Paisley Trent

An' it harm none, do as ye will.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ReineJupiter



When she was just four years of age, Paisley was left to raise herself. She grew up fast, taking care of her dying mother. Her mother wasn't dying of age or sickness. But of weakness. She'd transferred her power down to Paisley when she was born. Power that was keeping her mother immortal. Her father filled with rage when she told him their daughter now had her life force. Unable to accept the child that would kill his wife, he left without a goodbye.
Paisley soon learned that her mother didn't want to live forever. Two hundred years was enough. But her mother passed before she could teach Paisley the do's and don'ts of being immortal. And before she could let her know how powerful she'd become.
Slowly, she learned how to manipulate the elements. Bring warmth to cold feet, shift the grass with a rush of wind. She could soak up water from moist ground and use it to replenish her body. Sink a rock into the dirt with the stomp of a foot.
Then she began to notice that her health had increased greatly. Hardly ever becoming winded, no longer needing glasses. Her legs seemed to be made of muscle and her arms filled out. Though she didn't grow much height wise, her features became defined. Her emotions grew unbalanced though. Anger, sadness, and excitement seemed to come quickly for little reason. And they were hard to maintain.
Paisley became confident, but never cocky. She travels, searching for others like her. Others that might be able to help her understand who she is. Because her powers grow stranger with age. Harder to control.
A stranger bumping into her on the street corner can excite anger that one would never think of. Anger that she could feel in the pit of her stomach and tingling on her finger tips. She could feel the water inside his body grow warm. Hear his heart beat quicken. Heard his screams as his veins burst on the inside of his shell. Before she could stop this, before she wanted to, he was dead. And she was a murderer.
Now she runs from her past, never staying to long, never making close friends. She'd decided that she wouldn't allow herself a home until that mans life was paid off. And he was quite young, so her sentence, long.

What she has to her name
Her best friend, Jack.
Her diary
A bag with the rest of her belongings.

So begins...

Paisley Trent's Story