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"I'd prefer if you called me Snow Elf as opposed to Altmer or High Elf. Because I'm not exactly what one would call a 'pure' blood."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EmperorCaesar


Niranil Celiante


Nickname - Nir

Title - Niranil Snow-Born. (The name his Nord God-parents gave him), The Champion of Auri-El

Age - 436 human years , (however among the Altmer and falmer he is considered to be just out of his teen years.)

Appears - Rather young, In his twenties

Gender - Male

Height - 6'5

Weight - 150lbs

Race - Altmer-Falmer (High Elf-Snow Elf) Mixbreed

Ethnicity - Former Denizen of the Summerset Isle, he is now Living in Skyrim tending to the Chantry of Auri-El.

Species - Mer (Elf)

Hair color - Snow white

Style - Long

Eye color - Icy blue

Skin color - Pale golden

Alignment - Lawful Good

Former Affiliations - Thalmor Justiciary, Imperial Legion

Current Affiliations - Chantry Of Auri-El, Knight-Paladin Gelebor

Class - Knight-Paladin

Occupation - Hunter of the Undead and Purger of Evil.

Outfit(s) --

(Casual) - He is often seen wearing a simple white or blue tunic with the Sun Symbol of Auri-El upon the right breast, simple white slacks, and some sandals or brown shoes

(Formal) - Well his formal attire consists of some rather nice dress robes with Snow Elf symbols and the Auri-El Sun Symbol upon the back of the coat and a nice silver and sapphire circlet adorning his head.

(Combat) - When he is in combat he will be seen wearing an Ancient Snow Elf Light Chestplate (with pauldrons), Ancient Snow Elf Gauntlets, and Ancient snow elf boots. The armor itself is white with black trim and different Snow elf symbols and a Red sash adorning the waist. He does not wear headgear with his armor.

Tattoos - None

Piercings - None

Scars - None


Niranil is a devout follower of Auri-El and will carry out the will of his Lord and Master, however he will not follow blindly and without question... Sometimes before he is to undertake a quest he must meditate and think of why he must do this and if he were to come across certain circumstances what he must do. He is not arrogant, cruel, or mean like most of his Altmer bretheren, for his Snow Elf brother, Knight-Paladin Gelebor, has taught him to let go of such things, for it was not the way of a Knight-Paladin. So instead he is kind, compassionate, patient, and above all Loyal to more than just money and gold. To those he deems friend he will protect and grant them love and kindness to no end. If they require a place to stay, he will gladly oblidge, if they need money for food or a weapon or something they want he will gladly oblidge. He will do practically anything for a friend... THat is if he has time and if he isn't undertaking some sort of chore.

Sexual Preference - Pansexual

Religion - He worships the Great Dragon Akatosh, however where he is from Akatosh is known by many names: Alkosh, Aruiel, Anui-El, and Auri-El. The First Incarnation of Akatosh, being Auri-El, was born as a Snow Elf (or so the Snow Elves believe). Therefore, the Snow Elves, and Niranil, worship him as the "Sovereign of the Snow Elves". Everything he does is Auri-El's Will and every choice he makes he has to make carefully. When he is faced with a difficult decision he will often meditate and ask himself why Auri-El would give him these choices.



- The Scriptures of Auri-El :: A personal 'Bible' if you will filled with scripture in which the story of Auri-El is told.

- The Bow of Auri-El :: The Sun-god's personal Bow in which he took to the battle of Lohkrn at the Dawn Of Time. It has the ability to channel the very power of the sun. When an arrow hits the target when sent forth by Auri-El's bow, it creates a Sunburst effect and causes Sun-fire damage. This is especially deadly to Undead.

- Sunhallowed Arrows :: These Magnify the effects of Auri-El's bow. If shot at the sun, it will create a rather Large Sunburst affecting ALL near by enemies, again, it is expecially effective against Undead.

- The Shield of Auri-El :: The Shield of the Sun-god. This shield has the ability to absorb all power, and momentum, hit against it and send it back out at an opponent ten fold.

