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Renegade #581

Heavily armed and armored humanoid war machine.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Height: 9' 5"
Weight: 2775 lbs
Age: Unknown.
Eye Color: Dull, slightly luminous Red
Hair Color: None
Gender: Neutral

"RENEGADE" Series 5, Production Model 8, Production Number 1 Combat Robot.

Thick armor contributes to most of his weight, making him immune to small arms and some medium-arms fire. Reinforced shielding on his electronic components keeps him highly resistent to Electro-Magnetic Pulse type weapons.

His armor is typically painted up in a dull gray, though it can be changed depending on what terrain he is required to fight in, but the change is typically a long process requiring his older paint to be "electrically burned" off and a new paint job applied. Usually the dull gray paint is left on, to avoid the tedium of reapplying paint after stripping it off, which leads to a fair number of scratches in the paint being readily apparent.

Despite his large size, he is remarckably fast and agile, due to the high-strength and precision of his actuators, running away from him is not necessarily an option.

His voice is distinctly male, however with a slight mechanical or robotic shift in the vocalization.

His Power Generator produces more power than it requires to keep operating, producing enough excess power that his systems can run at peak power-draw and still never tap out the power supplied, at any given point when going overboard firing weapons that drain any power while moving, he will only use 15% of the generators output capacity. Though he never draws directly from the generator itself, he draws from the capacitor the generator keeps charged while it loops some of its own power into itself to keep operating.

Built into his body are 6 Electro-Jet Thusters, 4 mounted in his back, and 1 on each leg.


While Gender-Neutral, his personality is that of a Male between 25 and 35 years of age.

Often quiet and reserved, he keeps to himself, knowing that he is a fairly imposing individual and that he is a combat machine.

His general weapon preferences mount a paired set of Heavy Plasma Cannons on his back mounts, and his drum Fed Dual Gatling Guns in his right arm. His Energy Blades are standard equipment in his arsenal, so he keeps his left arm or free from the bulk of the Dual Gatling Gun, either sticking to an Auto/Semi-Auto-Pistol, or a Semi-Auto Rifle in the offhand.

He keeps a serious demeanor, either because of his programming or that he wants to hold a serious demeanor, it's not clear which.


Most equipment is optional, as Renegade is fully modular in terms of equipment options.

Locked-In Armament
Energy Blade Emitters - forearm mounted.

Optional Hand Held Armament
Heavy Panzerfaust - Clip managed Rocket Launcher.
Auto/Semi-Auto-Pistol - rapid fire, pistol sized machine gun. (AKA: Machine Pistol). able to empty a 30 round clip in about 1.25 seconds on fully automatic.
Semi-Automatic Rifle - not held like a standard rifle, Renegade's strength allows him to hold them one handed and fire off rounds that way.
Dual Gatling Gun - bin/drum fed, 30.06 caliber weapon. Capable of 6500 rounds per minute (combined), with drums capable of holding approximately 3000 rounds of ammunition, it takes awhile for this weapon to completely empty its ammunition when the weapon is burst fired.

Optional Back Mounted Armament
Heavy Plasma Cannon - capable of destroying a 300 square foot area, the heat of the plasma can vaporize organic compounds in a matter of seconds. The cannons usually fold back into a stand-by position when not in use. Able to fire 80 times before needing new plasma charges.
Guided Micro-Missile Launcher - capable of firing 20 sewing-bobbin sized missiles out to the distance of 1 kilometer, these little missiles shouldn't be underestimated. Saturating an area with enough of these over a large area will cause untold damages to property and organic life. Able to fire 5, 20 missile volleyes before needing to reload.
Pulse Laser Cannon - firing bursts of high-powered light in rapid succession, the weapon is capable of blowing away armor as if it were hardly there. Unlike the HPC's, the PLC generates signficant heat in relation to the power drain required to fire. Often used in space where projectile weapons are nearly useless. Due to the nature of the weapon, it cannot fold itself in two like the HPC for storage when not in use. However, due to being a laser, it does not require any ammunition, as long as power flows into the weapon system, it can continue to fire.
Heavy Mortar - Generally fed from a mechnical bin, the Heavy Mortar is capable of throwing a high explosive projectile to a half mile. Like all other weapons that can be linked to his back mounts, he an adjust their angle on the fly. The number of rounds are limited to only 5 per equipped mortar.
Auxiliary Thrusters - Mounted in pairs, the Auxiliary Thrusters provide additional thrust capacity to his 6 built-in thrusters.


The first of the Series 5, Sub-series 8 Combat Machines, in fact, the only Model 5-8 ever produced due both to expense and the fact that a protrayed "glitch" in his programming gave him free will, which was actually planted by his programmer, a disgruntled employee who had some of his own designs turned down because they were "impractical," despite going forward with Renegade Model 5-8, which, up to date, was the most expensive Combat Model produced on record (Barring MILICONA; her progenitors, successors and sisters; who ranks as one of the more expensive combat, assault or command models produced).

"Renegade" is the name he took for himself after being declared a Renegade Machine, otherwise, the designation he went by was "Model 581." When persuers from the Mars Military believe they have cornered him, they call him "Renegade #581" when they order him to surrender.

So begins...

Renegade #581's Story

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The Rocketeer stops, muttering something about having to get off-planet, and fast.