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Raen Acadia Stevens

healing factor pretty high. is a healer and wears alot of electric blue.

0 · 307 views · located in Abandoned Warehouse

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ArdieBoo

So begins...

Raen Acadia Stevens's Story

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"I will, but I require payment, even though payment is hard to come by these days." Raen said from a staircase outside of the warehouse. "Before I do, because I don't doubt you'll want me to, do you puppy dogs know where the Goldhearth pack hang? I have some business with their alpha."

Raen leant over the iron bannister, her lithe body straining as she yawned and her sharp teeth glinted under the moonlight.

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James stepped through the silent warehouse, his footsteps echoing throughout the unkempt building as the sound of clanging metal. With every step, his armour adjusted itself with every movement to allow the most efficient reaction. Finally, he appeared at the bottom of the staircase, relieved to find a way out of this strange place. However, what he could see was a lone blue-haired girl. The hair itself reminded him of a poor encounter a few months ago, bringing him to bare his teeth from behind his pure metallic helmet. Of course, the other asshole was not with this girl, so it isn't his enemy... Yet.

"Oi," James spoke out, slowly taking steps up the staircase, "You got a ship? Or something to get away from this place?"