- The Sword of Auri-El :: This sword is the Sacred and Holy sword of the Sun-god. When fighting this blade will use Sun-Fire to burn targets for damage and when used on Undead the damage is amplified and when the Undead Target dies it causes them to explode into sunfire and damage nearby enemies.



- Awakened Snow Elf Blood - Being a Descendant of the Snow Elves, it grants him the ability to use some of their gifts. Such as the Snow Elf Holy(Sun) and Ice Magics. This also gives him 65% Resistance to cold.

- Servant of Auri-El - Being a Faithful Knight-Paladin of Auri-El, he is granted 30% resistance to all damage dealt by Undead enemies.

- Paladin's Intuition - He was taught by Knight-Paladin Gelebor to sense whether some one is good or evil. He can sense whether they have good or bad intent, and can also sense Undead and other Unholy things such as Daedric relics and Dremora.


- Sun Fire - He can send forth a Ball of Sunlight which deals sun-fire damage to enemies, the damage is Amplified when used on Undead Targets.

- Auri-El's Protection - When he uses this, A holy Aura of white sunlight will appear around him and deal Sun-fire damage to opponents. Damage is amplified to Undead.

- Auri-El's Purge - He can use send forth a torrent of holy sunfire to destroy any enemies. It is similar to 'Sunfire' and the 'fireball' techniques, however this explodes upon impact dealing Maximum damage, dealing amplified damage to Undead.

- Auri-El's Meditation - When he meditates, he regenerates health and stamina. Along with gaining strength, speed, health, and agility boosts. He will often couple Auri-El's protection with his meditation technique.

- The Way of the Voice - This was taught to him on his pilgrimage to High Hrothgar. He has the ability to use the Thu'um, the ancient ability of using the Voice, as a weapon. Originally used by Dragons. His favorite shout is one he calls "The Breath of Auri-El". This is really just a standard Fire Breath attack, however, he also channels his Holy abilities through the Shout causing the Fire from the Fire Breath attack to become twice as harmful to Undead.


- Mortal :: No matter how much damage is dealt, he will still eventually die if dealt enough damage.


Niranil was born in Skyrim at the College of Winterhold during the late Fourth Era/early Fifth Era, on the fifth day of Frost Fall. His father was a rather powerful High Elf Wizard by the name of Celegraith, and his mother's name was Athylwen. He had a rather pleasant birth, His parent's Nord friends Ursa and Tolbjorf Galruff, they were named his Godparents and well... seeing they were his godparents, they gave him the name "Snow Born". For he was born in the snowy mountains of winterhold.

When he was three years old, his mother and father had completed their studies at the College of Winterhold and moved back to the nice warm climate of the Summerset Isles to the Capitol of Alinor. There he grew into a rather... arrogant and mean young lad, for the High Elves who lived there were rather... well... 'supremacist'. One always thought they were better than the other. Which was one of the reasons his mother and father had decided to move away from the Sumerset Isles, to get away from all of the arrogance and general bad attitude of the populace... However Niranil considered himself far above the High Elves for he had Snow Elf Ancestry, and his High Elf bretheren hated him for that, they mostly called him names and picked on him calling him a 'Mix-blood'. However he held his Snow Elf Herritage with pride.

When he came of age, 21, he decided to join the Second Aldmeri Dominion, otherwise known as the Thalmor. He underwent the training as any other Thalmor Initiate would and passed with flying colors, no matter how much his instructors would have wanted him to fail. He graduated the academy just after the Great War with the acceptance of the White-Gold Concordate....

One of the many reasons he had joined the Thalmor was to get out and travel... he wanted to see the world. However, When he was sent to Skyrim.... his views on the Thalmor changed.... For within the Embassy he saw people being tortured, even killed, just becaust because they were of a different skin color, or just because they didn't worship the same gods as the Thalmor... That wasn't what he signed up for... He thought himself higher than others, but that didn't mean he was going to kill people just because they weren't like him... That was when he requested for his discharge papers so that he could persue other endeavors, thus his gaze turned to the Imperial Legion. Yeah they were Thalmor Allies, but atleast they weren't capturing innocent people and torturing them.

