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Percival Silvervien

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by porkchop 2000


Full Name: Percival Ashford Silvervien
Nickname/Alias: Percy, 'Rightious Retrebution',
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 212
Body Type: Stout
Fighting Style: Magical Melee
Class: Paladin



Personality: Percy is generally a kind hearted individual. His heart is just and his actions reflect as such. However, his actions are bold and pronouced, as he knows what he is doing. He has narry a thought that his actions are rightious. He is courageous and stern, unmoving to when it comes to battle, and able to stare down even the toughest thugs and thieves. At best, he is protective and caring. At worst, he is stuborn, and unmoving.

1. Honesty
2. Combat
3. Nobility
4. Lighthearted others, whom can take jokes.
5. Kind Heartedness

1. Liars
2. Thieves or Thugs
3. Greed
4. Senseless fighting
5. Elves

SO: Heterosexual

Hobbies: Training, drinking, and hunting

Intrests: To bring peace to all who search for it.


Armor: Armor of the Crusade - A blessed plate armor, crafted from a fine mixture of steel and gold., contrasted with blue silken cames and sashes, adding a sense of regality to the armor. The armor in question covers his entire body, offering good protection from both the front and back. Percy, being a magically inclinded paladin, can bless his armor, to have greater protection against magical spells and effects, as well as more durability and other like effects. It has a visor and an eagle crafted in gold on the right shoulder, providing a very formal look, while maintaining unhampered movement and flexibility. It is noted that getting butted with this shoulder would inflicted quite the wound.

Hammer of the Holy Hand - A small one handed hammer, with a square face and rounded tip. The hammer makes quick work bashing through even heavier armors, The weight of the weapon makes it easier to swing with more momentum, but doesn't add imbalance or make the hammer unwieldy. Again, Percy can bless his hammer to strike with a holy vendeta, or even holy flames if he so choses.

Longsword of Retrebution - A wickedly curved blade, meant for striking unarmored, or lightly armored foes for maximum damage. It's points and edges catch flesh, and tear it away like ribbons.

Healing Wave - Percy restorse health and stamina to his alies or himself.
Healing Surge- Percy heals everyone in a 20 foot radius around him.
Smite - Percy deals holy magic to his foe up to 30 feet away, shocking them with Holy light. Is especially effective against targets that are unholy or undead.
Divine Storm - Using his Holy powers to it's maximum extent, creating a field of Holy energy around him, damaging his foes, and healing his allies, in a 10 foot radius.



Biography: (Will fill in later.)

Occupation: Blacksmith; Armor smith specifically.

Religion: Holy Light; Pelor.

So begins...

Percival Silvervien's Story


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