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Project-S ALPHA

Like the Bioshock big daddy; it is weakest at the back, slow, but packs a powerful punch when provoked

0 · 289 views · located in Tech Con Terran Headquarters

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Cyprus Valgardd


A High density alloy bot that is the protector for the mercenary Cyprus Valgardd. weakest at the back on the fuel tanks.

carries: Like the big daddy drill, P-S ALPHA carries what is to be a removeable 2' chainsaw blade with mounted machine guns on it

also carries a wrist mounted flame thrower and two shoulder mounted mortar cannons (not accurate when moving)

also has mounts on the back for two passengers

So begins...

Project-S ALPHA's Story


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Character Portrait: Cyprus Valgardd Character Portrait: Project-S ALPHA
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Cyprus walked into the plaza enjoying the sunshine while ALPHA stood behind him running a self diagnostic. When that was complete it let out a mechanical snarl. Cyprus took the rail rifle from over his shoulder and leaned on it, staring at his 8' friend, "What do you mean it's laggy? i just updated your processing power." people started to look over at ALPHA who was still trying to fix its problem. a guy with a badge and a gun walks over to Cyprus who is slowly reaching for the rail rifle. most cops around here don't like him very much for being a mercenary. and the armored death machine isn't helping. "don't pull the gun, don't pull the gun, don't pull the gun!" Cyprus uttered to himself knowing that it would set off ALPHA into defence mode. he pulled the gun and Cyprus quickly fired off a shot with the rifle dropping the cop, and a civilian because of the rifle's power and the fact that the gun was originally meant to take down ALPHA it went through the cop. "shit" Cyprus yelled then turned to ALPHA " set for defensive mode attack only if attacked, and set up a defensive barricade." at which that Alpha flipped over a car and crouched behind it. Cyprus set his trackers and activated his HUD display and waited for the chaos.

The setting changes from Wing City Plaza to Tech Con Terran Headquarters

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Character Portrait: Cyprus Valgardd Character Portrait: Project-S ALPHA
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Cyprus Walked into the building with the Droid P-S ALPHA behind him he walked up to the counter and taped the tip of his gauntlets pointer finger's talon on it. "hello, I am here to join the Ashen military," he looked back at the 8' droid, "uhhh, best it be on the front line, ok?"