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Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman

Cybran Character

0 · 160 views · located in Graisfrask University

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Tank Emperor


A Nation built from war, owning a galaxy well out the way of the goings on in the multiverse.


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 01/04/000200BH
Age: 44
Hair: Short, cropped blonde hair
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Cobalt blue
Height: 6'10''
Weight: 110 kg

Place of Residence: HDS Hiakack (Nacht class Battleship)
Place of Birth: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown
Allies: Waffen FS

Occupation: Obersturmführer (Waffen FS)

Appearance: Tall, long leather Trenchcoat, black Waffen-FS uniform with knee high jackboots.

Fashion of Choice: Military
Weapons of Choice: Combat blade, HPPAS

Religion/Philosophy: Cybran

Sexuality: Gay

Interests: Books, gaming, gambling, using computers

So begins...

Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman's Story

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Character Portrait: Obersturmbannführer Adolf Landers Character Portrait: Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman Character Portrait: Rottensturmführer Richard Schaefer
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15:45 Hours,
Command Deck
HDS Hiakack (Nacht class Battleship)
Battlefleet Hydra
Solar System 10291-694-273 (Chemias)

Obersturmführer Adolf Feynman swallowed, watching the others calmly with his eyes fixed calmly on the prize, his veins on his right hand stuck out while they did not on his left hand. The thick recycled air blasted through the vents with a sweet light smell, one that the engineers must have put into the systems only within the last few hours. His cobalt eyes glancing between the other members of the senior Waffen FS detachment to the Battlefleet Hydra sat down at the conference table, with the hologram of the ships slowly moving carefully. His eyes were sharp and pin point, against his pale skin, almost as white as chalk. His cap was hung up on the coat hanger, above his coat, and the black uniform that he was wore was pressed and ready for anything, with a mass use of Starch to keep the single creases fresh.

The piece of chewing gum was getting painful to chew on, with no taste in the thing at all. He grunted, slowly stepping over the the bin and spat the piece into the empty bin. He was aware he was being watched by the others as he cracked his fingers after standing to his full height. His boots clicked, as he turned around, waiting for the meeting to stand as he held his head closely into his hand.

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#, as written by Leli
Lights flickered through the room as the commander rallied two of his crewmen to aid him in hailing the HDS Hiakack. Compared to his own vessel it was like an ant to giant beetle. Armed to the teeth the other ship cast a strong presence about the port determined to thwart any offensive actions that may be taken against it. Victor cursed his luck; he was never on good terms with military personal, or never seemed to be. Their attitude always made him believe that he'd done something wrong in trying to follow all of the regulations.

As the lights steadied in the room and other two men whom helped him open communications with the battleship stepped aside leaving only him visible. Standing straight he looked a fair man, albeit somewhat shaken as his hands clawed at his pants trying to dry the sweat. Suddenly a swath of light filled the room as the screen came to life showcasing the strong features of the other crew. They were intimidating for certain, even without a ship capable of rending him apart within an instant.

"Battlefleet Hydra, this is Spurios."

He introduced himself hoping not to appear shaken.

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The command crew onboard the HDS Hiakack swallowed, starting to call out orders to their commander who sat on his command throne. The Comms operator smiled slightly, a female. She looked up at her commander, "Sir, we have a contact, Victor Altrose. Civilian, do you wish me to put the channel to you?"

"Yes." Came the reply from the Battleship Commander with a slight nod, "Greetings to you Mr Altrose. How are you today?"

The Commander was female, typing away on another screen but could multitask with the view of Victor in her bionic eye. Her voice soft and sweet with the single charm hanging down from her neck, a Cybran star. The hint of a tattoo on her neck was only just visible, the hand on a dragon, with a name under it.

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#, as written by Leli
"Good ma'am." He replied curtly taken lightly aback by how pleasant her voice was. Regardless the image was of a woman whom he wouldn't cross. Silent for a minute he allowed his eyes to work over everything at hand. She seemed preoccupied with other matters, more interested in whatever other work she must have had. Wondering why exactly he had opened up a video call with her Victor opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it aptly. When next he opened it he'd gained some composure.

