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Name: AnivrΓ© "Niv" Lightfellow
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Woodelf / Human Hybrid
Likes: Pissing off others, gloating, succeeding, learning new skills, dragonfruit
Dislikes: Fighting, being shown up, failing, lamb
Skills: Lock-picking, acrobatics, stealth, logical thinking, quick adaption, quick learning


Hair: Ash blonde, sixty centimetres long with bangs half of the uniform length. Usually wears tied back in a ponytail.
Eyes: Hazel, somewhat piercing. His pupils almost never seem to dilate.
Skin: Generally pasty in appearance. Has a few freckles along the bridge of his nose.
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Frame: Lithe, lean

Has two thick metal rings in his ear's cartilage; his ears, due to his Woodelf genes, are pointed, but not to the extent of a pure Woodelf. Niv always seems to have an arrogant smirk plastered upon his face.


Niv is the type of person who goes out of his way to make others dislike him. He considers himself a Jack-Of-All-Trades [which he is] and constantly flaunts his prowess to others. There really is no greater struggle within him with which he hopes to mask by pushing others away; he is simply an arrogant asshole who thrives on watching others squirm. A "professional slacker" and all-around lazy bum, he has earned a uniform level of disdain from his cohorts in every team he's ever been a part of. Nonetheless, they keep him around simply for his general proficiency.

Niv, full of himself as he may be, is still a massive coward, and will flee at the first sign of danger, only furthering his peers' distrust. He is mildly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though of all his skills they are by far his weakest; he will more often than not end up more damaged than his opponents. Seeing as he is only half-elf, his magickal prowess, though still effective, is lacking when compared to that of skilled mages. He drains quite easily.

The half-elf is a bit of a man-whore, though the title's application is a slight understatement. He will literally sleep with anything that walks on two legs; he has a bit of a thing for his acquaintance Ruan, and almost always makes some sort of flirty or sarcastic remark about bedding him when in his presence.


Ever since he was a child, Niv excelled at almost any task he took on, whether it be arithmetic, literature, games of logic, or some of his more... immoral pastimes, such as lock-picking and intrusions. He had a healthy relationship with both his parents, but he simply couldn't take living as an unteachable student.

At the age of ten, he decided to run away from home and joined a small thieves guild in Tai'emroth. He gained their respect quickly, but just as soon lost it as his ego grew. Eventually they grew tired of his attitude and kicked him out. This trend repeated for a while, of him rising and falling amongst various guilds' ranks. Soon enough he was referred to by the city's guilds as "He Who Will Get On Your Nerves Quite Quickly But Make You Wish He Was Tolerable." He loathed the lengthy title, but put up with it.

As the years passed and the war with the Sealed One continued, life became increasingly difficult to live, and Niv found thievery simply insufficient; he needed paid employment, and he needed it soon. There was no one job that would suit his broad range of talents, at least not that he could find. After nearly dying of starvation, he came across a few individuals talking of a Specialized Scout Team being formed to perform in dangerous circumstances. He was generally uninterested, but this soon changed once he heard of the pay. The next day, he found themselves amongst their ranks.


Torso: Sleeveless black shirt
Legs: Black cargo-pants
Waist: Wide brown hide belt w/ multiple pouches
Arms: N/A
Hands: Black leather elbow-length gloves [Half-covers on ring and little fingers]
Feet: Knee-length brown hide buckled boots
Head: N/A
Over: Dark gray hooded cloak [Only wears on certain missions]
Weapon: 15cm-long multipurpose hunting knife
Other: One universal lock-picking set.
Other: One small medicare package.



Cloak: Creates an illusory field that renders those within it essentially invisible.
Deafen: Creates a sound-proof barrier around the caster. A downside to this spell is the fact that those inside the barrier will be unable to hear anything that goes on outside of it.
Shade: Renders the user completely invisible when they are standing in areas of excessive darkness.
Godspeed: Enhances the user's neural activity, rendering them able to comprehend, act and react much quicker than normal. A downside is the increased metabolic rate, which increases the rate of exhaustion and necessity for sustenance.
Divert: Allows the user to force a singular target to perceive a non-existent sound, image, or scent to otherwise divert their attention.

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