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An [quote]underage teenage Otaku's yaoi slash wet dream[/quote] catperson, who turned out to be an assassin.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Patcharoo


Norrington Applegate
A white cat person with grey tipped ears and tail. Only eight months of age. Blue ribbon around neck. Brown hoodie and blue jeans. Just shy of five feet. Everything about this cat person screams boyish, except the face which is... a cat face. Wears robotic hands and boots to give them a height and durability advantage, as well as opposable thumbs.
Has been described as an
underage teenage Otaku's yaoi slash wet dream


Norrington Applegate
Has a thing for fighting, hunting balls of paper, victimising innocent critters, nomming, swimming in the rain and just living. Believes life is short, so you should do what you enjoy. Also has a very short tolerance for other people and basically no real show of genuine emotion ever.



Norrington Applegate
A boyish catperson who puts forth a playful harmless exterior for the sake of keeping people off guard. He'll romp around like there is nothing in the world to threaten him, hunting animals, playing in the mud and swimming during a storm.

So begins...

Norrington's Story


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Well shit. It seems something clicked in the feline's brain. Yet as he glanced over his navigation, he figured it wouldn't matter anyway.

"Well, I /could/ tell you, but like I said..." He held a beat, swerving the viper to align itself with his target destination. "I'm a man of my word to the end. Besides, you'll be meeting them, very shortly."

In his casualness, he forgot to flick off his mic to the prisoners impromptu cell, and began talking to Nivera. "Hey, Nivera, let the drives slow down." He pressed his hand against his right display, and flicked through the functions list that came up in that brilliant orange holographic hue. The screen fizzed with each switch, displaying various modules and parts on the ship, until he found what he wanted. He pressed his finger against the option named "Landing Gear", and pressed "Deploy" when it's sub-menu came up. "Give me a wide spectrum scan, tell me where they are."

"Any specifics, Commander?"

"Scan for element 'Au'."


"Send a message to my daughter and Son."


"Tell them I'll be home soon." There was no hiding the inflection of joy in that sentence.

"Confirmed. You daughter's birthday is coming up. Would you like suggestions on a proper present?"

Larion almost spoke again, when he discovered his mic was still on to Norrington, and with a silent curse, he flicked it off. No need for an assassin willing to get his own daughter shot to hear about his family. He sat silent for the moment, and then spoke again. "Compile it." He turned his head back to his forward display, Nivera already bringing up the area's scans, searching for his contact.