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Neferata Lahmia

The former Queen of an ancient clan of vampires. A powerful sorceress driven mad by a curse, she dwells alone, stewing in her own hatred of the world until such a time as it can no longer be contained.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Disdain


The Orsa of Terminus wish to claim twelve artifacts to release their imprisoned lord, known only as The Sealed One. The Patronus Guardians seek to keep these artifacts from the Sealed One and his generals.


Neferata Lahmia, Fallen Queen and Mother of Lahmia.

©2010 *SeriousBreakfastTime of deviantart.

Name: Neferata Lahmia
Age: 5500 (approximately -- after a certain length of time, you stop counting.)
Race: Vampire (Lahmian, see history)
Significant Relationships: Ravenlock (old enemy), Taima (more recent, more hated enemy), Karinyé Allore (new leader of the Lahmian Clan, also enemy)

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair Colour: White blonde.
Eye Colour: Grey.
Physical Description: Neferata was once a very beautiful and alluring creature, as are all of her kin -- even those less than appealing before their transformation were made beautiful after it. She retains that natural beauty, but in her fall from grace, she has become something more twisted. Her features are almost permanently contorted into a hateful scowl or snarl, and her once elegant garb is tattered and bloodied. Her long platinum blonde hair is regularly tangled and knotted on the days she is too embroiled in her loathing to take care of it. Her beauty now is savage, feral and terrifying - far from the serenity and elegance she once displayed.

Personality: Neferata's malice and bitterness have grown tenfold since her defeat at the hands of the Patronus during the Orsa of Terminus wars. Her subsequent exile from her clan and the insanity brought about by a curse from Taima have shaped her into a twisted and paranoid creature. She barks at shadows, spectres of the Dragonborn that ruined her, and screams at the air in rage. Prone to fits of violence against people or objects, her self-imposed hermitage in her old estate is all that keeps her being an extremely dangerous threat to civilians. When she hunts, it is with a savagery unbefitting her former self, leaving victims broken and drained where before there would have been barely a mark to alert them in the morning that anything had happened.

Skills and Talents:
  • Agile and capable of reacting swiftly.
  • A very capable sword/shield, dagger and bow fighter.
  • Relentless when provoked - with nothing to lose.

  • Arcane Magic: Neferata was a sorceress in life, and remains so in death. She has control over the lores of Fire (self explanatory), Shadow (similarly so), Life (nature), and the Heavens (Lightning).

  • Necrotic Magic:
    • Raise Undead: Neferata can call spirits of the dead to aid her in battle, these can take the form of zombies, skeletons, ghosts or hellhounds.
    • Gaze of Nagash: Neferata can fire dark magical energy from her eyes, like superman but more evil.
    • Malediction of Nagash: Neferata can lay an aura of paralysis on an enemy, slowing them down and weakening them or completely stopping them, depending on their strength.
    • Hand of Dust: Neferata can age an enemy with physical contact, the effect beginning where she touches them and spreading outwards.
    • Drain Life: Neferata can drain the very essence of a being upon physical contact with them.

  • Vampiric Powers:
    • Levitation: Self explanatory
    • Alluring Gaze: Neferata can fix a human with her gaze and hypnotise him or her with her beauty, paralysing them and reducing them to her will.
    • Regeneration: Neferata's (regular) wounds heal themselves in seconds, and she can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart or decapitation.
    • Mist Form: Neferata can become ethereal, meaning she cannot physically attack or be physically attacked. She can attack with magic in this form, and be attacked with magic, but only magic. Repeated use of this power is draining, and wounds suffered while ethereal are not regenerated till she returns to physical form.
    • Speed: Neferata is gifted with superhuman speed.
    • Mantle of Darkness: Neferata can become invisible.
    • Shapeshifting: Neferata can shapeshift into a bat, a rat or a wolf.

    • Shortsword
    • Dagger
    • Mithril Mail (looted from the dwarven holds the Lahmians looted from the dwarven mountain they took over)
    • Bow and arrow.
    • Small kite shield.

History: The Lahmian Sisterhood were once citizens of the city-state of Lahmia, set in the ancient realm of Aramaea. When a new Queen came to power, Neferata Lahmia, all seemed wonderful -- her people loved her.

A decade into her reign, however, a powerful necromancer named Ketahr came to power nearby in the desert realm, and turned on Lahmia as one of his first targets. He cursed the city, killing all of the males, the elderly and the young, and turning the women into what he intended to be his own personal harem of beautiful vampiresses. But Neferata, a sorceress herself, was having none of it, and with their new powers - under her banner - the Lahmians drove him away from the city. By then the tragedy had attracted the attention of the other Aramaean rulers, and they deemed the city of vampires an unpalatable threat. Their magic and armies were too strong even for the newly born powerful clan of vampires. After their city was destroyed, the Lahmians fled with her people to the mountain known as 'The Silver Pinnacle'. After driving out the mountain's goblin inhabitants, Neferata established a new court, where she ruled as the leader of a Sisterhood of enchantingly beautiful vampires who used secrecy, cunning and intrigue where others would use brute strength, to sway the political powers of the human kingdoms to do their will. The talons of the Lahmians reached all levels of human society and they took an active interest in human affairs. No one could guess how many eccentric noblewomen, widows of princes and dukes, and high-born ladies who shunned the light of day and locked themselves up in tall towers and opulent palaces, were in truth the Undead and part of Neferata's brood.

