A hiveminded swarm of nanobots programmed to learn.

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Acronym Breakdown - QCKSLVR: Quantum computing knowledge storage learning/leverage virtual robotics.

Created by a brilliant if socially inept alien, this swarm of hiveminded nanobots has the sole purpose of learning as much as they can. Consequently they (any pronouns) are rather naive, and overly curious, getting into things that anyone else's common sense would tell them not to. They are generally fairly amicable towards other life, distrusting others only when they have repeatedly (three times or more) proven themselves untrustworthy through rather computer-like logic.

Their body seemingly interchangeably acts as gas, particles, solid, or liquid on account of their extreme control over their own member nanobots- which are nearly impossible to destroy through conventional means, though may be frozen in place or melted with volcano-level or further heat. So long as at least one nanobot survives, QCKSLVR survives- with all of their memories intact as well. They can restore their body by consuming other matter in order to restore themselves, able to make transformations to the material that would seem as magic to the vast majority of civilizations, despite being highly advanced technology. Their individual nanobots are genetically coded, however, so if someone ever figured out how to effectively alter the code, they could essentially reprogram QCKSLVR to nearly any means.

Overall this results in abilities comparable to Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, the T-1000 from Terminator (minus the ability to disguise themself as organic), Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still (the 2005 movie remake), and some of the less powerful of the Silver Surfer from the Marvel Multiverse in general.

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While everyone else went on, a small capsule of a spacecraft arced through the sky, leaving behind a bright trail.

As it left a small crater, the capsule then dissolved- releasing the shiny, silver swarm of nanobots. At this point they acted much like a living pool of mercury metal, taking a moment to realize they would need a more solid form to crawl out of the crater their spacecraft had left.

And so they began to experiment with solidifying their body, nanobots knitting together to form solid surfaces in various configurations.

They quite simply had no practice moving around a place with gravity yet- and so were still trapped at the bottom of the crater they'd left.