Nidhogg Dragon

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Hinata Hyuuga


Nidhogg is a mighty dragon that lived in the realm of the dead known as Niflheim or Helheim, and the name means "the tearer of corpses." Nidhogg mostly eats the flesh of dead corpses and sucks the blood of liars, cheats, and murders. Neflheim is a fitting home for the abominable people: it is the darkest, coldest, and lowest of the nine worlds of the dead. Nidhoggs' home is a pit of venomous serpents near Hvergelmir, or "the bubbling couldron," a spring that is the source of the world's rivers.

Ohami, a Nidhogg dragon, was found from an egg and was raised by a wealthy man named Revin. That same day Ohami hatched, Revin's son was born; Garston. Garston and Ohami became best friends quickly, so for their 5th birthday, Revin gave Ohami to Garston as a pet and friend. When they turned 15, Garston took his first flight on Ohami's back. Ohami was small for her kind, she would always be at least 2 feet shorter than a normal sized Nidhogg, which is nearly 17 feet tall, and Garston loved it. And instead of feeding her corpses, they fed her wild animals they hunted, or leftovers from dinner.

On their flight to a nearby town, they bumped into a sourceress. The sourceress asked once Garston hopped off Ohami's back, "My dear dragon, what is your deepest wish or dream?" Ohami tilted her head, red eyes gleaming in intrest. 'To shift into a human girl and myself as I please!' She thought, unable to speak the human language.
The sourceress gave a soft smile. "Is this wish your true dream?" Ohami nods.
Suddenly, Ohami was lifted into the air, clouds circling her as she changes into a human. She fell to the ground, suddenly wearing a beautiful green dress, her blonde hair and pale skin making her red eyes stand out. Weakly, Ohami stands up on her new legs, standing 5'6" and weighs nearly 150 pounds. Garston gaped at Ohami's human appearance.
Having new feelings for each other, Ohami and Garston stayed in the village for the rest of the trip, but the next morning, Garston wasn't in his room. "Garston!" She cried, seaching the village, but no sight of him. Will she ever find him?

So begins...

Ohami's Story