In modern times, however, Neferata has fallen far. In an effort to regain power, she made a deal with a dark entity known as the Sealed One. In helping him return to the world he would grant her and her people unparalleled strength and influence. He was defeated, however, and in her war for him Neferata brought death and division to her clan. A curse was laid upon them in the dying breath of the Patronus warrior Taima, one of insanity that would strike without warning. It would not affect every Lahmian, but enough would succumb that trust was impossible and their numbers remained low.

Karinyé Allore, the leader of the faction that had initiated a civil war against Neferata when she had put them into the service of this Sealed One, returned on the eve of her defeat to claim victory. Their Queen's defeat at the hand of the Patronus had swayed those loyal to her towards Allore's cause and left any remaining loyalists outnumbered and defeated. Neferata and those who still stood with her were exiled.

Neferata now dwells alone in the remnants of her estate, brooding and loathing all around her, her mind plagued by insanity.

Lahmian Vampires: Neferata's subjects are powerful in their own right, and each possess all of the vampiric powers listed above, combined with the 'Drain Life' necrotic spell, but no other magic.

So begins...

Neferata Lahmia's Story

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#, as written by Script
The light in the once magnificent estate was dim, gloomy. Sunlight from the outside petered in only here and there, thick curtains drawn across near every window. In the beams of light that did pierce these coverings, thick clouds of dust were visible floating in the air, as well as coating near every surface. The estate seemed abandoned entirely, cobwebs filling its corners and rot setting into some places that dampness had claimed. Extravagant furnishings in once-luxurious colours were faded from lack of care to keep them well maintained, and black burned patches dotted both them and the walls, where wallpaper and paint had peeled.

In the main entrance hall of the estate, the glittering gold-and-glass chandelier had fallen from its chain, shattering all over the floor and leaving the tiles a death-trap for feet, jagged glass and twisted metal scattered every-which way. The bannisters on the stairways were broken in places, blasted away by some force or impact. The main doors hung on their hinges, having been forced open a long time ago. The reception room by comparison was - though its furniture was scattered and upturned - largely intact, all but for a shattered mirror, the frame and remaining shards of glass stained with blood and blackened by heat.

It was in this room that Neferata stood, staring blankly at the remnants of the mirror. Blood ran down her arm, though the wounds from the shattering had already closed. A crackling static from conjured lightning was still fading from her fingertips. "Cursed dragonborn..." she hissed, "How is it that I cannot be seen in a mirror, and yet still you can? A reflection of a curse upon one with no reflection? What sense is there in that?"

The sorceress turned angrily, the shredded silk and lace of her once-beautiful gown sweeping outwards as she moved. "If you think to drive me from this world with your torments, then you are mistaken..." Neferata muttered, "No, in provoking me you only bring worse upon those who have outlived you, worse upon those you would protect. I will rise again, dragonborn, and your precious allies will feel the fangs of Lahmia again..."

She rounded once more on the broken mirror, hands crackling with lightning, "Do you hear me, Taima? From whatever bastard afterlife you dwell in, do you hear me?!" she screeched, "I will destroy your legacy just as you have destroyed my world!"

The lightning seared from her palms, crashing against the wall and blowing a chunk out of it, the remnants of the mirror scattering across the room. As her rage subsided, Neferata straightened, closing her eyes to calm herself. She disdained what she had become - a pathetic shadow of her former self, all control lost to her. The Queen of Lahmia would never have sunk to such discomposure. This, the dragonborn had done to her. And her allies would pay for it.

They would pay dearly.

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Character Portrait: Neferata Lahmia Character Portrait: Andrew Sedwich
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The faded rays of the sun reflected gently off of Andrew's skin as he strolled about the grounds. It was not unusual for Sedwich to take afternoon walks around the grounds near his humble home, and today was no exception to that statement. As he made his way among a freshly flattened deer trail, he suddenly saw a mansion come to view through the great trees. It was strange, Andrew could not recall having ever seen a mansion here before, and he was an extremely observant person.

"Either I've made a wrong turn, or I've made a right one..." He said to himself quietly as he adjusted his shirt collar.

Straightening his posture a bit more, he began to make his way towards the mansion. Walking through the large open yard in front of the building, he showed no sign of worry for being spotted. This far out in the wilderness, it would be surprising for anyone to catch a glimpse of him.

As he finally came close enough to the mansion, he could see the apparent ware on the building. Stone was crumbling away, glass was cracked or shattered, the paint was peeling and losing its color in spots. "What a terrible waste of craftsmanship." He thought to himself as he slowly made his way around the building. He evaluated the home until he made it to the back door, where he then approached and tried the knob.

The nob turned ever so slightly, and then quickly halted. Locked. As Andrew sighed, taking a moment to rethink his access plan, he noticed that a window was slightly ajar. Investigating, he determined that he could use it as he means of entering the curious mansion. Carefully opening the window the rest of the way, Andrew climbed in and quietly shut it behind him.

Looking around, the place was huge, and smelled of dust and ash. "That's peculiar," He whispered. "I could swear I sense someone else here..." His senses were telling him that whoever it was, they were powerful, no simple scavenger. Using this knowledge, he very slowly made his way through the large corridors and rooms, every now and then calling out. "Hello? Is anyone here..? I am not a threat, just a wandering Incubus..."