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Founded on fear.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DevilishFae



TerrorBeast (Above), Void Crow (Right), Abyssal Stalker (below)

Tales tell of an ancient monster that lurks within the depths of the shadows, and strikes out in lashes of illusionary magic, causing fear to emanate from its victims on which it feasts. The only real sign people encounter when accompanied by this creature is a high pitched noise heard only by the target.

Dream State The Target/s are trapped within a 360 degree sphere of an illusion emitted by Orizax. The illusion is interactable for the target/s being fully immersive however to other people nothing can be seen other than the target/s standing motionless.

ShadowStep Orizax is able to move seamlessly among the shadows, speed and distance is not an issue. However the shadows he travels through must be connected. He may cross light patches but must manifest into his form to do so.

Etheric Creature Orizax is unable to directly contact physical manifestations, meaning if it tried to bite a human his form would just manifest around it and the target would only feel a cold chill.

Whilst it is formless Orizax has a few common manifestations it uses when travelling through light. A Void Crow, capable of flight , a Terrorbeast which has a carapace which allows some resistance to magic attacks and an Abyssal Stalker, a tentacled humanoid manifestation , again a manifestation of shadow, but with the power of speech.

Seed of Fear Orizax may choose to implant a seed within a target, which unless somehow aided begins creating strong vivid nightmares within the victim. Orizax is then able to harvest from the host.

Feast of Fear Orizax absorbs any emanations of fear . It may return to the same victims, if fear clouds the person on a more permanent level. This is seen through

Not much is known about Orizax's intention's it seems to work autonomously to some end.

So begins...

Orizax's Story


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The side alley was quiet aside from the distant chatter of Gambit's, and the cool breeze sweeping various dust up off the road and whipping it across the cobbled stones. The sun sat angled in the sky and the dense form of a cumulonimbus floated past sending the street into a gloomy grey color.

A young girl turned into the alley, a shortcut on her way back home. She'd just spent the day out with friends and her spirits sent her skipping down the road. She found herself stopping as the shadow of the cloud and a cool chill brushed passed over her setting her heart sinking in her chest.

"Hello?!" she called out nervously, her voice quiet and in contradiction to the clear alley around her. She gripped her arms for comfort, her dress fanning out as the movement of the wind breezed by and a high pitched ringing began to sound in her ears.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but it was enough. When she reopened them she looked around to see the cracks in the walls beginning to ooze a crimson substance. Blood. Her eyes widened as her heart jumped in her chest as one of the grates on the walls began to streak in large splay's as if a razor had pierced a blood vessel of an invisible person standing there. The blood began to pool and move millimeter by millimeter towards her. The world seemed to darken once more and with the intensity of the shock she let out a noise so loud and full of fear that her body fell unconscious to protect her from any more terror.

The street was still, no blood, no pools, no wind, just a girl laying unconscious in the street. The most observant of people may have been able to catch the most dense part of the shadows moving off and disappearing down the street.

The setting changes from Side Alley to Gambit's Bar


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A high pitched blood curdling scream belonging to what would sound like a young girl, can be heard in the direction of the side alley.