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Nathan Miles

A Rayquaza that hides his existence by disguising himself as a human.

0 · 2,249 views · located in Magma Catacombs

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Scorpion01


True form:

Human form:

Age: Appears to be 16
Height: 6'0

Personality: He is indifferent to most people, but then aren't most people? Towards his trainer, he is protective, kind, playful, and he tries to be helpful. He also might have a crush on his trainer.

Known moves-
Extreme Speed: The user charges the foe at a blinding speed.
Hyper Beam: The foe is attacked with a powerful beam emitted from the mouth of the user.
Dragon Pulse: The foe is attacked with a shock wave generated by the user's gaping mouth.
Outrage: The user rampages and attacks for two(2) to three(3) posts.

Special Ability: Air Lock: Eliminates the effects of weather. Example: If rain makes the opponent faster, It is negated.

Side Effects of usage of moves-
Extreme Speed: None
Hyper Beam: User must rest for one(1) post
Dragon Pulse: None
Outrage: The user becomes confused for one(1) or two(2) posts.

Attack: 330
Defense: 186
Sp. Attack: 328
Sp. Defense: 193
Speed: 226

So begins...

Nathan Miles's Story


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Valorie laid upon the ground where she'd been set down, staring blankly up at the sky. At some point she had tried to sit up, only for a wave of nausea to convince her otherwise. What had she just done..? Had she fought down a legendary pokemon on her own? No, that was absurd--Yet, she had played just as large a part as the rest of her team in that battle. Her, a little human girl...

Oooh--Her body was going to kick her ass for this later. She could already feel it; the burns on her hands, the aching in her muscles, one or more broken bones... She was not getting up anytime soon. The brief idea of being stranded here to die crossed her mind, but she quickly passed it. Nathan was strong. He wouldn't fail her.

...Her eyes closed.

And thus they remained, at least until the thunderous sound of a cave collapsing shook her from her rest. She craned her neck to see a cloud of toxic black gas rising into the sky, a familiar figure approaching. A ball, placed in her withered hand, brought a smile to her face. "No... We did it." she corrected weakly, clutching the ball with what strength she had left. "Without you, and my friends, I--" she began, only for a painful convulsion to cut her short of her no doubt heroic speech. She twisted onto her side. "Ow. Ow... Please, Nathan. Take me to a pokemon center." she requested.

On second thought, the cheesy speech could wait.


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Character Portrait: Valorie Ryder Character Portrait: Nathan Miles Character Portrait: Groudon
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Nathan smiled and nodded, lightly taking the ball from her hand and placing it in her bag before slipping his arms gently under her, picking up his trainer bridal style as he slowly stood, letting her lean against him so she wasn't in so much pain. "As you wish, Valorie." His tone was gentle and soothing, and he radiated with pure air to help Valorie's body begin to funnel out any toxins in her lungs, blood, and muscles.

He lifted from the ground as he began to levitate towards the nearest town, moving quickly but gently through the skies. He'd make sure she was safe and sound; whatever the cost.