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Phaidra Vries

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by SapereAude



So begins...

Phaidra Vries's Story


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"Simeon. Do you think we should get involved?" Phaidra asked. She hoped he said yes. She had been itching to put her Berrettas to good use. It had been so damn long since she had a taste of combat, since she got to hear the sound of heads splitting with the pull of a trigger.

"Not yet. We don't make any moves unless Diana gives us the word." replied Simeon, who was sitting with one leg crossed over his knee. He watched with a straight face as the sky ripped open before their eyes, allowing the horrid creatures from some other plane to spill out into the world they had come to call their own--Origin.

Phaidra grit her teeth in frustration and pounded her fist on the table. This earned her a cutting glance from Simeon, who lifted his glass of champagne above the white cloth as the table shook. "This blows. All she ever wants us to do is recruit and train. What's the point of gathering all these forces and training them if we aren't ever going to use them?"

Simeon kept quiet. She did have a point, but it wasn't his place to question Diana's orders. He just followed them. That was his place. So for now, Simeon stayed in his seat and watched as the city's defenders rose to the challenge presented by this invading forces.


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Character Portrait: The Mauhasinan Empire Character Portrait: Nephthys Bastia Character Portrait: The Rosetta Dragon Knights Character Portrait: Simeon Blackmore Character Portrait: Eldritch Horror Character Portrait: Azethoth Character Portrait: Phaidra Vries
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As the valiant Origin Defense Forces and the allied Mauhasinan forces held their own, Azethoth's cracks began to spread throughout the universe, as Eldritch horror began to appear all over across time and space in the Multiverse.

Azethoth himself was a super powered entity capable of consuming entire galaxies, an Elder God from a time before the Multiverse existed. He was intent on consuming everything, from Origin, to the Mauhasinan Homeworld, to Terra, to all over.

And his Eldritch Horrors continued to spew out, attacking anything and everything they could. In particular, one large Eldritch Horror seemed to appear, closing in on the Mauhasinan forces with barriers up and planning to ram right into them...

...and yet, this was stopped by a strange power that rose up from the back! A large blast of magical energy not only pierced the beast, but even sent it flying away outside the city limits so the corpse would not land on the Mauhasinan troops. Perhaps they were so considerate as to thank them for helping the civilians during this strange invasion.

And for the record, Origin had supplied them with books detailing the usual monsters and what not, so had they read them they would know this was unusual even for Origin. In fact, this event would have a lasting impact on the entire Multiverse. And for those who realized, they would be able to guess why it was happening today.

It was Halloween, the day of mysteries and the night of mayhem.


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Character Portrait: The Mauhasinan Empire Character Portrait: Nephthys Bastia Character Portrait: The Rosetta Dragon Knights Character Portrait: Simeon Blackmore Character Portrait: Eldritch Horror Character Portrait: Azethoth Character Portrait: Phaidra Vries
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Phaidra impatiently tapped her fingers on the smooth mahogany table in front of her as she watched these horrific creatures run amuck. A curse escaped her rosey lips, which had taken the shape of a pout as panicked pedestrians hurried past them. She could hardly believe what she was hearing! Was Simeon really going to sit here and let innocent people die in front of them? Ridiculous!

"I swear, Simeon. You're always so fixated on following Diana's orders that you can hardly think for yourself. You might as well tie a leash around your neck." Her words were harsh but she knew they were the truth. She didn't believe in sugarcoating the advice she gave. Especially with Simeon, with whom she'd been working for some time now. They were past the bullshit niceties that people used to lessen the impulse of truth's impartial hand.

"It's as if you don't care for anyone but yourself."

"Are you finished? Your rancid breath is making it really hard to enjoy my drink." answered Simeon matter-of-factly. He was, as always, aloof. To maintain this level of indifference in the face of some sort of extra-dimensional invasion and a barrage of scathing remarks required an astounding degree of self-control. Or emotional damage. In Simeon's case, it likely was a messy combination of both.

