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Red Hooded Hero

"This is it! I'll give it everything I've got.. I won't let you down, West City,"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Red Hooded Hero


The disguised man stands at 5'9" with a semi muscular build wearing a crimson red hooded cloak. The hood completely shrouds his face in a haunting shadow that homes two shining white orbs with an unusual brightness to them that could be assumed to be his eyes. Though you would never see him without his hood beneath it are clean youthful features, he couldn't be any older than a young adult or a teenager in his later years with thin brown bangs sparsely covering his face.


Usually light hearted in any situation Red can easily become serious when the time calls. Naturally calm and kind he can easily forgive those who have done wrong and even help bring out the good in them. Seemingly fearless he greets every challenge and obstacle with excitement and unbreakable willpower.


The only equipment the hero carries are the clothes on his back he has no use for any gadgets or weapons since he discovered how to completely control his ki energy into more destructive means while even being able to manipulate his energy to enhance his strength and speed. His quick movements are usually perceived as blurs to the untrained eye.


Aoharu Takeda was the star student in his dojo; a quick learner even on par with his own sensei. From West City he watches the destructive and ruthless Cell threaten the world with his terrible power on television. Though amazed by the super natural abilities of Goku and his friends he's among the very few who actually believe in their incredible power. One fateful night would change Aoharu's life forever as a incredibly shining red meteor tears through the Earth's atmosphere and crashes into the woods behind his house. As the ground shook and the house rumbled he and his family awoke to the disturbance and he quickly left his home to investigate. The crimson glow of the meteor guided young Aoharu through the forest to its crash site where he was overwhelmed by its awesome glow which instantly stripped his eyes of all color and left them with an unnatural glow giving him the ability to completely learn something by just witnessing it. Awaking from unconsciousness back at home he watches the recorded tapes of Earth Special Forces and their fight with Cell and immediately learns how to control his ki energy along with having their moves and fighting styles engraved in his mind. With his new found power he disguises himself to fight crime within West City. Pushing himself to the brink of his potential with intense training everyday he hopes to one day meet the Z-fighters so that he may become strong enough to defend Earth when there's no one left. Though now it has been many years since the Cell Games and now young Aoharu is caught in the middle of another apocalypse by the dreaded Majin Buu who terrorizes and destroys the world around him. His power is hardly comparable to the monster and even with that the same material used from the meteor can instantly cripple him and completely drain him of his ki.

So begins...

Red Hooded Hero's Story

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