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No Eyes - Jack

A blank mask that covers his entire face. The No Eyes. Beware of his power.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by xX- Juni -Xx


The Bloodhoods, aka Crimson Cloaks are an underground organization of Demons hell bent on the destruction of man kind.


Jack, aka the No Eyes (due to his blank mask that covers his entire face.) has been around longer than us and will be around way after we are gone. Jack has been any monsters and demons over the past couple of thousands of years. But a few things have stayed the same since the first time humans saw him several millennia ago. An impossibly tall (8 feet, 2.4 meters tall )humanoid figure with no face. No Eyes is also known for not speaking. At all. Now he is the Right hand man of the leader of the Bloodhood organization. No one knows much about this creature.

"Beware the quiet man. He listens when others speak, plans as others act, and strikes when others rest." - Anonymous
So begins...

So begins...

No Eyes - Jack's Story


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