"Although your nigh-pathological aversion to authority prevents you from seeing it, there is a benefit to law and order. It's what separates us from mere beasts and barbarians."

Simeon shook his head with a sigh. He knew she would never get it. They were just too different. Sometimes it made him wonder why Diana had chosen them to be partners in the first place. The truth was that Simeon did care about the people around him. What he wouldn't give to join the fray but his respect for the hierarchy of their order outweighed his desires and personal sense of responsibility.

He threw his head back to finish his drink. The crunch of breaking bones coupled with an unsettling howl signaled that another of the city's finest had fallen. He sighed again.

"Perhaps a call to HQ is in order." he said.

Simeon fetched his phone from his pocket and dialed the number he had in mind. "Yeah. Put Diana on. It's urgent."


"Yes, Simeon?" chimed the voice of Diana Sævildottir from the other end of line. Her voice was as smooth as a velvet cloth, yet it possessed an air of superiority that incited anyone who heard it to stop and listen.

"There's an attack on Millenium Plaza. Class 5 threat at the very least. With your permission, I think it's best that we join the fray."

There was a brief period of silence before Diana spoke again.

"After thinking it over, I've decided to grant your request. Based on your description, this seems like a suitable event to announce our rebirth. I'll be sending a small regiment of Galguta to assist you."

"Oh, and Simeon, show them what we're capable of."

He thanked Diana and ended the call. Phaidra practically leapt from her seat when he told her the details of his phone call.

"About time. Let's show these ugly bastards that they picked the wrong city to invade." she exclaimed and rose to her feet.

A grin appeared on her face as she was overtaken by an ebullient spirit, birthed from what seemed like an eternity of quiet anticipation. She was finally going to get to flex her muscles in combat, and she didn't intend to waste time doing so. Small dots of blue light began to shine around Phaidra as she employed her abilities. These speckles seemed benign and unimportant at first glance, but those who could detect sources of magic and other arcane energies would promptly discern that these were not ordinary collections of luminescent particles -- yet they sported a different "flavor" from the magic typically used on Origin (and other worls as well).

Guided by the woman's will, these elusive particles coalesced and birthed two rectangular handguns. They were plain in design, comprising charcoal gray bodies with silver trimmings. The only thing that stood out about them was the engraving of the Greek letter Omega on the sliding of each weapon. She took aim at a group of those repulsive creatures that approached them, snarling and groaning all the way, fired more than a dozen gross rounds in the span of a few seconds. The two handguns roared with deafening pops as its potent "bullets", crafted from the strange blue particles that seemingly appeared from thin air, mangled the vile beasts before they could reach them.

Trails of thick, bile-colored blood splattered on the ground and nearby tables. Careful not to get any of the ooze on her clothes, Phaidra quickly sidestepped a glob of the stuff as it came her way. Then, she moved on to the next one.

Simeon stretched his fingers wide to produce a large bowie knife from the same particles that his companion manipulated prior to him. He gripped the blade tightly and rose to his feet, casting his gaze across the city plaza that had been changed into a battlefield. The sounds of conflict electrified him to his very core. So, he sprinted toward the nearest group of eldritch horrors. They were attempting to rip a man apart by his arms and legs. Simeon could see the terrified expression on the man's face as he glanced in his direction. Although his fear had rendered him a mute, it was obvious that the fearful look in his eyes was a cry for help.

And help he did. Unlike Phaidra, Simeon preferred dispatching his enemies with melee weapons in a practice he dubbed "close-contact work". He put his skill with bladed weapons on display by lodging his bowie knife square between one of the monsters' eyes with a powerful throw. Then, he summoned two more to beleaguer the remaining creatures with a virulent combination of stabs, slashes, and physical strikes. One by one did he hack down the preternatural grotesqueries that came before him, and his enjoyment of the battle grew with every successful kill.