Whilst he was in the Legion, under General Tullius command, he saw allot of Skyrim... He even saw his place of birth, where he studied for a small portion of his life... He read all sorts of books and legends and so forth... Hell he even found himself reading about the Snow Elves and a place called Darkfall Passage. Well he decided to keep that book from the College's library and study it further. Once his time in the Legion was done he decided to venture out on his own for a bit and make his way to this Darkfall Passage.

During his journey he stopped by any known, and unknown, places that were once home to Snow Elves... though usually not much else remained. Mostly just Dwarven ruins and tomes barely mentioning the Snow Elves... but hey Any information was good information to him. Niranil spent a good ten years of his live searching through these ruins until he finally made his way to Darkfall Passage, he was about fifty human years when he arrived. He was a bit wary at first, but he finally pushed that aside and went delving deep into the cave... Encountering a few Chaurus, Corrupt Falmer, and some trolls and spiders, but nothing he couldn't handle. However when he got into the deepest reaches of the cavern he found something he had only dreamed of! A living Snow Elf! A man by the name of Knight-Paladin Gelebor (Now Arch-Curate Gelebor). When he was greeted by this Snow Elf he couldn't help but fall to his knees in praise! Howeve when approached by him the man merely told him to stand.

Niranil told Gelebor of his journeys and his plight and well his want to find out who he was and what he was meant to do. He told Gelebor of his heritage and wanted to learn more about them. Not just the rumors and conjecture he had read in the books he had found. Gelebor told him that if he wanted to know more he would have to become a Knight-Paladin of the Snow Elves. He accepted the terms and was given the Initiate's Ewer and told to fill it at each of the Wayshrines in the Forgotten Vale. However, not just fill the vessel, he was to meditate once he was in each of the wayshrines. The young Mix Elf spent several hours, days, weeks, even months in these wayshrines contemplating the Chakras of Auri-El... Becoming a follower and worshipper of the Snow Elf Sun-god, And when he had finally Reached the Chantry he spoke with Gelebor once more and he was made a Knight-Paladin. He spent three and a half centuries within the Chantry, training with Gelebor, honing his skills and abilities and Rebuilding the once great structure.

Whilst he was tending the garden one sunny afternoon it seemed that he had come upon a rather odd metal plate sticking out of the ground. Well... thinking that this could be a potential artifact that could be restored and put safely into the Chantry's Vault he dug it up! When he dug it up he saw that it was a rather elegantly designed shield! And under it, was a sword. Which was a rather odd place to put a sword and shield. He decided to take it to Gelebor and much to Niranil's surprise, Gelebor told him to keep them... Telling him that he was "Chosen by Auri-El" to bring about His age once more and purge the world of the Evil Undead. Well Niranil could hardly believe it, but.... he couldn't turn down Auri-El himself... So he adorned the sword and shield and became the Champion of Auri-El.

He then ventured out into Skyrim so that he might purge it from any evils it might hold, however, he wasn't just going to leave the Chantry behind... No he would return every so often to bring News to Gelebor of his endeavors.

When he had gone out into the world once more, he was four hundred years old and yearning to carry out Auri-El's will. Which brought him to High Hrothgar, the monestary of the GreyBeards. However, he saw etchings upon tablets and merely assumed that they were like the wayshrines of Auri-El and meditated on them a few moments before continuing on. Once he entered, the Greybeards were reluctant to teach him at first, but he showed of himself to them and basically annoyed them to where they would give in, though they found him rather amusing once they got to know him. Well he then spent the next thirty years studying the "Way of the Voice" and Honing his voice into a Thu'um. One particular shout called to him... Yol... Fire. When his time with the Greybeards whas done he had become rather adept at using the Yol Shout, and even made it his own. Calling it "The Breath of Auri-El". Where he would then venture out and use this on those who were Unholy, undead and evil...

To this day he continues to venture out and accumulate his stories and is willing to share them with anyone who wishes to know them.

So begins...

Niranil's Story


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