Olive Swagger

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Olive Swagger


Image-Gender- Female

-Age- 17

-Race- Human...

-Appearance- Out of the plentiful crop of human life stretching across the lands, and from the prettiest girls you can imagine to catch your eye, perhaps they bat theirs at you? Olive does not stand amongst them. No, Olive is neither exotic nor refined as her namesake; rather, she is hardly noticeable at all. Instead of turning heads with her looks, they stay put, ignorant of her features. While not a noticeable beauty, if one were to turn around and give her face its due attention, they would find that she is not unpleasant to look at after all.

The skin of her face, as with the rest of her body, has a luscious life sheen to it, a tint of color that makes her appear truly alive and healthy. Pale or tan do not describe it, but the word soft may also come to mind, as it truly is just as soft as it looks. Large, almond shaped eyes are set in place at a perfect width apart, the strange color of vibrant violet washes over her eyes, but other than the color they appear to be human, veins and iris all. A petite nose sets her face, a heart shape with a strong chin. Her upper lip is thin, while her bottom one is slightly plumped, giving her a strange almost-pout, but the shape is lost in how her lips always seem to be dry and pale with thirst. Thin eyebrows run straight and show no sign of being kept, as does her hair. If it where not for how straight her hair was, it would appear to be a rat’s nest as the week whore on. Thankfully she can run by with it only looking improperly brushed and lazed. It runs slightly past her shoulders, and bangs hand just over her right eye. The style appears almost like that of a stable boy or page, and she is often mistaken for one given her usual attire. The color is owns is a golden copper, with a hint of red in the correct lighting.

As for her body, Olive is not well endowed, but she is slim and fit. She looks like one not fit to even bare sons, as she holds almost no fat to her frame, and stands at an unimposing height of 5’ and 3”. She is petite, and if anything, she appears ‘cute’ and helpless when in a dress. Looks are deceiving however, and it so happens that she is never in a dress, her muscles are wiry and lean, and she is built for agility and quickness, rather than blunt confrontation. She is stronger than she looks, but certainly no goliath at only 117 pounds. Small scars here and there mark her torso and arms on otherwise flawless skin, as well as the odd bruise due to her lifestyle. Her legs in proportion to her body are slightly long, but again nothing in comparison to some tavern wenches. While her hands are small and her fingers slightly thick due to there short stature. All in all, Olive can appear cute, but only if studied closely, as a painting would be. But paintings never made good wives did they? Ah well, who cares anyway?

-Personality- Lying, cheating, bratty, rude and manner-less, sounds like the adjectives describing Olive. She’s a grown street rat now, and while somewhere along the way she learned a thing or two about being cared for and using etiquette, those memories are as dead as the person who gave them to her. In fact given the days, she goes out of her way to be bratty and rude, a cheeky little tart that has no mummy to run to is what she’s become in simplest form. At times the daunting depression of her lonely and bitter life gets to her, and she can listlessly stare off into the sky, trying to feel something other than nothing.

But most of the time it is quite the opposite, she appears lively and feisty, ready to throw a retort or something worse at you. Her cocky expression can piss someone off, and her laid back stance infuriates others when they see how easy she makes everything look. Her movements flow like water, and her effortless tongue spews strangely intelligent arguments. For how can an obviously unsteady traveler know anything in ways of education? She appears as no scholar for sure, yet she speaks like one. At other times she can appear serene and collected, an aloof cool that is charismatic and curious. But all the same, no matter her mood, she never seems to stumble or look unsure of herself.

But despite her apparent coldness, it is all a deceitful façade she wears as a habit. In reality she is a gargantuan softy, and the mere tear or look of hunger will send her over to your aid. She’s a sucker to the children, especially the other street rats, and too conscience ridden to steal from anyone who is not extremely well off or a noble. She comes to the aid of a complete stranger without hesitation, and of course karma rewards her good deeds with crappy near-death events, but try as she might she can’t help it. She also can’t help playing Robin Hood from time to time, when she sees a particular family with a certain need, you know; little Timmy with his broken leg, dead father and mother desperately trying to keep her children alive. Indeed, Olive anonymously and immediately will help them; a big heart for a thieving hustler.

She manages to do all of this off of a strikingly high intelligence. It helped her survive, and thus far it is her only permanent and powerful weapon. She soaks in information like a sponge, and can recall the haziest memories with acute accuracy. Though that memory thing is proving to be her bane in life, as it means she tends to hold a grudge forever, and she can’t shake the images of her dead teacher from her mind.

Olive is a smooth talker, and knows her way around business, she may not be a lady, but at least her head ain’t empty.

-Clothing and Armour- A gray short-sleeved robe that reaches to her knees with slits up the side to her waist is worn over a long sleeved blue tunic. Her pants are black cloth that goes to her ankles, where she has a pair of brown unimpressive boots. The inside of her robe has a myriad of pockets with which she hides her loot.

She also has a traveling cloak that she wears when it is cold, and all in all she is quite lacking in the ways of Armour.