"I've a shipment, detailed to your fleet so it seems. Where would you have me offload it?"

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The Captain swallowed, nodding slowly, "First we will have to search your ship Mr Altrose, it is normal procedure." She sighed softly before looking at the screen, "I will send a docking vessel to board with you and check the cargo before we will let you come onto the ship to off load."

She smiled softly, rubbing her real eye as she went back to her other screen, "Adam, send a docking ship out to check with the small ship please, load it with the Military Customs officers will you please."

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#, as written by Leli
“Of course.” Victor answered with a light nod forward. Behind his back his right hand twitched signalling that work had to be done. The screen immediately fell dark and all conversations were cut off for the time being. Knowing what would soon follow Victor turned towards his men. “Lock down the other bays, leave only theirs open. They don't need to see what else we have on board.” Turning abruptly he followed in behind the eager steps of a newer work hand.

The ship, though smaller than a fifteen thousand man crew battleship, still had extensive room for storage. The actual facilities contained no more than perhaps two hundred people at the maximum, but the ship was no where near fully staffed. Beyond those facilities were the two engine rooms; one for the upper thrusters and one for the lower ones in turn. These great rooms were off access to everyone aboard, including military personnel, unless they had implanted access chips designating them as mechanics or engineers. The only reason Victor could get into the rooms was because he ran the damned ship.

Outside of this though the rest of the vessel was almost entirely storage space. Great bulkheads cut the ship into sections, and within each were different materials. Over twenty in total the Cybran supplies sat in the eighth from the rear. The whole eighth bulkhead though was not reserved for a single customer. Multiple layers meant that one could easily load and unload almost any size of equipment by opening smaller access doors as opposed to going through at the Aft of the ship. These layers could also be combined into one large partition for the largest of items. In this case the supplies sat on the third level, and took nearly all of it. The lights leading to the insignia marked shipping containers were the only ones lit, leaving the rest of the bays in almost absolute darkness. Large steel doors layered with security breaches meant moving from one bulkhead to another was difficult without alerting anyone.

As metal crashed into metal and the piston locks engaged Victor stood at the docking bay awaiting the customs to appear. He was far calmer than he was sitting in the room and had, in a show of good will, made safe his sidearm. Some of the goods on the ship had no right being in existence let alone being transported, but if they were going to be found it would be because of open hostility. Victor had already played this game before and wasn't keen on trying for a round two.

Hearing a light tone he looked up from his thoughts to see the doors of the docking pay open allowing a ship to come within the solid exterior of Victor's own.

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The small vessel left the loading bay of the HDS Hiakack, fully loaded with Cybran Heer marines and some Customs officers. The smaller vessel moved towards the cargo vessel with ease, weaving in and out of the other ships as it came closer to the cargo vessel. Other traffic, including Passenger vessels slowly drifted past the Cybran Military ship, fully loaded.

The ship slowly eased its way into the docking bays of the cargo vessel, landing down slowly with a thud and a skid. The access door to the customs vessel slowly slid down from the main vessel, the air locks opening after the pressures had been adjusted within the smaller vessel. The pilots, were mainly machines with the brains of a Cybran being, all hooked up to the ship. The marines and customs walked down the ramp, the marines armed while the customs had a pistol; procedures.

The head of the customs force walked down with the head of the marine squad, looking at Victor. The customs officer walked towards him, offering a smile with a hand to shake, "You understand we need to check the whole of your vessel in case of any bombs? I take it you have your documents?" She smiled softly, a couple of the engineers came off the docking vessel also, to check the engines. "Was it you that had problems with your engines?"

