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Nicolette Duvalle

A renegade French intelligence agent, and lover of Jonathan Hunter.

0 · 259 views · located in Dead End

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Loxley


While French by nationality, Nicolette is in actuality of Asian birth, as her parents were Vietnamese, though living in France. She's a beautiful woman of 1,72 in height, with a muscular, but slender and well-proportioned body. She has long, brown hair that reaches beyond her shoulders, and brown eyes. She rarely wears any make-up with the exception of occasional lip gloss. She prefers black and biker leather clothes, but when the occasion or mission calls for it, she's no stranger to wearing dresses or other clothes.



Nicolette is a strong woman with an attitude. She is, however, cool-headed and composed, unlike her lover Hunter, and in a way she balances him out with her temperance. She's intelligent, ruthless as Hunter, and with an almost surgical mind for making mission plans. Nicolette can be both charming and seductive, as well as deadly intimidating, depending on which is most needed. She's defiant towards enemies, and when somebody wrongs her, she doesn't hesitate to wreak ruthless vengeance on them. In a way, she is as psychotic as Hunter in this aspect, though she still retains her senses in a far greater degree than he does, and would never hurt an innocent bystander, while Hunter might. She does not, however, hesitate to statuate examples of people who cross her, a trait she has in common with her lover, and on occasion, she's known to take some pleasure out of physical violence, something she excels in as a long-time avid kickboxer.


Glock 22 pistol, various combat knives, handcuffs, taser, poisons and brass knuckles.


Nicolette was an orphan, who's parents were killed by terrorists in a bomb attack on her father, a high-ranking French intelligence officer working in counter-terrorism during the Cold War. Nicolette, as the only survivor of the attack, became traumatized, and never adapted to a regular life again while growing up in an orphanage, where she had to fight the other children to not be bullied, a childhood similar to that of her future lover, Jonathan Hunter's. She became vengeful and ruthless, skills that would later serve her well, as she, as soon as she turned 18, joined the French Army.

In time, she was attached to the French counter-terrorist force GIGN, first as a sniper, and later as a team leader, and, eventually, commissioned officer in charge of her own sniper detail. She excelled at her profession, and earned a reputation for ruthless skill and professionalism, unusual for her youth. After several years of special operations service both within France, and in the Middle-East, she was approached by and recruited to DGSE, the French external intelligence agency, as a wetworks specialist. She would be one of their deniable assets, tasked with counter-terrorism, and the tracking down of wanted terrorists, working outside the ordinary intelligence networks, in a project known as Project Hyène.

She excelled at her new job. Within two years of service in DGSE and Project Hyène, she had captured more than ten wanted terrorist leaders, earning her a reputation as one of the most skilled wetworks specialists within DGSE. At one point, Nicolette was wounded in the line of duty when a terrorist shot her, scarring her on her chest and wounding her badly. Nicolette survived the attack, and only months later, tracked down the terrorist and killed him in an attack in Dubai, sanctioned by DGSE. She showed extreme ruthlessness towards the man, who, having scarred her, had earned her animosity. Before killing him, she tortured him for information, leading to the exposure and subsequent arrest of his entire terrorist cell.

It was this that earned her the attention of the right superiors. Her loyalty to France and DGSE un-questioned, she was tasked with her biggest mission yet - to track down, and bring in, one of the most vicious and dangerous terrorists in the world, South African Jonathan Hunter, a man wanted by dozens of law enforcement agencies in Europe, Asia, the US, and Africa. She accepted the assignment with the full intention of completing it - however, things turned out differently.

Instead of bringing Hunter in for arrest, Nicolette teamed up with him when Hunter offered her the heads of the people who had assassinated her parents - a secret DGSE cell tasked with carrying out "false flag" operations - codenamed Chacal, a more lethal version of Project Hyène. According to information that Hunter's informants shared with them, her father, a veteran and decorated officer within DRM, had been approached for recruitment by DGSE to Chacal, but turned them down after seeing the immoral and outright illegal activities of the organization. As a result of his rejection of the offer, he was marked. The mark turned into a crosshair when he actively began working against them.

He had to be removed.

DGSE took care of that by using Chacal's most ruthless assassins, who planted a bomb under his car, resulting in his and his wife's death, and in the traumatized Nicolette barely surviving, only to become a ruthless assassin and man-hunter for DGSE, in the false belief that terrorists had killed her parents. Her entire life had been built around a false belief and a lie, and the revelation of this resulted in an enormous hatred for the French government and state growing within her.

Hunter gave Nicolette the revenge she craved by assassinating the director of DGSE and former head of Project Chacal before her eyes by means of a large-calibre sniper rifle that left the man's corpse badly mutilated. After this, there was little doubt in Nicolette's mind about it being the right course of action, when she teamed up with Jonathan Hunter as a professional killer and terrorist-for-hire. Not long after, the two became lovers as well as partners.

Nicolette continued her work within DGSE for a few months after, feeding Hunter inside information that made it easier for him to carry out his jobs on French soil. It wasn't long, however, before DGSE began to have suspicions about Nicolette's loyalty. At that point, Hunter helped her go rogue and disappear out of the country. No longer an agent of DGSE, she became Hunter's full-time partner, and her name started to appear in more and more law enforcement databases in Europe and the US.

Like Hunter, she's now wanted for a long list of crimes including kidnaping, murder, and acts of terrorism, and is considered one of the most dangerous people in Europe along with her lover. More than Hunter, however, she is also actively sought after and targeted by the lingering Projects Chacal and Hyène, the former seeking to silence her and the latter seeking to bring her in for interrogation and arrest.

Nicolette is well versed in hand-to-hand combat, small arms, and intelligence- and counter terrorism operations. She's a highly trained former GIGN-operator, and like Hunter, she knows how to blend in and disappear. With over a dozen different identities, she's as much of a chameleon as Hunter ever was, and few people are foolish enough to cross her and her ruthless lover.

So begins...

Nicolette Duvalle's Story