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Raen Artbitius

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Klein


A Sub Species of Human (Homosapien) who have evolved from a Mutated strain of Fox (Vulpes). These creatures range between three to four feet in height and are known for their almost sponge like brains and loud if not intruding voice.


Before you open that filth hole you call a mouth listen. I'm not a child, I'm not lost, I don't need my Mum nor would I want to follow you into your white van. For one, I'm an adult.. two I'm rather damn certain I LOOK my age, and three take your existence away from my person before I hurt you.

Raen Artbitius


--- :Name: ---

I don't feel inclined on sharing my names history, not like you'd listen anyhow.

Raen's name quite literally came from rain, being during her birth her village was suffering heavy downpours and flooding so her parents believed the name would suit the April child.. though it has been the butt of any water related jokes including some that where more then just unsavory, of course she would amply zap any of the offenders who dare poke fun at the name her parents gave to her. So one should think twice before opening their mouth holes and speaking poorly about a title her parents had given her at birth.

--- Age ---
Normally a Woman should slap you for asking their age as its quite rude, but times aren't the same anymore and chivalry seems to be kicking the bucket. I'm twenty nine years of age, I not only look my age but can feel it.

The Telpin aren't often known for being long lived creatures, aside from their naturally shorter lifespans they are often made prey by larger creatures that stumble across their village or targeted by humans haters who despise anything that doesn't follow their belief or isn't of the same nationality or gender (Yes there are lots of those anymore). Raen would be an exception to this, seeing she has dabbled in the arcane arts she has found a way to regress her species aging speed though it took years of her life to do such.. the success has not only doubled her lifespan but insured she would remain mental stability as she exceeds the expiration date. Sadly doubling her natural lifespan has only made it on par with that of a healthy human being, so depending on when she was supposed to hit the bucket will determine when she'll cease living later on in life.. she is assuming around the age of seventy is when she'll probably kill over, which for a Telpin is amazing! The reason for he increasing her naturally short life is so she can enjoy or try to enjoy living among humans as long as she can.. of course there has been many hardships but she is enjoying the life she has.. better then living in straw huts with uneducated idiots who live a more simplistic if not barbaric life style.

--- Species: ---
We are a species of Sub Human, we are not magical or spiritual beings but rather an evolution of a member from the Canidae Family or better yet of a Fox.

The Telpin are the evolutionary line of an ancient breed of Canidae, or Fox. It is uncertain when the process had begin but its quite obvious it still not complete, being they retain some features of their beastial ancestors such as paws, ears, tail, whiskers and slight shape of figure. These creatures where born with brains much larger then their wild cousins and learned from the species natural curiosity, learning how to walk by observing human beings and picking up a number or their habits if not followings.. though they adapted it to fit their lifestyle better.

--- Personality: ---
[Quotes Here]

--- Appearance ---
I understand I'm a considerably.. small Creature but could you PLEASE refrain from pointing such out, goodness...

The Small, Human-like Creature seems to have long silver white locks with pair of bright grayish blue hues for eyes. Her form unlike many assumptions looks much like that of an adult woman, albeit she does have some 'curves' to her figure albeit at the hips and has breasts.. merely she is what one could considered a 'miniature' as despite looking her age the creature is horribly small in size, only standing at three foot nine.

Her feet seems to be paws instead of typical Human Feet, her actual ears are atop her head and seem to nearly add an additional foot to her height, they are extremely sensitive to sounds and vibrations.. her nails seem to be sharper then the typical Humans who is generally flat at the ends, and a large bush tail seems to extend from her tailbone... the color of her fur is the opposite of her hair, being its a jet black instead of a silvery white.

--- History: ---

My Past isn't anything eventful, rather I like a somewhat typical life. My Father taught me how to use a blade while my Mother showed me how to survive on my own.

The Telpin's Childhood was a considerably boring one, with the things that typical occurred in her Kins life and even the Games|Activities they did growing up. Being she was Female, she was generally brought up by her Mother.. being taught how to cook, clean and even forge for supplies and food.. though she occasionally went to her father as to learn how to use a Blade.. to well defend herself when the time came, the style all Telpin seem to posses was called 'Sword Dancing' as it served more of a distraction then it did as a real means of self defense. They would dazzle their enemies with a bazaar set of movements before fleeing.. it was rare that they would ever dare attack a foe once they are distracted.

If it wasn't Training or Assisting her Mother it was merely childish Games of 'hide and go seek' or Goblins and Hero's with the other Cub's of the Villa, generally the same thing day in and day out seeing leaving the Village without an adult present at such an Age was strictly forbidden.. for obvious reasons. Eventually she would grow up and once again being Female would be forced to Marry one of the Males within the Village and to live the life as a 'House Mother', repeating the very teachings her Mother has given her and passing them down to her child if they happen to be Female..

Obviously enough Raen wanted NO part of this, rather the very moment a chance for her escape arrived she would abruptly take it, taking only her clothes, the Blade passed down from her Father to Her and any supplies that wouldn't be noticed if they somehow went missing. From there she would set out into the World.. which seemed to both prove a mistake and a good choice.

So begins...

Raen Artbitius's Story