-Pendant- Stolen quite a while ago from a theif she double robbed, the pendant is rather nifty, it grants her invisibility as long as she has it on.

Her woven satchel carries her money, cloak, possibly some food, some herbs she finds that can be of help, a special hand held mirror. The mirror has saved her skin a few times. She doesn’t know everything it can do, but so far from what she can tell, it can take a direct spell cast at you, and turn it around on the user. The mirror is wooden, with arrows pointing every which direction you can imagine carved into every square centimeter of the handle and back. She had to leave the town she originated from in order to keep the handy mirror, and so far the only thing weird about it is that every time she looks into it, a woman’s face she doesn’t know appears in her reflection. Olive figures it must be the spirit of the mirror or something, but not that she cares really. So long as the mirror works.

Several throwing daggers Olive has claimed line the inside of her robe, while a bigger fighting dagger is sheathed at her belt. She's quite dextrous with her knives.

-Magic- Magic is a tricky subject that has given Olive nothing but trouble. While she has acquired a few trinkets here and there that are magical and enchanted in some form or fashion, actual magic is something she knows nothing of. What she does know is that people who can sense other magical presences always give her the weirdest looks of astonishment. Her ‘magic aura’ is apparently stock full of raw power, but she doesn’t know a single spell that would help her.

Image-History- What kind of parent leaves their 5-year-old child in the middle of a crowd and never shows up again? Olive’s apparently, she’s even sure that Olive Swagger isn’t her real name, it was given to her by her teacher after all. But back to the 5-year-old, she wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for a kind boy who was 11 years old. He took her into his gang after he saw her crying in the middle of an empty street at night. They were the ‘Cuffs’ and they were damn good pickpockets. She spent her time with them, becoming a member and eventually the leader at the age of 14, by then of course, some of the crew was a bit older, and they moved on to other things worth stealing, black market trading and scavenging on the bad sides of town for equipment from the dead or murdered.

They had a sweet deal going, till they ended up screwing it all up. One misstep was all it took from one unlucky kid. He came running back to headquarters, and trailing close behind were guards under the legion of the King and Queen. This was not a smart move on his part, and it got their hiding space compromised. Almost all of her crew was arrested that night, and the rest decided to scatter. She and one other stuck close however, and they knew that they were screwed unless they could get the loot the Guards were confiscating back. A high priced item, called the Mirror of Eve, had already been paid for, and although they now hadn’t the money, which was in a hidden place at the guard infested headquarters, but they also now hadn’t the item, which its buyer would be wanting in the morn.

Long story short, they almost got themselves killed getting that mirror back. Well, she almost died at least, the other gang member, a boy she was very fond of, she is pretty sure did not make it. He gave up his pendant, which granted him invisibility, and shoved the mirror into her sack with a kiss on the forehead so that she could get away with it. They took different corridors to lose the guards, but while she was invisible, he was not, and she likes to think he got away, but…

Flash foreword to a year, she’s traveled nonstop for quite a long while, gambling to eat and stealing of course. Heaven forbid she makes money the honest way. She arrives at Bellanuva, quite penniless, only two items worth anything on her person and she isn’t willing to part with them for anything, not even food. She is exhausted and tired, but manages to steal some bread. This bread is of course swiftly given away to a couple of thin and hungry looking kids giving her a pitiful look that she can’t ignore. Her good deed, while she thought was going to go punished rather than rewarded, was noticed by a man by the name of Priest Bemouth. He said hello to the snappy 15 year old, and offered her a hot meal at the church. The Church was a smaller one, a scholarly library to keep scrolls in actually, but it did have a cozy living space and kitchen upstairs. She ended up frequenting the place, and slept there some nights too. Priest Bemouth was a wise old man, and while she had taught herself to read, never before had she exercised the skill for something as honest as simply wanting to read. She came to calling him teacher, and he taught her quite a bit. One might even venture to say she was happy for a change.

About a month after turning 17, she found the Library robbed of a few silver objects and Priest Bemouth murdered. Before then Olive had never killed anyone, but boy did she kill the people who did that to her teacher. One of the few who ever showed her kindness, the most compassionate person she ever knew, and he was killed for some silver. She hunted the thieves relentlessly, using any network or resource she had, which wasn’t difficult. She found them within the fortnight, and they were never to see to the light of day. Needless to say however, murdering murderers did not bring back her teacher, and it did not make her feel better.

She’s moved on since then, and has sort of been on cruise control of rude and cynical since then, mixed with rebelliousness towards authority.

Many years ago, 990 years ago to be exact, the Devine Seraphim Eve was tricked by her sworn opposite and rival, the Damned Seraphim Lilith. Lilith used an innocent child to trick Eve into a moment of weakness, and had Abel strike Eve into unconsciousness. From there Eve’s soul was cast down to earth, to be born into a human over and over again. A curse was placed on her, a curse which would cause her to live each new life in emotional pain and to end with a slow and painful death before the age of 18.

And so Eve lives even now as a human, a human named Olive Swagger. Will the outcome be the same once more? Or can the cycle be broken?

So begins...

Olive Swagger's Story