peaceful and content, though he couldn't help but look around the room.

"My skin? Ah, it must be because..."

But before Ixa could finish, a loud crashing sound could be heard, and when Ixa looked over a few ruffian type bad looking people were entering the room.

"Hey! Don't get in our way if you know what is good for you!" one of them shouted as they took out a picture and showed it to a priestess. "Now, we know this brat came in here! Where is he, and we might just leave all peacefully like!"

As they said that, Ixa let out a small breath and looked at the man.

"Why is he lying so much? He is only here cause he wants to get paid for causing a lot of violence".

Suddenly, the man ended up looking at the two of them and noticed them.

"Well now, a prize and something extra. Maybe we could sell the extra to one of those illegal brothels...ones that cater to 'unusual' tastes....huh?"

But before Ixa or anyone else could make a move, the fire itself seemed to spark up and come to life and then seemed to lunge out towards the foul speaking man, and grabbed his tongue while it was in his mouth. It burned his tongue and the insides of his mouth to a terribly painful degree, while the priest from earlier came out from a hallway.

"Please, do not speak in such a vulgar away in front of the Dragonfire. It would be extremely unpleasant for you if you continue to disrespect the temple like that, especially in front of these children. So please, be gone. Or perhaps...you need to be given punishment for being bad? After all, all actions that are considered 'bad' must be punished. A child's errors will only be able to be corrected if they know that they did something wrong. Tell me child, do you know the full scope yet that what you are doing is wrong? Well, I doubt you know the full truth or you would not be here, so perhaps I should punish you then and assist with your education..."


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"What's going on? Why is that guy after you and why does he want to kidnap us?" Nariko asked before he watched the fire shoot out from the fireplace and started burning his mouth. At first Nariko was a bit scared because he wasn't sure if the fire did it on its own or if he had done it with some new psychic power he didn't know he had yet. He seemed to discover he had new powers all the time, so it wouldn't have surprised him if he was doing this subconsciously. However, when he heard the priest speak to him, he knew that the fire had a will of its own.

Nariko pulled the covers up tight to his neck instinctively, even though it wouldn't have provided much protection, if any, from the ruffians that wanted to kidnap them. He did it as because being under the blankets made him feel safe for some reason. It prevented him from bolting to the nearest door to run away as his fight or flight instinct kicked in. He scooted closer to Ixa and was ready to grab him and run if he had to, though he wasn't sure where they would go if he had to do that.

He put his hand behind his back and began to take in matter from the air and pillow behind him and manifested a sword behind his back, ready for the boy to attack or for others to come in and attack him. He didn't even realize he had done it until the sword was fully formed.