The Heer squad commander sighed softly, glancing over at his squad, who were already standing with the customs officers. His implants were extensive, including a bionic arm, a lasernetic eye, and a bionic leg. He swallowed under his rebreather, sounding like a air filter. His pistol at his hip, and his rifle in his hands. His combat MkIV suit was fully upgraded with new gun camera on his shoulder, which housed a light for dark hallways of ships. He had already cocked his weapon, and done his checks on it before he had got onto the docking vessel.

The setting changes from the-chemias-system to Graisfrask University

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Panther swallowed, rubbing his eyes slowly as he leaned back in the middle of the Library of the Great university of Casgrax II. He slowly moved his hands back to the table with a number of drawing and a model set on a shelf with the light looking down on it. He sighed as he picked up the small glass of clear liquid, which would be water. He could always admire the bonding between the two key elements, Kipo (Hydrogen) and Nitra (Oxygen). He smart suit pressed finely as he could hear the voices of the Cybran Supreme Commander of the Waffen FS, Ingualt Rooseavet and the soldiers. He sipped the water slowly, looking down at the drawings and the small model of the latest tank of his design. He had a bad idea of what was going to happen in little more than a Cybran years time.

He stood up and glanced around, watching the students as they packed their things and left the Library as it was getting late, yet Panther himself would be staying late, expecting more Military visitors within the coming hours. He headed over to the vast Military History section of the library, his need for wanting something to read was needing filled for the night. He stroked his fine beard as he browsed the vast amounts of books lined up in neat rows. He finally picked a book and limped back to the small desk where his drawing where sat Rooseavet looking at the model ever so carefully. Panther swallowed as he pulled up another chair to look at Ingualt, "So, I see you came. Are the other commanders coming also?"

"Yes, they are as far as I am aware. But I know you wanted to see me first?" Ingualt replied as he offered a hand after placing the model back on the desk. His black uniform was mainly to a barracks standard, nothing special as this was an informal meeting itself.

Panther took it with a soft smiled, shaking it, "Yes, I would like to talk to you about something I fear will happen within the next few months or within a year." He swallowed, pulling his hand away after shaking hands with Ingualt. "I have a bad feeling that the way we have presented ourselves to any Nation that has come near our borders. I feel that we could be attacked in some fashion, and as a great believer in the Cybran our nation works, I feel that we should be trying to make friends, not enemies, yes?"

Rooseavet nodded softly, known his concerns within seconds to offer a reassuring smile, "Don't worry my friend. We will be able to last, with the new set of warships and tanks that is about to be put into production, I feel we can stand against any threat. But... I do see where you are coming from, so I would like to see what your ideas for setting up alliances would be. We already have alliances with the smaller nations in this galaxies, I from what I have heard, we could have a couple of others popping up nearby. As the man I am, I am open to alliances, as long as we make them with the right people."

"I couldn't agree more, Ingualt, but the fact is, we need to hurry making alliances as I fear for the worse. My Friend Feynmann has been building a prototype of a new defensive weapon. Something that will stop wormholes and any other meaning of travel near our borders. As this has been happening, I am worried about what effects it might hold for a number of the defense stations around our borders."

"Don't you worry my friend, we have it all covered with the way the battlestations and defensive stations work. But I will not go into detail. I know you have a bad feeling, but with this meeting of friends tonight, we will be able to come up wioth a plan for combating anything that could attack us. There has already been a number of events with other nations, which I don't feel hear is safe to talk about, but all I will say is, I know many people have the same fears as you and I."

Feynman slowly walked into the library, glancing around before he spotted Panther and Rooseavet, "Greetings my brothers! I hope we are all fine and well?" He smiled as he walked towards them, making both their ears jump and their heads peep up at him.

"Hello, Adolf! I'm fine, I see you got my message." Panther smiled softly as he stood up and offered a hand with a vast grin on his face. He walked towards him as Ingualt got to his feet to do the same.

"Ah yes. The space trip was horrible, so little food it is unbelievable. But here I am, only three hours home from doing that testing on Chemais III." Feynman smiled, taking Panthers hand and shook it, then took Ingualt's hand to shake also, "I see the Military have the same fear as us."