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Either a spirit wearing a suit of armor, or a suit of armor that's actually alive. Nobody knows.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Rasteva


Physical description: Anyone catching sight of Rasteva for the first time would naturally assume them to be a living individual clad in a towering suit of armor. This assumption proves to be mostly false as Rasteva is neither alive nor truly dead, further still the armor they are 'wearing' is very much a part of their physical form. There have been instances through either accident, or battle that the armor encasing the Daemon has been damaged, causing them to "Bleed" out of it. The "Bleeding" is observed to be an odd black smoke spewing from the injuries in question. Though it is up for debate if this "Bleeding" is Rasteva's true essence escaping the armor, or a direct reaction to damage from the armor itself.

The armor in question is of a make and material not seen anywhere else, and stands several meters tall. The Daemon's considerable size can make using doorways somewhat difficult. Unsurprisingly and to the chagrin of more than a few , Rasteva has been known to walk face first through walls in order to get into buildings.

Rasteva's "Head" is what makes up the Armor's helm. A single glowing "Eye" can be seen in the Helm's visor, and often moves from side to side of its own accord. Some even speculate that is is not truly used for sight. This of course means that Rasteva does not make any facial expressions, and anyone interacting with them will have to suffice with vocal cues in order to understand their moods. Clawed Gauntlets are what Rasteva uses for hands, and are surprisingly dexterous. This allows the Daemon to preform delicate tasks the same as anyone with regular hands.

Rasteva does not require food or drink in any matter, though they will sometimes partake of one or both in a social setting for the sake of being "Polite". Those fortunate, or unfortunate enough to witness this have described it as being one of the odder sights they've witnessed.

As a result of lacking any true physical characteristics, or more likely because they simply are not a true living being, Rasteva does not have an actual gender. They simply either refer to themselves in the Third Person or as "This one." Humorously Rasteva can be referred to as either male or female and as they show no preference for either, this often leads to confusion for many surrounding them.

Personality: Rasteva's imposing stature, and rather terrifying appearance cause people to be wary of them at best. At worst they presume the Daemon to be an actual monstrosity bent on harming anyone crossing their path. Such reactions are not new to Rasteva and they have grown used to them, making no effort to correct anyone on the matter unless absolutely required to. This has led many occasions where the Daemon has engaged in battle long before anyone has bothered trying to speak with them. Inquiry reveals that Rasteva is far from malignant, only doing battle with anyone perceiving them to be a true Demon solely because they cannot be bothered to correct anyone on the matter.

That aside, Rasteva is somewhat even tempered if a bit indifferent. They make no direct effort to cause harm to any around them, and are found to be quite well mannered. But getting their help in most matters is a bit of work as they can't see much reason for doing so beyond personal interest. Truly this makes reading Rasteva's true intentions difficult as the Daemon only ever does something because they either "Feel like it" or "Want to see what happens". There are a few that worry if the Daemon would outright turn on everyone at some point, despite not being what would be considered a bad person.

Equipment and abilities: The armor that encases Rasteva is solidly built, making the Daemon quite sturdy. It is currently unknown whether the immense strength they posses is a natural skill or a direct result of the armor itself. Rasteva is never seen without a large sword strapped to their back and can use it with great efficiency in battle, though the Daemon seems to prefer hand to hand combat and often falls back on that as a default.

Because of their large size and heavy stature Rasteva is neither particularly fast or stealthy, and quicker foes can simply run circles around them. The Daemon often falls back on their near ceaseless stamina in battle, and more often than not simply WAITS for their opposition to grow weary before launching a counter attack.

There has been one recorded incident where one person grew so tired of waiting for the Daemon to do something, that they gave up the fight and went home.

Said person's home no longer exists.

Neither does said person.

Historical Background: Daemons such as Rasteva have existed as long as there have been Gods. Though they are often confused with the more "Popular" Demons found in Myth and Legend, and do in fact posses a few similarities. Daemons, however are neither inherently Evil or Good by nature, often being described as ambiguous. They are all however, driven by an unknown impulse to become one or the other. Defining it only as a drive to be their "Complete Self", and Rasteva is no different in that regard. This does however means that Daemons that have found their "Complete Self" can be either beings of absolute Virtue, or true Monsters like the Demons they share their namesake with. It is with some degree of relief that many discover Rasteva to be less of a true Demon than they appear.

It is unknown how long Rasteva has existed in any form. And they either seem to not know, or particularly care. Even less is known where they truly come from.

Rasteva is more of an event than an actual person, simply appearing were they did not previously exist one day, and wandering about with no clear intention before wandering off again.

So begins...

Rasteva's Story


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#, as written by Rasteva
Hours passed, though slowly. The Miles passed even slower as the armor clad figure continued their ponderous march across the sands. The scenery did not provide much to interest them, though they did stop and stare at a particularly interesting rock for a moment. Despite the heat of the day, and the weight of their garb that was surely bearing down on them, the strange figure continued on. They made no sound as they moved onward, where surely another person would have been caught panting heavily beneath the mighty horned helm. All the while, a single glowing eye moved to and fro within the helm's visor, taking in the figure's surroundings as they travelled across the Desert.

The sun was beginning to set, when they came across the beast's skull.

The armor clad figure stilled as they gazed upwards, a giant tooth filled maw reaching far above them. Whatever creature the skull belonged to had lived a long time ago, and had been dead for far longer. The figure's single burning eye flickered as it's gaze moved along the skull, taking note of the massive spine attatched to it trailing far of into the sands. The figure hefted its massive blade, moving forward once more into the beast's gaping jaws. The lengthening shadows of the evening only becoming darker one they had stepped inside, their single eye casting the only light within.

It was then that the figure began to ponder. They could recall, clear as day the last time they had seen a creature of such size. They could recall beasts larger than the one's skull they were taking shelter in having existed elsewhere. And as far as they knew, the same beasts still yet lived. They recalled that such beasts lived far off in the realm they called home. And they could recall that home's name.

What they could NOT recall, was where they currently were.

The Figure was more than aware of what planet they were on. But they were also positive that a Desert had not existed when they had stopped to idle in meditation so long ago.

This proved to be a serious problem, as an entire species doesn't just go extinct without one noticing it.

Worse still, the figure had no idea how much the world had changed during their self imposed slumber. They did not know what or even WHO resided here.

Much more pressing was if they were hostile or not.....