Rational Man

"Skull tingling...Immense concentration of senseless logic detected! RATIONAL THOUGHT HOOO!"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Blazezon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Edward Staples A.K.A RATIONAL MAN!


FLIGHT! Rational Man is capable of near-light speed flight.

You Can't Kill Reason!: Being that Rational Man! Is a manifestation of all rational thought in the entire Multiverse, the only effect way to kill him would be to snuff out all rational life. Of course, these days the number of rational people seems to be dwindling. A troubling sign for our hero indeed.

Eat Your Heart Out, Philosophy!: Rational Man!'s ability to think rationally is second to none. He also posses extreme situational awareness.

Rational Man may seem like an unstoppable force of nature, but lo'! He is not. He is reasonable, balanced, and logical. As such merely being around concentrated levels of raw stupidity how markedly irrational thought basically turn him into nothing but a snide science major, effectively stripped of powers, save for his vast intelligence.


To defend rational thought, and rational beings everywhere from pure, unadulterated bullshit the multiverses tend to offer. With snide remarks.


One fateful day, nary that long ago, a legend unlike any other was brought into being on the hallowed grounds of Harvard! For you see, mild mannered professor of Mathematics Edward Staples was busily evaluating a thesis on mid-October night. "THIS IS HORRIBLE!" he shouted, unable to contain the swell of fury inside of him. He truly was mild mannered, but the document, this unholy collection of all that is purely irrational had truly bested his nature. In fact, as he dug deeper and deeper into the Eldritch abomination of a thesis he began to feel sicker, and sicker. It was towards the middle that he let out a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling scream, and something astounding happened.

The very fabric of the Cosmos itself screamed with him, the agonizing horror of the paper inflicting itself on the very fabric of reality until it tore! In a last ditch effort the powers of the Cosmos poured all of the Rationality it had into frail mortal at Ground-Zero of this universe-rending event. From that day forth, reality had a new guardian.

Rational Man, was born.

So begins...

Rational Man's Story


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"This day has been so rough...So very, very rough. In fact, it's been downright very, very, very..."

Edward cut his train of thought short. It was just going round, and round in a circle, leaving his internal monologue a constant stream of ever increasing adjectives. Well, adjective, singular. That's how he could tell just how fried he was. When mental exhaustion reduces the Multiverse's own bastion of reason and intelligence to repeating a simple adjective endlessly..You know something's gone wrong.

Of course, this was Terra, this was Wing City. Something always went wrong.

Which is exactly how a Superhero found himself alone, in Gambit's Bar, masquerading as his former, normal-human self. Although masquerading was being far too generous. No, Edward Staples was currently slouching in a bar stool, his head slumped so low it was nearly touching the bar, and a massive pile of empty beer bottles to his left. If you inspected closely you'd probably be able to tell he was drooling a little. It was not a pleasant scene, and it didn't help that he became increasingly outgoing as his B.A.C increased.

"H...Hey, yuhshhare! Yah, yew.." He pointed to any number of random patrons before coming to a stop at the man at the next stool over. "Ahre yew fro..Fr...Four..From! From..Are yew from Terra?"