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Purgers of Scourges

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Иanophяeak


Pallosann in general have four upper limbs per side, which segregate at the shoulder at socket joints and branch out into an appendage with two joints. One saddle joint, located roughly midway along the length, then another pivot join near the end, where four digits extrude from a palm-like structure, one of the digits longer and opposite to the others, making a hand. These digits have four hinge joints, and are very thin. Muscles on the back of the palm and adjacent segment control these digits. Also located on the foremost segments of the The total of eight appendages are all capable of functioning and grasping separately, and allow for very intricate work to be done.
The torso from which these limbs protrude is simple in musculature and is slightly broader and thicker at the top than the bottom. A thick hide of rubbery skin creates a uniform surface, this hide thinning towards the shoulders and being only a millimeter thick on the upper limbs. Powerful lower limbs diverge at the bottom of this torso directly from the sides at socket joints, have three joints, along their form. One located a third of the way down the entire length, is a hinge joint, and the segment it creates is powerfully muscled, containing some of the muscles for the second segment, which occurs another one-fifth after as the limb narrows and doubles back upon itself, finishing with a unmuscled bone and sinew structure that is moved by muscles in the second segment. After this, a cluster of gliding joints connected to the leg by a saddle joint form a shock-absorbing structure that supports most of the weight of the Pallosann, about 200 pounds average.
The head of a Pallosann curves necklessly out of the shoulders, and has a height:width:depth ratio of an average 6:2:3, uniform along the skull. They have two compound eyes for binocular vision located on the front of the skull, and a mouth with a sharp protruding bone ridge in the front at the top and bottom for tearing meat, then flatter teeth for chewing plants along the back that grow continuously and must be worn down. Breathing orifices are located at the top of the skull, and sound-receptive depressions are below the eyes. A main feature of the Pallosann face is a vertical bone wedge that protrudes several centimeters and is used with the head to chop forward and gash an opponent. These are used primarily in female dominance fights and territory protection in males.


The Pallosann evolved from a group of animals where females had multiple male partners who protected her territory and offspring. The males were assigned with care of the infants they sired, and were chosen by the female for mating depending upon the amount of territory they had claimed. The strongest males took the territory from weaker males, and also expanded the female's total domain, to gain her favor. Females sometimes also fought over larger parcels of land, or males who had been particularly successful in beating out the competition. The territory was particularly valuable if it had fruit-bearing plants, the primary food source of the Pallosann's ancestors. The secondary food source was the multitude of swarming creatures that populate their home planet, killed while attempting to take food from a Pallosann plant. Their ancestors developed their many limbs to be equally suited to gathering fruit and slaughtering multiple foes, their thick hide to protect them from the teeth of small creatures, and height to place them above those who scurried along the ground. The notion that swarming animals must be exterminated is one hard-coded into the Pallosann psyche, and even with their culture modernized into a feudal-like system and in possession of high technology, they seek to kill that which swarms.
Some centuries after the Pallosann had exterminated 70% of all life on their planet for the sin of swarm, they were abruptly introduced to extraterrestrial life by way of one of the many locust races that populate the stars, a common form of barely-spaceworthy intelligent life that moves from planet to planet, consuming resources and then moving on. Driven by instinctual rage, they defeated the attackers and used their technology as a base to take to the stars, searching for more of them. They have developed special devices for detecting spaceship trails and habitable planets, and have sent out hundreds of ships into the stars to habitable planets, looking for the ravaged ones, the dead planets already consumed. They follow the trail, and exterminate the race they find at the end of it. This has gone on for millennia, to the point where every Pallosann has forsaken a planet beneath their feet in favor of the self-sufficient motherships that cruise the stars, looking for locusts, seeking out swarms. Each mothership has it's own leader, who from time to time contact ach other, but for all intents and purposes each one is entirely autonomous. Through asteroid mining they produce thousands of warships, and are ready at a moment's notice to take on anything.


Pallosan ship design prefers heavy hulls with slow speeds that are mounted with a multitude of weapons, typically railguns loaded with highly explosive charges that are able to hit frigates and other fast ships very easily. The Pallosan do not utilize frigate sized hulls at all, preferring cruisers cruisers, destroyers, and battleships.

So begins...

Pallosann's Story